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Profitable Web Businesses

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 23, 2017 in News

Start the adventure of founding a business on the internet is not an easy task. At the beginning we thought that everything consists of writing a few lines of code, test them and once everything works, people will visit it, you’ll want to and already begin to earn money. Unfortunately, this is not true. The more difficult task of making a profitable online business begins when the code finishes. facts. And why? Well because at least the code depends on ourselves, our hands and our ideas, we can control it (with more or less problems).

But once we have to do to make our site known by the world, for the rest of the Internet from there things leave you control them both. Here let’s talk, because of promotion of web pages, what must do so that small child we have given birth to which and from which we are so proud to face the world and receive it well and everyone want to be his friends, exchanging gifts, and when you touch put you note, put you a very high note. How can you get that? 1. In the first place, and before you give the page the last little push so you can see the light, there to prepare it so that it contains the appropriate keywords. The key palabrabras – domain – title – meta – body of the page tags (keywords density, prominence). -Exploit bold, italic, alt of images 2 high in search engines and business directories. 3 Getting links – friends – link exchange – write articles – participation in forums – pay money so that they include a link, at least temporarily 4 – the Google pagerank. Conclusions – continuous improvement, dynamism, modify the page, continuously seek links – do not despair, be perseverant – make a monthly economic investment for promotion – lucky author name: Lourdes Tavira data of the author: the author has founded, together with his partner, an online company specializing in the sale of promotional gift items.

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