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National Institute Prescription

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A young person of 21 years with difficulties to concentrate themselves in class and to retain the material of reading for his different subjects decides to stand in the doctor’s office of the psychiatrist after months of insistence on the part of his parents. The professional diagnostic him light Upheaval by Deficit of Attention with Hiperactividad (TDAH), that explains the difficulties of the young person, who leaves the consultation with the prescription to buy a bottle with tablets of Ritalina, stimulating the most powerful one than the coffee and less than amphetamines. The yield in the classes increases after the days and the qualifications at the end of the semester improve remarkably. When study, does not give desire me to make another thing, not even to eat. Nonunemployment, I can spend the night in candle to finish without it stops rendering on the following day, explained to its friendly the student to him of a American private university. The visits to the doctor who gave prescriptions him returned frequent more and more, not only because the student increased his consumption, but because it began to facilitate tablets of Ritalina to its companions who also defied the dream to improve their notes.

More cases arose from TDAH in that friendly circle and they even began to sell the tablets in the campus. More than 6 million Americans they used medecines of prescription for nontherapeutic uses in 2003, according to the National Institute on the Drogas Abuse (NIDA), in the United States. Also, the number of consumers of prescription drugs was duplicated between 1992 and 2003. Mainly smaller of 24 years, these young people look for to undergo new sensations or to improve their academic yield. In the United States, prescription the playful drug consumption exceeds to the rest of drugs, except for the cannabis. Nevertheless, the illegal use and the traffic of these medecines have increased anywhere in the world, as it notices the Together International of Narcotic Control of United Nations (JIFE).


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Said this, the motors search enchant the content to them, like excellent articles. Many salesmen in Internet prove the last fashion to deceive the motors search in securing a better ranking. If you have a pile of time and/or money in his hands to always stay to the day with the last tendencies and the money changers rules of the CATHEDRAL she can try to do it. Nevertheless, tactics that continue being valid with the majority of the motors search, are the article publication. 5. All we want to be and to feel informed well us. It helps us to make better decisions. The articles can serve like a valuable spring so we are looking for.

Then Who is going to be in better disposition to make sales, that the person who served the information in her articles? 6. The articles can be reused in a variety of ways. For example: a) The content of its bulletin of the news or their official notices can be prepared. b) It is possible free to be used like gifts to the prospectuses and clients, in seminaries, events, tutorial etc c) Its content can be used for postear commentaries of value in blogs, social forums of discussion, networks. d) It is possible to be combined several articles to write an electronic book or info-product that can be sold or be given, in exchange for contact information. e) To become the base of a live or teleseminario seminary. And we can follow and continue enumerating advantages.

7. The articles when they are distributed suitably, are a good way to stay in contact with the present and potential clients. The studies have demonstrated that in average, before a prospectus buys, you have maintained with him seven contacts. Why not to use articles for these necessities? This will help continuously to improve the perception, that is going to have of you, like that always contributes to an added value. We live at a time where the information and the content are fundamental. All we are expert in something, that others would be interested in knowing. It shares its knowledge by means of writing and to publish articles and this will become a magnet that will attract prospectuses and clients towards you.

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The carpets are good allies in the home to bring about different decorative effects according to their colors and textures. Its calidez contributes to the stays comfort and comfort. This article tries to approach the world of the carpets from its varieties to like conserving them. Different types from carpets? China. Of it soothes, it has animal or floral printings. Jarapa. Of Arab origin, it is realised with rest of weaves. Formerly they were used like protectors of mattresses.

Kilim. Typical of Anatolia, they are of small size, with geometric forms and alive colors. Moroccan. Of origin to bereber, geometric wool and drawings. Spanish knot. With religious or floral reasons, they are tiled with a single naked one on the base. Persian.

Woven by hand with asymmetric knot and geometric or floral drawings. The Gabbeth is a smaller variety. Artisan or industrial? Differences. In artisan each knot one subjects to the base by hand; in the industrialist tail or glue is united by means of. First he is unique and it is possible to be recovered without varying the color or the drawing. Prices. Some artisan ones are true pieces of museum. Its price can be very high. How to maintain them in good state? Wool. The woven ones to machine can be aspired on a daily basis. The artisan ones of knots must be cleaned with a humid cloth in the sense of the hair and let dry. Cotton. Asprala and lvala in cold water or dry. Vegetal fibers. They admit cleaning in dry and you can inhale them without problems. For those of the Coco, it uses a rigid brush. Elgelas with Antipolillas treatments. In those of wool it is essential because they are very vulnerable to these insects. Anticaros, non-flammable. They are applied in the synthetic ones to repel the dust, anti-fire Antimanchas. It can occur on any weave, to make them more resistant and lasting. Keys to guess right in their election In the infantile rooms are advisable to show preference for carpets more resistant than they are easy to wash and with short hair to avoid the accumulations of pppolvo In the hall it combines with the furniture and the chromatic tones of his decoration. For small spaces, the carpets with clear tones they contribute amplitude; whereas the dark carpets give the sensation to reduce them. Before buying the carpets for your home you must decide on quality pieces, in the market is a good supply quality price. The price is based on its form of manufacture and the type of weave as well as of its color. The use is necessary to have present that is going away to give to him, not only are good decorative complements also are good acoustic insulators and by all means they provide heat to us. In addition they hide imperfections and they protect grounds.


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Marriage Anniversary

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During namoro it is common that the couple has some dates that costumem to commemorate and if to presentear, as day that had started to namorar, the date of the first kiss, the day that if they turn for the first time, and finishes that in these attitudes, it keeps living creature the feeling of love and affection one for the other. In the marriage it does not have to be different, one of the dates that must more be commemorated by the couple are the anniversary of the union. In this in case that, cost nothing not to give a small gift to remember the person who is to its side how much it is special for you. Everything goes to also depend of how many years of married you are making. If you will be a well special date you can until thinking about buying a new Alliance. In this in case that, valley the penalty to psquisar discountings of alliances in the Internet.

In the marriage it is more easy to choose the gift for the friend of what in namoro. This because the two already had had more time of if knowing and knowing what the other likes, it is common also, in the marriage, the couple to know what the other also is needing, given the convivncia. Remembering that to give somebody what they already are wanting is an excellent gift. If you already to know what its partner is needing and will not be of the romantic type, then, she buys this and she does not forget to make the beautiful bundle and to write a card. It does not forget to say it loves when it and as the time that is together did not change this, only increased its love. In case that it is of the type most romantic, gotten passionate, you has some options. You can make a reserve in a romantic restaurant, being able to be even in the first place where they had been when they had started namoro, to laugh together at all its history. If to want to contain expenses, but still thus to want to commemorate, you can make the supper in house.

I will choose the preferred food of it or of it makes and it with sufficient whim. To decorate the environment, I will choose white towels and red details as, for example, rose petals. It has in the floriculturas, the packages of petals to vender, that to constumar to be cheap, in the band of 3 Reals, and that they give a romantic appearance to the environment. You can spread them in the table, the soil and even though in the bed. Moreover, one supper the light of candles has its place. Either creative! It rents one room of motel and it has a radiating night with its partner or partner. Or it makes one second moon of honey, where it is alone of a week end, if the couple will not be able to take off a bigger recess of the work or the children. For speaking in children, in the day of the commemoration, they with its mother or its mother-in-law leave, or allow that they sleep in the house of alghum friend. This must be a vocs night alone. It remembers the small details, as a good day at the beginning of affectionate day, or one bilhetinho in the refrigerator, a message in the cellular one, a convidativo email for the night. The remaining portion is with you!


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Atlantic Hatred

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As they had been able deceiving in them, Saying that we Rosemaria happy Having importance and grans and now in the same ones We say the falseness of the life, I contend easy tear That when it drains Wets intersessions shoulders. We never feel the taste of a kiss. We are worried about opinions. We never contemplate landscapes. The in existent hours that suffocate in them. The blood goes to drain. Because the child does not say this.

She would know at least licking it and leaving singing its colorful melody Together we could write insane person adventure, Preferred to join money being thought To be happiness accumulating. If it does not forget its life gerund completely Nothing if complete. Rain blossoms. Charmer. Of the dark sky she comes to bring green, To wet asphalt, to drain for the side streets. To bring the humidity, contemplating fun-gos, Rendering unhappy the plumes Of the anti citizens. Cry the children? Not, pain is without size.

Tears are drops in the Atlantic Hatred if accumulating In the chest of who it had to be singing I feel very buys armored glasses I tired of said I am wild Heathen I lick dew I smell vines excrement Clean Minis? Trees? Animals? Vi nothing of this In murderous books I do not see drawings Of plants that had died the paper cost cheap It cleaned bunda of bourgeois Dew kickers That in the incessant dawn Go up in trees In the attempt to reach the sky Therefore in them we rebel We can see what we more never want to touch, to kiss or to lick.


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In other words the space expression of the segregation is ‘ ‘ area natural’ ‘ , defined for Zorbaugh as being a geographic area characterized by the physical and cultural individuality. Already for Corra (2005), it is a process of impersonal competition that generates space of domination of the different social groups. As we can notice the urban space is divided; this fact can easily be observed through the residential segregation in the city, as example, we will take areas you go off to confirm our proposal: Anhangera sector, where the resident population has one high one can buying, and in contrast of this situation is the sector blue sky, where the population is of low income; these two realities in them evidence the social division of the space. Then we notice that the segregation is a process that aims at the homogenization of definitive social classes, according to its purchasing power in determined areas (quarter) of the city the internal level (inside of the area), and materializes in the space a heterogeneidade between the areas, regarding this Corra fact says in them: In the measure where these forces act intensely and for a long period of time, they generate a marcante spalling of social structure, at the same time where if it verifies increasing concentration of activities and population in the city.

Of the localization differentiated in the urban space of these broken up social classrooms, the residential segregation of the Capitalist city emerges. (CORRA, 2005, P. 62) Then we see that this process of segregation, aims at to privilege some and to exclude the great majority of the residents, in this context the capitalist State directly acts when endowing selectively the urban space, of urban equipment; at this moment it favors a slice of the society; but of greater only purchasing power.


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