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In other words the space expression of the segregation is ‘ ‘ area natural’ ‘ , defined for Zorbaugh as being a geographic area characterized by the physical and cultural individuality. Already for Corra (2005), it is a process of impersonal competition that generates space of domination of the different social groups. As we can notice the urban space is divided; this fact can easily be observed through the residential segregation in the city, as example, we will take areas you go off to confirm our proposal: Anhangera sector, where the resident population has one high one can buying, and in contrast of this situation is the sector blue sky, where the population is of low income; these two realities in them evidence the social division of the space. Then we notice that the segregation is a process that aims at the homogenization of definitive social classes, according to its purchasing power in determined areas (quarter) of the city the internal level (inside of the area), and materializes in the space a heterogeneidade between the areas, regarding this Corra fact says in them: In the measure where these forces act intensely and for a long period of time, they generate a marcante spalling of social structure, at the same time where if it verifies increasing concentration of activities and population in the city.

Of the localization differentiated in the urban space of these broken up social classrooms, the residential segregation of the Capitalist city emerges. (CORRA, 2005, P. 62) Then we see that this process of segregation, aims at to privilege some and to exclude the great majority of the residents, in this context the capitalist State directly acts when endowing selectively the urban space, of urban equipment; at this moment it favors a slice of the society; but of greater only purchasing power.


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