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Maria Grazio Forgione

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Padre Pio the fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace.Teresa of Calcutta there is no doubt, that by this planet Earth, this world where we have gone through great personaes according to the mission that brought in their chance at life that was given and which have bequeathed us both, according to its commitment, which we cannot ignore them, especially, those who somehow have been identified with the Mysticspiritual, religious, as it was the case of Francesco Forgione, whose nickname with which was known Father Pio is known as he reminds us, Francesco Forgione, who was born in the year of 1887, in Pietrelcina’s parents were Maria Grazio Forgione and Maria Giussepa di Nunzio. He was the fourth child of eight who were born, of whom 3 died at an early age.

His mother named him Francesco because it was devoted to St. Francis of Assisi. His family was of humble kind hardworking and very devout. From child He showed much piety and even attitudes of penance. His childhood was characterized by a frail and sickly health.

Is from this age where expressed a strong desire for the priesthood, born by the encounter that has with a Capuchin monk of the convent of Morcone (at 30 km from Pietrelcina) called Fray Camillo who passed by his house asking for alms. His father has to emigrate to America to be able to pay for their studies, in United States and in 1910 to Argentina. From his childhood he suffered the so-called demonic encounters that accompany him throughout his life. Friends and neighbors testified that they were on more than one occasion the times they saw him fighting with what seemed to be his own shadow. Padre Pio is famous for the supernatural events that are attributed, as Stigmata, healing, bilocation and read consciences to those who went to confession with him.

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The Black

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It is Sousa (2005b, P. 114) who remembers in them that ' ' the instruments legislators as family, school and medias tend to disqualify the attributes of the segments ethnic-racial black ' ' e, therefore many of the pupils afro-descents develop auto-esteem acentuadamente low, as it occurred with my pupil, for example. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Bertolini. The refusal to the assimilation on the part of the black elapses, therefore, of the perception of its marginalizao and social rejection, since no matter how hard it looked for to imitate the whites, it did not obtain to cheat the equality and longed for respect. &#039 appears from there; ' revolta' ' , when noticing that ' ' the true solution of the problems does not consist of macaquear the white, but of fighting to break the social barriers hinder that it to enter the category of homens' '. Leaving of side ' ' assimilation, the release of the black must be effected by reconquers of itself and a dignity autnoma' ' (MUNANGA, 1988, P. 32).

That is, Accepting, the black affirms itself cultural, moral, physically and psychically. It demands itself with passion, the same one he made that it to admire and to assimilate the white. It will assume the denied color and will see in it traces of beauty and feira as any human being ' ' normal' ' (MUNANGA, 1988, P. 32, apud OLIVEIRA, 2008, p.3) When the society afro-descendant to start if to look at and if to see in the mirror with its beauties and defects and if to recognize inherent qualities and defects the all human being (and if not to nominate ugly for being of this or that color, skill, culture), the mirror will leave of being empty of images and will reflect singular, full contours of life, brightness, colors and flavors, rockings movements and will be the contours of the mirror that you look at and mirror created not it to reflect what the society wants and nominates as.


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People Play

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Looking back on others. This is one of the nastiest of reasons unfulfilled desires. Here you sincerely want to learn to dance. Brian Krzanich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And your mum believes that dancing – this is for stupid bums. And now you maeshsya, you want to enroll in a dance school, but did not do it because – "imagine what he would say Mama! .. ' The recommendation is clear – to decide what is important to you – or your mother's opinion of fortune.

(In advanced cases of mother opinion greatly affects the feeling of happiness). 6. Advantageous to make it so. It is very tucked away in the subconscious reason unfulfilled desires. You can read Eric Berne 'Games People Play' and "People who play the game." Do you want to your significant other to spend more time with you.

And right from time to time and try to do something, and he / she is talking about it, etc. But nothing changes. Because, in fact, You have a very important reason to hold him / her less time – do you like more often and longer to be alone and doing things you love. While you favorably to the desire not fulfilled – it is possible to guarantee 100% that it is not true. 7. Do not you believe in something that is possible. Yes, there are desires. They are so beyond your ideas about life that you sometimes forbid myself to think about it. Here, of course, everyone has their limits, examples can be very different.


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The Social Contract

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All the conveniences must well be observed together with the natural relations and the permanence of the law. The government is an intermediate body between the subject and the sovereign. The governing or those that are to the front of the power cannot be so numerous not to weaken, therefore, the will that must prevail is of the people, who is the main one. 3,1 Forms of Rousseau Government analyze the government forms (democratic, aristocratic and monarchic), being well clearly in what it says respect on the democracy, therefore the same one are impracticable. The general interest is that one that must is above of all the others aiming at the good to be social. The Social Contract has for basic rule to always establish the general will, as already cited previously. The aristocracy (natural, elective or hereditary), Rousseau in them presents the hereditary one as the desvirtuosa and favorable equality.

The monarchy, the individual represents the collective being, that is, the particular will reigns and dominates. It does not agree so little nor approves the monarchy hereditary (he is hard to support the luxury of the cut). In this direction, Rousseau in them presents the consideraes on the form and the governmental apparatus. The law is an act that institutes the government, however all existing law in the State can be revoked depending on the general will, this in turn is indestructible. The State becomes thus the responsible one for the general will. In the government if they find forces intermediate, whose relations compose a bigger approach of all with all or the sovereign with the State. If in the governments they do not predominate the particular will in total agreement with the general will, thus keeping between the members a good one relation, everything will be very oppressing. Therefore, the government in accordance with the amount of the people must be strong offering the same ones, taking of decisions that can offer dignity of life in favor of the common good.


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