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EIGHT Explores Motives

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Interest in electric mobility in the tourism and hotel industry sweet, the 10 November 2013 the tourism and hospitality industry companies in Germany with the greatest prospects of products and solutions in the field of electric mobility. This is the result, a study of the University of Pforzheim, in cooperation with the EIGHT comes GmbH and co. KG. Therefore can more than half of the surveyed restaurateurs and hoteliers imagine, to buy a solar charging station for electric vehicles in the next few years. The willingness to pay in the industry is higher than average. Basically, German companies are very open, what the subject of electric mobility.

One of the reasons is sure that a green image for 80 percent of the surveyed entrepreneurs is important to very important”, explains Christoph B. RABAH, managing partner of EIGHT GmbH & co. KG. The company from sweet has a few weeks before the BMW world in Munich his new solar charger Point.One S presented. The companies already seeking sustainability, do this to 34 per cent, primarily in the area of power/heat and 32 per cent especially in the area of mobility. Is worth noting that 79 percent of respondents indicating that a modern and innovative solar charging station can have a significantly positive impact on the company’s image.” In the hotel and catering industry, 48 percent of the companies have already taken measures to improve the sustainability of its operations. Thus, the industry takes a leading position.

The top spot has the pharmaceutical industry here: 74 percent of the companies specify here to engage in environmentally friendly systems and technologies. Asked about their willingness to create a high quality solar charger, 56 percent of the catering and tourism businesses have expressed great interest. The average willingness to pay the industry is also noteworthy. Where the German companies only in the minority are willing more than 100,000 euro for a high quality solar charger to invest, so there is a large number of plants that would emit even between 100,000 and 150,000 euros in the hotel and catering industry if the charger meets their expectations.

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Gabriela Jaecker Gmb

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On the other hand contributes to the high rate of false occupations, that potential foreign Manager itself not intensively check the company before joining. Particularly if the candidates from publicly traded companies in a family business change, collide with differing views of corporate culture and values each other what often holds potential for conflict “, explains Jabeen. In addition, 20 percent of respondents holders have no fixed recurring appointment with their foreign managers. Regular communication is wearing for the success of the company and a successful tour. Previous experience in other family companies, as well as in the corresponding industry seems to be especially relevant for the success of foreign managers.

Are loyalty, leadership and personality basically required a third-party Manager properties. The third-party Manager must have the same values and target system of the owner family and company, successfully in the long term to work together”, characterizes the optimal candidate Jaecker. The study also shows that a career in the family business is possible even without academic degree: around 20 percent of foreign managers were hired without a degree. Press contact: WBCO GmbH Jan Bohler email: Tel: 069 133 88 041 Jaecker company Gabriela GmbH Gabriela Jaecker GmbH staff and follow-up counselling for family business advises only family business. The company was founded in 2009 in Frankfurt/Main aims to find candidates that fit in the long term to the company and to the family of the owners. Machine and plant construction, automotive, trade, services, food industry, logistics, packaging, chemistry are industry expertise, among others. For the successful search and occupation of positions of the first and second management level Gabriela Jaecker has developed its own competence model for family business consisting of search and selection steps. More at


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The application gives us. the certainty that our sensitive business data using a secure managed file transfer system, at the highest professional level are sent and received” MOVEit cloud 8.0 combines the flexible managed file transfer solution for businesses with the convenience of a cloud service, and offers also on the use of mobile devices extended all: files can with business partners, customers and employees secure mobile access to the latest business systems and upload-possibility of files exchanged new files automated workflows that make sure that the respective files for mobile employees are available transparency and control over, When and with whom exchanged files are scalable Cloud architecture with high elasticity, can meet even the highest demand greatest reliability with the low cost of a cloud-based service In today’s business environment companies must adapt quickly the changing behaviors,”says Michael Osterman, principal analyst, Osterman Research. With MOVEit 8.0 for the cloud Ipswitch provides the transparency, security and control they need for their managed file transfer environment its customers, now also for mobile devices, and all this in the form of a flexible SaS solution.” For more information, please visit us please on products/moveit/cloud about Ipswitch file transfer Ipswitch file transfer provides secure managed file transfer (MTF)-solutions that can be quickly and easily applied, and which are supported by excellent customer service. The solutions from Ipswitch are from around the world thousands of organizations (including by 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies), used by a variety of State institutions, as well as by millions of individuals. Our solution series, which offers an improved visibility, management, and possibilities for the transposition of directives, is adapted to large number of compliance and governance requirements, as well as to the needs of companies and private users. For more information on the Ipswitch file transfer products, visit us at, follow us on Twitter @IpswitchFT on LinkedIn and Facebook. Media contact: Christina Pusswald prompt Communications Tel: 0845 053 9121 Sophie Pellissier Ipswitch file transfer

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