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Wolfgang Schwalm

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 29, 2017 in News

Is your computer more value than your vendor? Imagine that your company is much more valuable than you previously accounted for! I will show you here a smart innovation. We live in a meaningful objective structured society with cybernetic mechanistischem worldview. Everything we can see and touch (material: hard facts), has a similar objective monetary value (symbol level). Company settled the (objective company value). The credit banks and creditors. The courts punish the theft of material.

Until recently they punish the theft of intellectual property rights (plagiarism, subjective value: soft facts). But what about the subjective values of your company? What about the abilities (talents), skills, and performance: know how and know do? According to our tax law, the 20-year expertise of an employee is worth nothing but every stool has a tax advantage first. We remember! The open sub-system man consists of the areas: response quality (WQ) = Action quality (HQ) + emotional quality (EQ) + think quality (IQ) the EU area specifically promotes knowledge accounting (IQ). Today, we can look at each companies than the sum of its employees plus X. Then we have the nature (individuality, USP) a company. The essence (image, business climate, brand and product attractiveness; Corporate image, corporate design, corporate communication, etc.) is the competition factor and the Supreme trait in the value chains.

You all know it by E.g. the auto suppliers. A car is more than a collection of material. The result is called such as premium or luxury and lies on the edge of normal pricing of supply and demand ( Compulsories and freestyle ). Each company is known in the voltage of: customers, global demand markets, Arbeit-(GELD-)Geber nature: sustainability employees: global labor markets competitors, suppliers: global supply markets inter national and trans-cultural public we know cause the emotions jeder(s) KundIn(en) for sale. Problem solution knowledge is an easily comparable objective standard such as the price and the quantity. Neural marketing proves that such as the mark and the design layout and purchase emotionalisierend Act which is so far not measured, compared and accounted for. With my solution concept (biology and you can orient better the voltage inside your company. These soft facts can be accounted for today: customers additional benefits, customer loyalty and fulfilment of customer expectations (after issue) staff motivation, staff-corporate-bond, operating air service performance – product benefits (core competence, USP) soft skills: skills, skills, performance (E.g. service, complaints, innovation, delivery) In the constantly more effectively globalized competition decide the mass and individual products and services in world markets of buyers (since 1960, before market) about the company success in inpatient, outpatient and Internet markets. Here, it becomes increasingly important to its true systemic value, (soft facts and hard facts, quality and quantity) to know. The balance sheet value of the cybernetic worlds of goods is determined by the systemic values of the values worlds! So you should be balanced also. Such as a 60 year old employee in pension, she should be off not only their locker key, but also their expertise. And in the balance of their departure as a loss should can be accounted for. Should successful staff recruitment be… punished for theft? Be accounted for consumption of natural resources with the nature-sustainability in the future but definitely should. ERGO: Our accounting law must be modernized and adapted to the evolution!

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The Ability

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5 Try to show their strengths, but don’t let ligeramente alluded to its weaknesses or any limitation which it deems to have. If you would like to know more then you should visit Intel. 6. It is important that you demonstrate that you know to listen to but don’t be re-paros to ask questions. 7. Let employers drive the interview, do not talk too but don’t overdo it nor the silence so that it is not required the employer to start information. 8.

Do not say that you can do anything. Ask for a work especifico, according to the area that dominates. 9. Do not appeal to sentimentality, talking about their personal difficulties. 10.

Avoid giving the impression that are only interested in the salary. 11. If you are asked to fill out a job application, do so promptly with precision and cleaning. 12. If it is clear that the interview has ended, follow not occupying the exe-po of the employer. 13 After the interview send a thank-you letter is something that hardly anyone makes and causes a good impression. In employment: If you used will accept all the responsibilities from the beginning. Be on time. Avoid missing work has initiative, start a necessary job even before you pi – dan to do, so you will progress. His success in employment depends on the ability to work with the demas. Take a special attention to this point. (Fellowship) Golden rules: keep a positive attitude, thinks and creates work that you find this available. Work all the time as needed until you find it. Prepare mentally and physically for the interview. If you are interested in the work you should be perseguirlo after in-trevista, its follow-up is as important as your initial contact, use visits personales, letters and phone calls. Keep the interest of the employer towards you! Original author and source of the article.

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The Experience

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During the first face-to-face waters overflowed and my small River clean enough so that the rest of the waters were flowing with more smoothness and entered fresh water and sweet to his cause. Currently I am aware that in the first semesters the information that you gave us, the arrangement of materials, the way they are taught especially during the face-to-face, is masterful, me destructivo enormous, I felt like steel in tempering process; at some point we were discussing things that advocating the mental work and when I was ready to enter fully into the we continued with the internalization or with land seen on concrete facts of life itself, it was a go and come from one eye to another, from outside inward, or conversely, that there was no more than live itschemes were not used and they could not see clearly. The first lessons for my are still invaluable are which expose the development of science and the formation of the mecanicista-cientificista vision, as I understood it, I grasp from there and has been the tip of Hank to start the order internally and externally, the accumulation of knowledge and experiences brought the tangled began to settle and I got full on it, initially, I wanted to do it from the head, it was not possible, I had to release. The first half was more difficult that the second, in fact the second half already had released a lot thought as element from where he saw the experience where I was, the semi-annual meetings consolidated this attitude, for the second face-to-face meeting of the second semester, the conflict and suffering had decreased by 80%, the degree of understanding of holismcompared with the home it was considerably larger and work with myself was taking a beautiful cause, even I felt eager to communicate to all my discoveries and understanding, however when he spoke individually with some friends on the subject gave me realize that I was not yet possible to communicate with clarity regarding relations intra and interpersonal as well as with the environment began to be more soft and fluid; I still had in my haste and great mental activity, but was more open and willing to experience and the equanimity he was in me, this State was very important because at end of this period I stay without employment, which gave me the opportunity to realize a great yearning: release one of the most Andean addictions in my life, however gave me dread; enters a very strong and deep, personal work thanks to the order, still emerging which had achieved by labour at the mastery and equanimity that it gave me, I left afloat with more speed, clarity and strength than I had expected, the process was almost all the third semester, this time I maintained constantly inward, in deep introspection, self-examination, self-observation and internal work, – body emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual-constant and conscious, twenty-four hours a day and that more that a decision was a need deep being, which was very supported by labour in the mastery with which also realized that the spirit always acts in our lives with these activities and advances I realize the importance and profound work had given me a work of meditation that I was building, apparently without a guide, in working with my emotions and attachments. Elon Musk has many thoughts on the issue.

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Model Presentation

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Autohaus Sporer Weinheim presents you impresses new exhibition hall Weinheim – her klarlinigen chic and it has the glass by the appealing views of the mountain road in the North: the new exhibition hall for Renault and Nissan at the dealership Sporer in Weinheim Lutzelsachsen on the B-3. Last weekend the family business opened its new building, to the undisturbed assessments of new cars, which invites two brands with lots of space and comfortable ambience. An opening party for the whole family with discount promotions, bouncy castle and Club raffle provided the right framework for the inauguration. Many visitors came to the dealership on both days and celebrated with. The construction of the building took optimal presentation half a year, and it paid off. 30 Vehicles, from each brand 15 pieces, find their place in sales around 1 000 m, building.

The floor is divided in half in black and white tiles, the colors associated with the manufacturers. So the models are on the White half of the halls Nissan, on the black by Renault. An underground car park with 40 parking spaces for the delivery of vehicles provides extra space. You heard much recognition for the new exhibition building and the decision for the additional brands on the weekend, Sales Manager and Managing Director Werner Sporer rejoiced. The new Hall was contributing to the better presentation of the vehicles. So easily all vehicle doors can be opened and the new cars coming through the generous exhibition space well visually with the application. Sales Manager Michael Sporer stressed that the dealership Sanchez with the new building represents a contemporary appearance for the brands and would like to arouse enthusiasm among customers.

Our personal service will be in the foreground”, so Michael Sporer. For adults and children in bright sunshine and summery temperatures stayed the visitors after a tour of the new facility on the grounds, enjoyed eating or tested the car brands with test drives. The children came with the jumping Castle and face painting also at their own expense. “TSG Lutzelsachsen winner weight obtained the Association action was a great success”, Michael Sporer was pleased with the response. In promotion for clubs, every member counts”was there, the highest weight of individual members of the Association, which locally have weigh themselves, to achieve. 13 Teams took part, they came from Weinheim and its local parts, Birkenau and nieder Liebersbach, Viernheim. Won the TSG Lutzelsachsen 14 525 kg weight. Chairman Rainer Muller took to thank the considerable profits: free use of the seven-seater Nissan Evalia including taxes and insurance for a year. The TSV Birkenau was pleased with his second place finish on an ESSO voucher worth 500 euros, as well as the Weinheim lane Horn, the runners-up must fill up for 200 euros. Investment with a future”before the official opening it was Managing Director Werner Sporer of the completion of the new Exhibition Hall not take together with employees, involved construction craftsmen, to celebrate representatives from politics and economy as well as the participating car brands in an opening evening of the new Hall. “” Work to increase”, to secure employment for all”and to ensure satisfaction for us”, which got his with the construction of the new Hall taken above, Werner Sporer said in his speech. He sees as an investment with a future”the investment in the new building. Text: mk


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Excellent Business Center

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The Cologne contemporary Office solutions provider, excellent business center, continues its growth in cooperation with German real estate industry Cologne, February 2013 (LR) – the past year has shown once again, excellent business center at the far top is on the tenant wish list of top Office real estate specialists. The Cologne provider of flexible Office solutions is particularly interested in high-quality landmark real estate landlord. In the last few years were such leases, real estate in 1a layers and covered with high-quality facilities. “Diverse additional benefits for landlord makes the difference primarily appreciate the landlord due to the diverse additional benefits for their real estate”, so Dr. Andre helf, Managing Director of excellent business center, to the attractiveness of his business for the real estate industry. From point of view of the lessor, in particular a wide range of meeting rooms contributes to this additional benefit.

Operators and other Tenant book these rooms for their meetings and save as areas and expensive Conference Management. Also good for landlords: often, companies use an Office for an interim period in the to obtain excellent business center to then larger areas in the same building. Business Center as a pulse generator is excellent especially for Office buildings, because of the Cologne company’s customers quickly to life in the real estate. Ultimately many rental companies and operating companies appreciate the services of excellent business center, so in particular the reception service. Excellent business center wants to continue excellent healthy growth business center real estate search also in the new fiscal year. Already from summer of the year, the next site opening is planned with the Leo in the Munich’s Leopoldstrasse. Thanks to the good relations with the MOMENI Projektentwicklung GmbH, the Cologne business centre could add provider this real estate highlight their portfolio. Andreas Gladisch, “Managing Director of MOMENI, for the rental of the Rhinelander: we see the opening of excellent business center in the Leo’s very opposed and would be pleased to be able to win this successful company in future projects as a tenant”. More through excellent business center planned locations are in the new airport Berlin Brandenburg and the Munich Maximilianstrasse 35 a. The step to neighboring countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Benelux is also intended. Are there more to be built in the next few years excellent sites business center.


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IPad Sweepstakes On Behalf Of 100 Days Countdown

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 8, 2017 in News

Soon, the countdown for the establishment of a new Division starts at Artvera in Berlin the Berlin-based company, the artvera GmbH & co. KG, as successful mail order service provider builds a new Division. Click Intel to learn more. For more than two years artvera working on a new concept that will set standards across the industry. The idea then arose by chance. The extensive planning are completed, is now realized. “If we have, at the time set a new trend in our industry to sell, drop shipping we are today facing a much larger dimension”, according to Managing Director Detlef Winkelewski.

“It is not the development of a new product, but the realization of a new business idea. The impact of the sector-neutral and revolutionary idea are not yet clear. This has been confirmed by various institutions. If it is now normal to buy on the Internet, there will be a new sales method in the near future. Today, many companies only see your future in the Internet.

We will make this way of thinking on its head and thus promote the retail industry. The concept starts in Berlin Kantstrasse and gradually being expanded nationwide. First prospective buyers have already signed. Media interest is very large by the event to report.” The 100 days countdown begins on May 24, 2010 and ends on the 1.9.2010. According to the motto, and at the same Internet address is reported to gradually more and more about the concept. Now, you can see preliminary evidence and participate in the speculation “about the great mystery”. The large-scale campaign is accompanied with 2 sweepstakes. In the 1st contest “Blogging”, bloggers and webmasters will be prompted to report on the great mystery. Anyone who writes a post about the action and link on and register, iPads participates in the raffle of a brand new Apple worth EUR 499. Naturally, the odds of winning in this type of competition is quite high. Be in the 2nd contest “Tagging” Visitors to the site prompted a tip to give, which wrapped object located on the home page. This tip is stored as a single term on the page and displayed in a tag cloud. The most common tips appear thicker and fatter than term. It is a draw of all participants of this competition, independent of the tip. 3 x, there is Apple iTunes gift cards over 50, 25 and EUR 15 to win. The winners will be notified from the 1.9.2010. Contact: artvera GmbH & co. KG Kant road 116 D-10627 Berlin phone: 030 / 31 51 74 3-0 fax: 030 / 31 51 74 3-9 E-Mail: info at soon Let’s go Internet: artvera GmbH & co. KG local court Charlottenburg HRA 42086 B personally liable partner: artvera Beteiligungs GmbH, Berlin, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 116621 B Managing Director: Detlef Winkelewski


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Really Simple Syndication

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Companies can obtain a good effect since the blogosphere has the reputation of being a place of interaction reasonable, polite, helpful and above all, personal. Companies which can for example take the culture of the environment can help to assign the same features to their products and services. Despite the benefits, as any other website’s business, it is important that content is properly planned and designed. Even with the informal nature of many blogs, it is important to remember that they still reflect the company image, either positively or negatively. The blog must reflect the values and objectives of the company, as well as be a reflection of the efforts of global marketing of the same. Read more from Elon Musk to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Blogging is relatively simple, but to make it properly takes effort and learning. There are several blogs devoted to teach people what to do and what not to do blogs. The easiest way, by spend time reading blogs is supposed to become familiar with blogs. Like any web page there are a number of things to keep in mind. Tests, tests and more tests are important to ensure that the blog meets the business objectives. The tone of the blogs can be more subtle to detect than standard web sites, requiring frequent adjustments to look good.

Prepare in advance for a much higher level of publishing content, in comparison with a normal web site. To be effective, blogs regularly, even daily, need infusions of fresh content to maintain its relevance and keep the attention of the visitors. Just as with a standard website, you note the legal questions, notices, notifications, copyright or other issues relevant to the company. The informal blogs, as well as the highest volume of updates can create compliance problems if not carefully controlled. Finally, once a company decides to invest in blogs, there great ways to spread the word about the new blog. For the best results of marketing, it is essential to actively promote their business blogs through search of blogs and Directory sites. The promotion and presentations must be consistent with their products, services or the theme of the blog, in order to be more effective. Promotion of the blog can be almost automatically to create and promote the Really Simple Syndication (RSS), related to the blog… It is essential for the volume of traffic from a blog, to make effective use of keywords or phrases. The blog of if have enough he contended, so that it must be secured properly choose keywords, so that the traffic originated are people interested in your blog, products and services. In short, a blog is an excellent way to promote a business. A series of advantages can be obtained when performing a good business plan and will take measures to properly promote your new blog.

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The Senior Director

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 2, 2017 in News

The compensation Plan of the Agel comp plan Agel is binary hybrid while it unites features of a rupture and matrix compensation plan. To begin in Agel you must choose between the Executive package and the personal package. Intel often says this. This company pays in 10 different ways. Below you can see some of them:-bonus for sales to the retail. Click Mark Bertolini to learn more. To buy at wholesale and sell at retail prices prices, a payout of up to 20% can be obtained. -Quick start bonus.

When a dealer register a new person gets a bonus of $200 if the latter has acquired the Executive package or $35 if you have chosen the personal package. -Volume of team bonus. This bond corresponds to the binary behavior of the compensation plan. You get 10% of benefits regarding the volume of Group of the shorter leg. -Matching bonus. He is obtained between 25% to 50% Commission on volume of equipment of all persons that enter a Distributor.

You can reach a depth of up to 7 levels. -Executive bonus. This bonus gives you a portion of 3% of the total volume of the company up to a volume of 40,000 in the Parthian shorter. -Bonus for business expenses. Once a distributor qualifies for Senior Director (40,000 volume in his shorter leg and 2 personally sponsored directors), receives a bonus for business expenses. -Bonus car. When you get the rank of Senior Director is received an additional bonus for a new car for free. -Holiday bonus. The Senior Director and upper ranges are invited to the annual Conference of Agel leadership. The author is a NetWorker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access full article Agel independent study and of course different sponsorship 3.0 and the Marketing of attraction information.

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Kaiserliche Werft

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For the first time can be working holiday”in 1888 at the Leipzig book printing C. G. Naumann prove. Until 1900, there was leave arrangements only at 70 80 companies which were located primarily in the printing industry. These were mainly small and medium-sized businesses, which was often special relations between Executive and workforce. Workers leave was often granted from special occasions, such as such as anniversaries. Holidays were usually not regularly and were granted at sole discretion of the company. A total 10,000 workers in the German Empire had before 1900 little more than 9000 some form of annual leave entitlement, representing a total share of 0.7 percent.

In addition, was workers holiday alone a welfare institution of the entrepreneur and was used often purely functional, as a means of reward, discipline and binding of the workers to the company. A legal claim was nowhere. This changed in 1900, as the industries in which workers an annual leave has been granted, the Trade-Union Moreover particularly well-organized brewery industry. In the scheme of annual leave in a collective agreement found in 1903 for the first time. The example made school and subsequently fixed holidays in this industry has been collectively agreed and fixed a matter of course.

Thus the holiday no longer be strictly by the goodwill and the arbitrariness of the company owner was different as this had been used previously in the printing industry in the brewery industry, depending on. The collective agreement set workers holiday but became the actual breakthrough in the contracts of the State workers. The first were the Wurttemberg railway in 1899 receiving holiday by ministerial available. After the introduction of working holiday in mines, cabins and salt pans of the Kaiserliche Werft and the Royal Porcelain Manufactory of holiday idea for Imperial, State and municipality workers prevailed definitively until 1908. Even if holiday for workers for this of course not meant to test a luxury, but often from visiting in the surrounding hotel Environment was, at the time of the year 1910 finally conclude is that about 50 percent of the workers in the brewery and mill industry and almost 35% of the workers in the printing industry was granted leave. Also the idea of the workers holiday prevailed even when the State workers. In contrast, workers holiday but was largely unknown in some industries, such as for example the private mining, machine-building industry, textile and clothing industry. Was nevertheless granted an annual recreation leisure, this was still a welfare institution of the entrepreneur. Robin Brunold


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