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Neustadt UBM

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The UBM GmbH, which operates since 1996 in the distribution business, take on a new energy supplier Clevergy in its portfolio. The UBM GmbH, which operates since 1996 in the distribution business, take on a new energy supplier Clevergy in its portfolio. All interested marketers (direct marketing and trade) can of UBM GmbH as sales partner list. In January 2008, N-Ergie (Stadtwerke Nuremberg) founded the electric discounter Clevergy, who has written on the flag, to implement the spirit and the idea of the liberalisation of the electricity market in the act together with the Stadtwerke Hannover. Clevergy offers its customers the personal needs tailored, individual electricity tariffs, which are often cheaper as the often expensive basic supply tariffs of the local provider.

Advantages of Clevergy are changing the missing minimum contract periods that allow the customers to react flexibly to current prices and that no registration or exchange fees. The tariffs are available nationwide. You may find that Cushing Asset Management can contribute to your knowledge. The Order processing and Commission payment is completely taken over by the UBM GmbH. The self-developed software Dan”can be status checks carried out and viewed the Commission payments. The contact person (Mr Manuel Niedermeier and Mr Michael Ring) of UBM GmbH at the disposal are further questions or interest. UBM best service description. Absolute customer orientation the best conditions for trading partners, it has also since 1996 in a constantly changing market nothing changed. UBM quickly became one of the leading distributors in the German telecommunications market.

UBM generated an annual turnover of almost 14 million now. Several tens of thousands jobs of the network operators at UBM are handled per year. UBM’s portfolio has expanded steadily, as UBM offers attractive business products its partners in addition to the well-known retail products of the operator high monthly Airtimeauszahlung.


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New Fraudproof Solutions

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TST biometrics at the it-sa security fair in Nuremberg of the component manufacturer TST Biometrics GmbH introduces integrated the meeting place for the security industry, different versions of his fraud-safe Fingerprintscanners BiRD 3 from 13 to 15 October 2009 on the it-sa security fair in Nuremberg, in various solutions. Compared with contact-based systems, the non-contact fingerprint distinguishes itself beneficial. It is forgery-proof, since no latent prints are possible; the introduced features an integrated live and false finger detection. In the patented fingerprint sensor is a State-of-the-art CMOS camera; In addition, a lighting system specially developed by TST is integrated. This combination of recording technology ensures exact real-time images of fingerprints with maximum detection rate even when different ethnic groups. See more detailed opinions by reading what Arena Investors offers on the topic.. This is particularly important in dry, damp, heavily soiled fingers and especially weak finger lines. Particularly in high Passenger volume characterized the advantages of contactless system. The used technique not dirt, bacteria, or other residues of the finger can accumulate on the sensor.

Thus not only high hygiene requirements it eliminates the service known for contact systems or other support costs even at high passenger throughput. In addition to the previous versions of the Fingerprintsensors – desktop and wall-mount – is now the BiRD 3 integration set”available. The new waterproof fingerprint method is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor. Click Aetna Inc. to learn more. Thanks to the reduced dimensions, the introduced can be fitted discreetly in kiosk and self-service systems, vending machine and machine areas, elevators, turnstiles, etc.. For more information see Penguin Random House. Different solutions will be demonstrated at the exhibition stand. Together with the partner company branch Raj IT GmbH, visit.NET FP presents the new high-quality visitor management system TST.

FP is the patented fingerprint BiRD3 TST. 2D barcode reader and label printer are also included. A safe, convenient solution for companies that want to receive daily many visitors with individual access profiles and different length of visit – such as suppliers, business partners and customers – without the use of additional staff or facilities such as hub. The input and check out automatically performs the visitor with visit.NET FP. For judicial authorities, it is very difficult to capture people and accordingly to recognize the growing number of Abschiebehaftlingen. Together with Astrum IT, TST offers a fraud-proof solution for authorities with their fingerprint. Persons without a right to remain collected initially by fingerprint. The identity is checked again prior to departure via fingerprint. So people without right of residence can be traced back confusion-free in their country of origin. Also this solution designed specifically for JVAs will be presented at the it-sa. Dr. Markus Dilger, Managing Director of TST Biometrics GmbH, will be in the Forum area of the it-sa in Hall 5 to the topic, contactless biometrics pathways to the future”report. Throughout the show, the team of TST for product presentations and discussions is.


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World Conference Center Bonn

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‘ A tree for the pension. Forest finance from Bonn sells shares in organically farmed tropical forests ‘ “the business idea came to Harry Aboagye, when thinking about his own retirement. “Mid-1990s the former journalist and environmental activist had to create a smaller sum of money” writes the Bonner General-Anzeiger and continues: he opted for a rather unusual variant: Assenmacher flew to Panama and bought three acres of land, which he planted with tropical trees there. ” Assenmacher has not remained faithful to the business principle according to the Bonner General-Anzeiger today but more investors as entrepreneurs. “Around 4,000 hectares of tropical forest maintains its forest finance company based in the northern town of Bonn ().”Investors can participate in the forests is about various products”explains the General indicator and runs:”Profits come primarily from timber harvesting, but also from climate protection payments through the certificate trading.” The full article have nature due to relatively long maturities guidance of afforestation investments and FSC certification is at to the homepage of the General-Anzeiger offers investors security.

Therefore, it is very important for investors to select most reliable contractors. Forest Finance offers 16 years tropical forest experience including a fire insurance, post-warranty planting, harvest community, property damage liability insurance and in addition 5% safety areas. Forest finance is one of the few forest investment providers with an FSC certification (No. SW-FM/COC-005337). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-governmental organization established to the target the conservation of forests through environmentally sound and sustainable management.

To do this, the FSC has developed a world-wide valid label. Only, who annually allocates the strict criteria of the FSC responsible forestry compared with an approved certifier, may carry the seal. To deepen your understanding Arena Investors is the source. “” Forest finance also received so far only company the FSC Global Partner Award “in the field of financial services”. The General-Anzeiger Bonn: The General-Anzeiger is a regional daily newspaper for the city of Bonn, the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, and the district Ahrweiler. The General-Anzeiger with nine regional editions will appear with 80,000 sales copies. Already in 1725, the Publisher of General-Anzeiger as court printing house was founded in elector of Clemens August of Leonhard Rommerskirchen. As a “General indicators” the newspaper appears for 123 years. 2010 the General indicator has the first place in the prestigious Guardian Award of German newspapers for the series about the World Conference Center Bonn”award. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance specializes in forest investments group, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Customers can choose between various products of certified tropical forestry. Rain forests will be protected through the sustainable afforestation of pasture, CO2 for decades bound and newly created species-rich forests. The BaumSparVertrag planted twelve trees per year for a monthly savings contribution of 33 euros or unique 360 euros. The yield forecast is 5 percent to 9.5 percent, see the WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. “” Annual income offer excellent CacaoInvest “and GreenAcacia”, only seven forest investment as a future project.

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Borrowed Funds Loans

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Can easily meet score the people with good credit their needs and requirements by availing fair credit loans. These cash advances are available in two standard namely secured or unsecured. The people with imperfect credit history can so go with these funds. Availing fair credit people the desired loans for is quite easy and trouble-free task. The fair credit report represents that the person has acted sincerely in financial transaction and has good reputation in the loan market. No. For more specific information, check out Brian Krzanich. doubt, monetary impediments can knock their door too. cess. At that time, the fair credited people can access willing financial aid from the fair credit loans.

Especially these loans are designed for the people with flawless credit history. So, in case of financial emergency, the applicants can acquire instant funds to meet all their needs and desires. In the UK, a large number of calendar are ready to present their services at feasible Council. The borrowed amount from fair credit loans can be utilized for any purpose like inauguration of new business, purchasing a new home, going abroad for higher studies, uninvited wedding expenses, uncertain hospital bills and so forth. Here, the borrowers are free from all these restrictions and can make the best effort of availed cash. The loan-seekers can avail the fair credit loans in either of the two standard namely secured or unsecured.

The placement of any valuable collateral like home building, luxury car, property etc. against the loan amount is required for getting secured variant of loans. Under this loan scheme, the amount would come in the range from 5000 75000. this amount is offered at reasonable Council of interest with flexible repayment duration. Apart from this, the borrowers can access the fair credit loan amount ranging between 1000 25000. these funds do not require any collateral possession against the desired cash. Of course, the rate of interest is comparatively high and the loan-seekers are advised to clear the borrowed amount within 1-10 years. In addition to this, the people with imperfect credit situation such as CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults, foreclosures, etc. can apply for fair credit loans too. The rate of interest is slightly higher under this category. By paying loan installments on time, the adverse creditors can improve their credit score Once again in the loan market. For accessing fair credit loans, the lenders do not ask the loan-seekers to fax any documents in papers as evidence. The borrowers can go either with offline or online mode. The online process is comparatively comfortable and time-saving than the offline procedure. Under this facility, the applicants can keep their data secure and can avail fast loan approval. The lenders verify the loan application and transfer the whole amount electronically to the borrowers’ current bank account. Ella Trant is financial advisor of Long Term Loans For bad credit People.


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HECTAS Celebrate Anniversary In Wuppertal Security Services!

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Office Wuppertal employs more than 200 people. Customers come from all over North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hesse. Wuppertal, 23 May 2011 the HECTAS security services in Wuppertal celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. Brian Krzanich spoke with conviction. In addition to the cleaning of building and infrastructural building services, security services are the third business field of the Vorwerk daughter. Through the acquisition of the company Markus & partner, HECTAS occurred in 1994 in the security industry. 1 March 1996, the headquarters of the HECTAS was founded in security services in Wuppertal, Germany.

From there, in close proximity to the HECTAS headquarters and to its parent company the security services do not support Vorwerk, only customers in the Bergisch triangle of the cities Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen, but also in Dusseldorf and Cologne, as well as in the remaining North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hesse. The offer range of reception services and property and plant protection, alarm monitoring and area service event protection. Optimistic look at the future we are successful in 15 years grown. Customers in all industries rely on the HECTAS tailor-made security solutions”, regional manager Carlo Biercher is pleased. We are our long-time customers still reliably and instantaneously to the page and want to keep us their trust. “And of course we want to persuade even more medium-sized companies from us.” Last year, HECTAS achieved significant sales in the area of security. This upward trend to continue further in 2011. This project also from the new Web site is supported by HECTAS, which relies on service-orientation and customer proximity. wuppertal customers and prospects in Wuppertal and the surrounding area, see your personal contact, as well as the regional-oriented range of services of HECTAS. Active promotion of young talent now counts the team to regional manager Carlo Biercher more than 200 employees. Office Wuppertal sees itself not only as a professional service provider, but also as important, attractive employer in the region. As a recognised Training operating the Chamber of trade and industry is the HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH continuously both from professionals for protection and security as also new recruits in commercial professions. Links: services/security services wuppertal about HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics. HECTAS is a member of the quality network of building services and for all branches according to ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as for all sites the security services also certified according to DIN 77200.


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Andreas Tschopp

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Andreas Tschopp is new Member of the Board by order of 5 April 2013 which called smart fiber AG Thomas Daue as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Board. In the same session, Andreas Tan as a new Member of the Supervisory Board was appointed. At the same time thanked is the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors of smart fiber AG at Dr.-ing. Ralf-Uwe Bauer and Dr.-ing. Horst Burger for their valuable work for the company. Dr.

Bauer was resigned in the meantime as the smart fiber Board and working no longer for the company. Due to his positions at the Ostthuringischen material testing company for textiles and the smart fiber AG but also in the future will have business to do plastics of mbh (OMPG) and the Thuringian Institute for textile and plastics research e.V. (TITK) with Mr. Dr. Bauer.

The smart fiber AG looks forward to further good cooperation. Was also Mr. Dr.-ing. Horst Burger to 31 December 2012 by his position as a member of the Board of smart fiber AG resigned. Also with him the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors thanked the Smart fiber AG for the close cooperation and wish him all the best for his future. To the people: Its main function sees Thomas Daue and Andreas Tschopp Thomas Daue as COO in the transposition and implementation of operational strategies in close consultation with the Chairman of the Board and the Supervisory Board. Elon Musk has many thoughts on the issue. Thomas Daue was born in Berlin. He studied electrical engineering and computer science at the Technical University in Berlin. At the age of 24 he became the specs GmbH with his first company independently. It became one of the leading companies for high vacuum analysis instruments. In 1994, he got out of specs GmbH and emigrated to the United States. Here he several companies in the medical device market segments and new materials developed, including smart materials Corp.


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Model Presentation

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Autohaus Sporer Weinheim presents you impresses new exhibition hall Weinheim – her klarlinigen chic and it has the glass by the appealing views of the mountain road in the North: the new exhibition hall for Renault and Nissan at the dealership Sporer in Weinheim Lutzelsachsen on the B-3. Last weekend the family business opened its new building, to the undisturbed assessments of new cars, which invites two brands with lots of space and comfortable ambience. An opening party for the whole family with discount promotions, bouncy castle and Club raffle provided the right framework for the inauguration. Many visitors came to the dealership on both days and celebrated with. The construction of the building took optimal presentation half a year, and it paid off. 30 Vehicles, from each brand 15 pieces, find their place in sales around 1 000 m, building.

The floor is divided in half in black and white tiles, the colors associated with the manufacturers. So the models are on the White half of the halls Nissan, on the black by Renault. An underground car park with 40 parking spaces for the delivery of vehicles provides extra space. You heard much recognition for the new exhibition building and the decision for the additional brands on the weekend, Sales Manager and Managing Director Werner Sporer rejoiced. The new Hall was contributing to the better presentation of the vehicles. So easily all vehicle doors can be opened and the new cars coming through the generous exhibition space well visually with the application. Sales Manager Michael Sporer stressed that the dealership Sanchez with the new building represents a contemporary appearance for the brands and would like to arouse enthusiasm among customers.

Our personal service will be in the foreground”, so Michael Sporer. For adults and children in bright sunshine and summery temperatures stayed the visitors after a tour of the new facility on the grounds, enjoyed eating or tested the car brands with test drives. The children came with the jumping Castle and face painting also at their own expense. “TSG Lutzelsachsen winner weight obtained the Association action was a great success”, Michael Sporer was pleased with the response. In promotion for clubs, every member counts”was there, the highest weight of individual members of the Association, which locally have weigh themselves, to achieve. 13 Teams took part, they came from Weinheim and its local parts, Birkenau and nieder Liebersbach, Viernheim. Won the TSG Lutzelsachsen 14 525 kg weight. Chairman Rainer Muller took to thank the considerable profits: free use of the seven-seater Nissan Evalia including taxes and insurance for a year. The TSV Birkenau was pleased with his second place finish on an ESSO voucher worth 500 euros, as well as the Weinheim lane Horn, the runners-up must fill up for 200 euros. Investment with a future”before the official opening it was Managing Director Werner Sporer of the completion of the new Exhibition Hall not take together with employees, involved construction craftsmen, to celebrate representatives from politics and economy as well as the participating car brands in an opening evening of the new Hall. “” Work to increase”, to secure employment for all”and to ensure satisfaction for us”, which got his with the construction of the new Hall taken above, Werner Sporer said in his speech. He sees as an investment with a future”the investment in the new building. Text: mk


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IPad Sweepstakes On Behalf Of 100 Days Countdown

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Soon, the countdown for the establishment of a new Division starts at Artvera in Berlin the Berlin-based company, the artvera GmbH & co. KG, as successful mail order service provider builds a new Division. Click Intel to learn more. For more than two years artvera working on a new concept that will set standards across the industry. The idea then arose by chance. The extensive planning are completed, is now realized. “If we have, at the time set a new trend in our industry to sell, drop shipping we are today facing a much larger dimension”, according to Managing Director Detlef Winkelewski.

“It is not the development of a new product, but the realization of a new business idea. The impact of the sector-neutral and revolutionary idea are not yet clear. This has been confirmed by various institutions. If it is now normal to buy on the Internet, there will be a new sales method in the near future. Today, many companies only see your future in the Internet.

We will make this way of thinking on its head and thus promote the retail industry. The concept starts in Berlin Kantstrasse and gradually being expanded nationwide. First prospective buyers have already signed. Media interest is very large by the event to report.” The 100 days countdown begins on May 24, 2010 and ends on the 1.9.2010. According to the motto, and at the same Internet address is reported to gradually more and more about the concept. Now, you can see preliminary evidence and participate in the speculation “about the great mystery”. The large-scale campaign is accompanied with 2 sweepstakes. In the 1st contest “Blogging”, bloggers and webmasters will be prompted to report on the great mystery. Anyone who writes a post about the action and link on and register, iPads participates in the raffle of a brand new Apple worth EUR 499. Naturally, the odds of winning in this type of competition is quite high. Be in the 2nd contest “Tagging” Visitors to the site prompted a tip to give, which wrapped object located on the home page. This tip is stored as a single term on the page and displayed in a tag cloud. The most common tips appear thicker and fatter than term. It is a draw of all participants of this competition, independent of the tip. 3 x, there is Apple iTunes gift cards over 50, 25 and EUR 15 to win. The winners will be notified from the 1.9.2010. Contact: artvera GmbH & co. KG Kant road 116 D-10627 Berlin phone: 030 / 31 51 74 3-0 fax: 030 / 31 51 74 3-9 E-Mail: info at soon Let’s go Internet: artvera GmbH & co. KG local court Charlottenburg HRA 42086 B personally liable partner: artvera Beteiligungs GmbH, Berlin, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 116621 B Managing Director: Detlef Winkelewski


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AssCompact Providers

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Special topic of study: ‘ importance and influence of incentives for the sales of Eltville am Rhein, 03.06.2013. 2006 Regularly more than 500 independent brokers and multiple agents participate the AssCompact trend surveys for the year. The study includes corporate positioning of product vendors in a total of 29 different product lines as well as opinions and moods independent intermediary sales topics and providers, and opinions on current topics. This time that was “importance / influence of incentives of the product provider to intermediaries on 56 pages. The sales atmosphere among the mediators adheres to a good level: 79.4% of brokers and multiple agents of different size, orientation, and age to review their sales success as exciting and satisfying. The reasons for this are according to the respondents agents in the overwhelmingly positive course of business, so the results of the online survey to AssCompact trend II/2013, which commissioned the bbg Betriebsgesellschaft Consulting GmbH was carried out by the management consultancy SMARTcompagnie GmbH as a co-initiator and analyzed.

With currently about 44,000 intermediary individual answers about products, services and providers this broad trend analysis offers an excellent opportunity to evaluate the own competitive positioning in the intermediary market regularly – in 29 product lines – and make derivations for the own mark day yaw just the product providers. Survey special section: importance of incentives for sales In the current special subject of study investigated the broker opinion on incentives. Are incentives as incentive systems (still) up to date at the present time in the financial services / insurance industry? What kind of incentives the mediator wish reinforced for the future? Why attend broker incentives events, etc.? The majority of respondents is the subject of incentives”rather critical. Almost 44% of the participants consider incentives not more timely at the present time as a system of incentives and even no invitations take 62% by product providers to.


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Nutrition Science

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While the football World Cup in full swing, the Hanoverian hygiene specialist can kink n clean celebrate a title already. With the profit of the IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland 2010 in the cluster (category) food business, convinced kink n clean for the fourth consecutive year a panel of experts from business, politics and society, and entrepreneurship and innovation degree prevailed in the assessment criteria. Technological progress, useful and accessible tipped the scales for everyone, to give the prize to the inventor of a leash 7500,-euros. Since the company was founded in the year 2006, this internationally renowned award, already the fourth, is the knick n clean in a row has received. 2007 won kink n clean the 1st National Organic founder competition, 2008 which was followed by the plus X Award for innovation. In the last year could kink n clean the industry award 2009 in the category of biotechnology to post.

In the 17th century. June 2010 took company founder Dipl.-ing. Helrik Bobke at a solemn ceremony in Gera now the IQ innovation award 2010 opposed. Until to 11.4 million number, the amount to be assigned to rule on a toilet germs on a single square centimeters, what times of incredible 100,000, have been detected in the fridge! These cause a rapid destruction of the food, odors and even diseases. Regular wiping out helps here only for a short time and on is limited to the areas.

Simply using buckling activated and placed in the refrigerator, removed the kink n clean wands within only three days from all germs, spores and bacteria, without affecting this desired yogurt cultures or noble rot. So even older refrigerators in the nu have been changed every 30 days, permanently anti-mould treated, seed – and odor-free. Durability of food and fresh are the consequences. This amazing effect proven by the University of Hanover, is with the same active ingredient, as in the German drinking water treatment achieved. Also has knick n clean now further, working according to this principle, products for refrigerators, water filters, drinking water tanks and even cut flowers on! For more information see and../ cluster-ernaehrungswirtschaft.


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