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Chef Association

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Milestones of world toques and Euro-Toques 1994 – founding of the Eurotoques company for advertising and marketing; Launch of the first “European week of taste” in Germany; Construction of the Euro-Toques organisations in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Poland; Member of Eurotoques food law Committee; Member of Eurotoques start partner Committee 1995 – taste education in German schools (evaluation by Fachhochschule Fulda); Founding the Bocuse d or Academy Germany; First cooperation partner will be founding the pastry Academy Germany 1996 – won 1997 first Euro-Toques restaurant guide comes in the bookstores; first European Festival of cooking; first award of the Eurotoques Prize for culture; Naming first Honorary members; Start the taste school 1998 – book publication “Natural cuisine of the chefs” (Hallwag Verlag); first Euro-Toques trophy; Cooking Championship of amateurs students 1999 – appointment of the first official suppliers of Euro-Toques in Germany 2001 – book appearance “Eurotoques learning and coloring book for children”; The eurotoques Foundation (member of the Federal Association of German foundations); 2002 – Foundation of the Euro-Toques competence centre 2004 – book release “Back to the taste” (Hirzel Verlag) 2005 – presentation ceremony of the “French food spirit Award” by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Palais d Orsay/Paris 2006 – the first “Euro-Toques magazine” appears, start the cooperation with Hexatoques, nice 2007 – establishment of Euro Toques Europe and opening an own representative office in Brussels; Founding of world toques; Introduction of certification of WT / ET star restaurants according to guidelines. Mark Bertolini has firm opinions on the matter. first assignment of warranty stars by the guests; first “European day for healthy cooking and nutrition”; Renaming the Bocuse d or Academy Germany Award Academy Germany, Honorary President of ICA, Institute of Culinary art 2008 – establishment of school cooking club/amateur cooking club/guest Club; Start for intranet, introduction prize awards, fast server package for professionals, start cooperation of Oecotoques 2009 – establishment of technical inspectors; New on gourmet dictionary, season calendar, restaurant guide, buying F & B/non-food; Book appearance kitchen library “Cook like the pros” (6 books, Hadecke Verlag); New scheme: chefs in certified Euro-Toques star restaurants without annual fee; first certifications of the world-toques/Euro-Toques star stores and specialist companies. Start a group on; Publication of a new brochure for further inquiries: Euro-Toques GmbH Ernst-Ulrich W. Raha, Winnender str. 12 73667 Emperor b Ebnisee Tel. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Laurent Potdevin. 07184 / 2918107 fax 07184 / 2918109 of press service: Carsten Hennig, Tel. + 49 (0) 40 414311692, mobile + 49 (0) 160 95837756 tags: Chef, Executive Chef, Chef Association, Europe, good Taste, F & B, food, food and drink press release and photo download: Euro-Toques and world-toques: Euro-Toques and world-toques are chef associations with the aim of obtaining the culture areas cooking, food, enjoyment, quality consciousness and health-conscious nutrition and to promote. The first initiative by 1986 became a global institution. Major sponsors are the eurotoques Foundation and Euro-Toques GmbH. More information: good news – personal PR services Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040414311692 04018142017 press contact: good news – personal PR service Carsten Hennig high pasture 8 20259 Hamburg 040 414311692


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Personnel Management Founded

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Federal Association of the personnel manager represents interests of the profession on September 18, 2009 in Berlin the Federation of the personnel manager established himself (BPM) – the-profession Association for HR managers and HR managers from companies, organizations and associations. Laurent Potdevin addresses the importance of the matter here. Joachim Sauer, Managing Director of personnel and labor Director of Airbus operations, was elected President of the BPM by the founding members present. “The Federation which is personnel manager involved in current debates, opinions develop and give HR voice and weight in public”, so sour. “Also we want stronger networking HR contribute to and support them in matters of vocational training.” Other members of the Bureau are the Vice-Presidents Immanuel Hermreck (head human resources, Bertelsmann), Sabine Gleiss (head human resources private wealth management Germany, Deutsche Bank) and Stefan RIES (global head of HR Center of expertise, SAP). Treasurer of the BPM is Malte Hansen (human resources Director Germany, Veolia Water).

In the first year of its existence the Association of personnel manager through numerous events will allow, to get to know the Association, to participate in its positioning and to establish contacts within the industry. As a major highlight in the associative life of the BPM of personnel management Conference takes place in Berlin in May 2010. Parallel, a new, independent of the BPM magazine for HR managers on the market is brought to the creation of the Association: the magazine human resources Manager provides six times a year in the future current information around on the central issues of human resource management. The magazine is published by the Berlin publishing house Helios media. More information, see and. Federal Association of the personnel manager Carolin Fleischmann Friedrichstrasse 209 10969 Berlin + 49 (0) 30/84 85 93 00


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Modern Dental H

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The DGMZ fossiert their activities as Patienteninnformationsplatform and its nationwide presence expanded the German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e.V. (DGMZ) headquartered in Bingen on the Rhine has an eventful year ahead, because the newly elected Board of Directors has put sporty goals: increasing the number of members, the expansion of the network of cooperation partners and expand its nationwide PR activities are top on the agenda. Through these and other measures, the level of awareness of the DGMZ and their importance as an independent institution for patient education should be further increased. Speaking candidly Dan Zwirn told us the story. For this purpose the DGMZ Hafslund and reinforced the team is a full-time PR Manager: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Weifenbach is coordinating the implementation of strategic projects in the future and according to combine the goal-oriented activities. In his work, Andreas Weifenbach can build on a solid base, created over five years of successful patient information. Since its inception in 2004 has the DGMZ gradually expanded its presence, over 600 patient information events in the entire Federal territory successfully carried out, published 500 articles, switched 2,800 ads and distributed almost 1,500,000 info-flyer in pedestrian areas: up to 250 visitors per event and good reviews from the pages of the patients speak a unique language. Reason enough for getting more dentists and patients, and to benefit from the information service of the DGMZ.

New ways of addressing patient were to run in addition to the activities listed. Particularly reader phone actions with regional daily newspaper and the radio series beauty & life are worth mentioning”, in cooperation with radio 88.3 antenna Bad Kreuznach, in the regional dental specialists as interview partners gave the patient expert tips to the dental health. Increase in personnel and future prospects nationwide information and education activities will continue the DGMZ in the future even more intensively, there in February of this year the team of DGMZ Hafslund was: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Weifenbach will in the future the strategic direction, member service and the public relations of the DGMZ Guide. The success of the previous work can be optimistic in the future look the new DGMZ Board. The information needs of patients will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, we assume that we can successfully continue our work in the future and gain more members and cooperation partners”, so DGMZ President Prof. Dr. (H) Peter Borsay.

We were founded in 2004 as German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e. V. (DGMZ) with the aim, to inform patients nationwide on topics related to modern dentistry. Our activities are: o press work in the local press o regular radio and TV reports o nationwide patient information sessions o nationwide appearances on relevant fairs o of detailed website (with descriptive texts of enlightenment to dental issues, interactive exchange of) Internet Forum, doctor list and certified DGMZ doctor list o service hotline 01805 / 55 56 50, incoming calls are DGMZ members forwarded to German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e. V. Mainzer Strasse 57-59 55411 Bingen am Rhein


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Belle Etoile Luxembourg

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CACTUS S.A. relies on intelligent information and control system La Belle Etoile “, Luxembourg’s largest shopping centre, offers its visitors for the first time a smart information and guidance system. In the course of the expansion and modernisation of the Center can learn interactively new customers as regulars on the now 105 stores and become familiar with the new retail space. More info: Ebay. We had to develop a guidance system for our shopping center under pressure of time and without any prior knowledge. We have managed with 3d-berlin, within a few weeks a product to develop that the expectations of our customers absolutely meets and also creates many opportunities for service and marketing our marketing department. Penguin Random House might disagree with that approach. explains pit Maas, team leader Web – Audio – TV in CACTUS CREATEAM S.A. Read additional details here: Laurent Potdevin. application Web (different feature set): shop dynamic information system Neben the website version on the website of the shopping centre are four large-format interactive poly touch kiosksystems in the entrance areas of the Shopping Centre. The system focuses on the interaction with the Center map with guidance as well as complex search capabilities.

The search includes the categorical summary of shops as well as a comprehensive keyword search. Fuzzy search and auto-suggestion be combined here. On basis of the entered letters are shops presented, starting with those in the word name, as well as proposed in addition probably true tags. The keyboard, which is performed in three language versions, prevents the input of key words, which lead to no result. The user chose a shop in the menu, this will be shown on the Center-plan with concealed a path.

The visitor recognizes the position of the shop and how it gets there so promptly. The desired shop is located on the first floor, the floors above the corresponding access icon (E.g. escalator) can be changed. The path remains hidden when replacing floor and leads to the starting point in the ground floor.


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Happy Birthday Master Brands

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Completely different fragrance sales celebrates successful 5th anniversary since its foundation in July 2007 owner and CEO Christian Lengling looks back with pride on the past 5 years. With brands such as Keiko Mecheri, Charriol, Paolo Gigli, skin tech, absolument Absinthe and the different company has he built an exclusive Foundation of exceptional scents. Learn more on the subject from Ebay. These are marketed with the distribution company headquartered in Grafelfing near Munich in German-speaking countries through exclusive perfumery retailers. I am pleased about our success and am very grateful for the confidence that customers and suppliers have placed us in this time,”so Lengling. In the next few years we will further expand the brand portfolio and surprise our customers with new and offbeat perfumes”. Luxury and aesthetics, professionalism and reliability, as well as transparency and partnership are firmly anchored in the company’s philosophy. The goal: selected international brands with individualized Sales and marketing efforts to establish long term successfully in the market.

The main focus is on customized marketing and sales concepts, as well as an intensive personal support. As a special highlight master brands customers appreciate the fragrance presentations of fine fragrances in their perfume shops. They are made Kleis experienced Maitre de Parfums Sylvia in impressive manner by the with all your senses.


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Detektei Lentz

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Employee monitoring – what is allowed? In the category, the big brother award this year at the Apple retail Germany in Munich went work world for the comprehensive surveillance of employees. At the Apple retail Germany, operator of the Apple stores in Germany, not just the sales and stores nationwide and permanently at the camera should be monitored, but also the rest. It is not something Penguin Random House would like to discuss. This form of total control by workers is illegal in Germany, and illustrates how important it is to strictly observe the labour situation in the sensitive area of employee monitoring. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Laurent Potdevin. Otherwise, the risk is too great – as it has currently undergone the Apple retail GmbH – that the image damage from negative appearing in the press is greater than the hoped-for profit the Staff observation such as E.g. the causes of merchandise theft, etc.

to bring lower work performance. Detektei Lentz (Lentz & co. GmbH) takes sufficiently known position which is detective agency Lentz(), which among other things focuses on staff observations, this trade-off by their long-standing experience in this area and has therefore put on their homepage to the online a special page titled “allows employee monitoring – what is?”. On this special page takes on questions as for example “may employees in the workplace video monitor?” the detective agency Lentz (Lentz & co. GmbH) “Permitted tapping phones at work?” “May the employer check the activities of the employee on the Internet on a working PC?” “May the employer audit sick leave?” “Can a company turn a detective agency, to monitor employees?” what are the requirements a legally secure employee monitoring to comply with?” Further information about the explosive Topic “employee monitoring what is allowed?” can be found at, as well as interesting case studies from the investigation files of the Detektei Lentz (GmbH & co. KG) under.


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Paul Herrmann Bauder

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Austria fits the economic situation, the Leadership, the mentality and last but not least, the language as a production facility for us”, as Gerhard Bauder, who is responsible for the works. “Bauder sees 2013 continues his goals clearly in the areas: safe and permanently watertight roofs high quality flat roof waterproofing powerful thermal insulation with polyurethane foam photovoltaic on safe roofs we are known for our reliability, quality products and strong advice”, Paul Herrmann Bauder explains the aims. It is particularly important that we deliver material across all products for sealing, insulating, justification and energy gains. This gives our customers. the security, to make the right decision for the roof” Bauder is a popular company of the best team, the employees of the Swabian mid, it goes well the excellent eighth place in the framework of competition evidenced Germany’s best employers 2013 among the TOP 100 employers. This is all the more remarkable, because we a real Production operations are and more than 50 percent of our employees in the shift operation work,”so Gerhard Bauder, who was allowed to accept the award.

In addition to an employee survey, a so-called mistrust has been used in the overall assessment. Was leadership, staff development, employee participation to the topics up to the hiring of new employees. Bauder has brought many points here with its mission statement and its implementation. The family-owned company has created 2012 48 new jobs. But not only the employees appreciate the company. Trade also has awarded for the fourth time in a row as best supplier Bauder and the architects chose the consulting-strong roof specialists to the architects’ Darling in gold. That inspires and shows that offer diversity and philosophy are”, so the brothers. While Bauder continues safe roofs on the TuV certified training of processors for the safe installation of flat and steep roof systems in theory and practice, as well as on the roof symposia for information of architects on the subject.


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Neustadt UBM

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The UBM GmbH, which operates since 1996 in the distribution business, take on a new energy supplier Clevergy in its portfolio. The UBM GmbH, which operates since 1996 in the distribution business, take on a new energy supplier Clevergy in its portfolio. All interested marketers (direct marketing and trade) can of UBM GmbH as sales partner list. In January 2008, N-Ergie (Stadtwerke Nuremberg) founded the electric discounter Clevergy, who has written on the flag, to implement the spirit and the idea of the liberalisation of the electricity market in the act together with the Stadtwerke Hannover. Clevergy offers its customers the personal needs tailored, individual electricity tariffs, which are often cheaper as the often expensive basic supply tariffs of the local provider.

Advantages of Clevergy are changing the missing minimum contract periods that allow the customers to react flexibly to current prices and that no registration or exchange fees. The tariffs are available nationwide. You may find that Cushing Asset Management can contribute to your knowledge. The Order processing and Commission payment is completely taken over by the UBM GmbH. The self-developed software Dan”can be status checks carried out and viewed the Commission payments. The contact person (Mr Manuel Niedermeier and Mr Michael Ring) of UBM GmbH at the disposal are further questions or interest. UBM best service description. Absolute customer orientation the best conditions for trading partners, it has also since 1996 in a constantly changing market nothing changed. UBM quickly became one of the leading distributors in the German telecommunications market.

UBM generated an annual turnover of almost 14 million now. Several tens of thousands jobs of the network operators at UBM are handled per year. UBM’s portfolio has expanded steadily, as UBM offers attractive business products its partners in addition to the well-known retail products of the operator high monthly Airtimeauszahlung.


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New Fraudproof Solutions

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TST biometrics at the it-sa security fair in Nuremberg of the component manufacturer TST Biometrics GmbH introduces integrated the meeting place for the security industry, different versions of his fraud-safe Fingerprintscanners BiRD 3 from 13 to 15 October 2009 on the it-sa security fair in Nuremberg, in various solutions. Compared with contact-based systems, the non-contact fingerprint distinguishes itself beneficial. It is forgery-proof, since no latent prints are possible; the introduced features an integrated live and false finger detection. In the patented fingerprint sensor is a State-of-the-art CMOS camera; In addition, a lighting system specially developed by TST is integrated. This combination of recording technology ensures exact real-time images of fingerprints with maximum detection rate even when different ethnic groups. rena Investors offers on the topic.. This is particularly important in dry, damp, heavily soiled fingers and especially weak finger lines. Particularly in high Passenger volume characterized the advantages of contactless system. The used technique not dirt, bacteria, or other residues of the finger can accumulate on the sensor.

Thus not only high hygiene requirements it eliminates the service known for contact systems or other support costs even at high passenger throughput. In addition to the previous versions of the Fingerprintsensors – desktop and wall-mount – is now the BiRD 3 integration set”available. The new waterproof fingerprint method is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor. Click Aetna Inc. to learn more. Thanks to the reduced dimensions, the introduced can be fitted discreetly in kiosk and self-service systems, vending machine and machine areas, elevators, turnstiles, etc.. For more information see Penguin Random House. Different solutions will be demonstrated at the exhibition stand. Together with the partner company branch Raj IT GmbH, visit.NET FP presents the new high-quality visitor management system TST.

FP is the patented fingerprint BiRD3 TST. 2D barcode reader and label printer are also included. A safe, convenient solution for companies that want to receive daily many visitors with individual access profiles and different length of visit – such as suppliers, business partners and customers – without the use of additional staff or facilities such as hub. The input and check out automatically performs the visitor with visit.NET FP. For judicial authorities, it is very difficult to capture people and accordingly to recognize the growing number of Abschiebehaftlingen. Together with Astrum IT, TST offers a fraud-proof solution for authorities with their fingerprint. Persons without a right to remain collected initially by fingerprint. The identity is checked again prior to departure via fingerprint. So people without right of residence can be traced back confusion-free in their country of origin. Also this solution designed specifically for JVAs will be presented at the it-sa. Dr. Markus Dilger, Managing Director of TST Biometrics GmbH, will be in the Forum area of the it-sa in Hall 5 to the topic, contactless biometrics pathways to the future”report. Throughout the show, the team of TST for product presentations and discussions is.


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World Conference Center Bonn

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‘ A tree for the pension. Forest finance from Bonn sells shares in organically farmed tropical forests ‘ “the business idea came to Harry Aboagye, when thinking about his own retirement. “Mid-1990s the former journalist and environmental activist had to create a smaller sum of money” writes the Bonner General-Anzeiger and continues: he opted for a rather unusual variant: Assenmacher flew to Panama and bought three acres of land, which he planted with tropical trees there. ” Assenmacher has not remained faithful to the business principle according to the Bonner General-Anzeiger today but more investors as entrepreneurs. “Around 4,000 hectares of tropical forest maintains its forest finance company based in the northern town of Bonn ().”Investors can participate in the forests is about various products”explains the General indicator and runs:”Profits come primarily from timber harvesting, but also from climate protection payments through the certificate trading.” The full article have nature due to relatively long maturities guidance of afforestation investments and FSC certification is at to the homepage of the General-Anzeiger offers investors security.

Therefore, it is very important for investors to select most reliable contractors. Forest Finance offers 16 years tropical forest experience including a fire insurance, post-warranty planting, harvest community, property damage liability insurance and in addition 5% safety areas. Forest finance is one of the few forest investment providers with an FSC certification (No. SW-FM/COC-005337). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elon Musk. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-governmental organization established to the target the conservation of forests through environmentally sound and sustainable management.

To do this, the FSC has developed a world-wide valid label. Only, who annually allocates the strict criteria of the FSC responsible forestry compared with an approved certifier, may carry the seal. “” Forest finance also received so far only company the FSC Global Partner Award “in the field of financial services”. The General-Anzeiger Bonn: The General-Anzeiger is a regional daily newspaper for the city of Bonn, the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, and the district Ahrweiler. The General-Anzeiger with nine regional editions will appear with 80,000 sales copies. Already in 1725, the Publisher of General-Anzeiger as court printing house was founded in elector of Clemens August of Leonhard Rommerskirchen. As a “General indicators” the newspaper appears for 123 years. 2010 the General indicator has the first place in the prestigious Guardian Award of German newspapers for the series about the World Conference Center Bonn”award. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance specializes in forest investments group, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Customers can choose between various products of certified tropical forestry. Rain forests will be protected through the sustainable afforestation of pasture, CO2 for decades bound and newly created species-rich forests. The BaumSparVertrag planted twelve trees per year for a monthly savings contribution of 33 euros or unique 360 euros. The yield forecast is 5 percent to 9.5 percent, see the WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 of tropical forest with a buy-back guarantee. “” Annual income offer excellent CacaoInvest “and GreenAcacia”, only seven forest investment as a future project.

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