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Citing Aguiar

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In the diverse dictionaries of the Portuguese language, motivation assumes, resumidamente, the meaning to move for action, that is, he is something that stimulates the individual to search something. The motivation is intrinsic, that is, it moves itself of the interior of each individual, fits to each one to assume its role. Each human being is moved by an objective to reach. For some, the motivation biggest can be the accomplishment of its physiological necessities, relationship, accomplishment, being able, as we will see in the different theories that try to clarify the motivation. Citing Aguiar: The motivation is resultant of internal pulses, desires, individual necessities that each people as to be only search to materialize. The external way, the organizations are not origin of the motivation. The organization, while social environment, will be able to facilitate or to bar the accomplishment of the desires and the satisfaction of the necessities.

(AGUIAR. 1997, P. 270) Thus, fits to the professional of human resources to be intent to these questions and to develop works that despertem in the collaborators the belonging feeling, influencing, it enters, others, in the productivity and the interpersonal relations. Many organizations already demonstrate a correct vision of the human being in the professional environment, being worried, mainly in taking care of of the interpersonal relations intra and. Ahead of the displayed one, a new demand appears: the man has that to learn to be cooperative, to contribute with its pairs and, therefore, to work in team. In this context, professional of human resources acquires force and recognition to alavancar the processes of improvement of the human capital, exactly those that possess a profile strict technician, as it is the case of the public organizations.


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The Agreement

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The politics of ' ' doors abertas' ' it must be stimulated by the managers until if becoming common in the organization. IV.Abertura the new ideas: Degree where the company is dynamic is intent to the changes, has chance sense, establishes bold objectives, is leader of trends and creates a motivador environment. In this environment the company values and stimulates the new ideas of its collaborators. It can be made financial incentives as awardings for economy in the change of some process, to create a box of suggestions, to have periodic meetings between sectors in the search of improvements, to create a group of improvement, etc. Depend very on the communication, it the point of the employee must be opened to have the ousadia to display and to create new methods and procedures. It is a work that can bring resulted in short, the average one, or long stated period. Professional V.Desempenho: The work is stimulant for the employees and offers professional challenges, possibility of growth and personal valuation.

Proper the practical one of ideas makes with that the professional feels itself valuing more, can also be made casters, where the employee leaves of being a specialist in a function and starts to have knowledge of other activities, helping in the agreement of all the process and its final objective. The construction of a career plan also is important, but certainly it is more viable in companies of great transport. Its results are of medium in the long run. VI.Aprendizado: The company stimulates and provides chance of professional development for the employees. The company does not pass of the phase of only charging qualification of the functional picture, but she starts to stimulate. She can yourself be made this with internal courses, financial aid in the studies (college, specific course of languages, professionalizing courses, etc.). She can be implanted with spreading of a new politics of valuation of employees stimulating to the studies, have a very good consequence, and its results can be of short term.


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Regional Advice

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The decree N 50,387, of 28 of March of 1961, that it regulates the Law n 2604/1955, of the professional exercise of the nursing, makes use: Art.14, interpolated proposition C ' ' they are duties of all the nursing staff: to keep perfect notation in papeletas clinical of everything how much to become related with the patient and the nursing. Meanwhile, the decree n. 94.406, of 08 of June of 1987, that it regulates the Law n. 7.498, of 25 of June of 1986, that it makes use on the nursing exercise, in its art.11, interpolated proposition II, detach that: ' ' the nurse aid must execute the activities auxiliary of average level attributed to the nursing team, fitting to it to observe, 8 to recognize and to describe the signals and symptoms that the patient presents, to the level of its qualificaes' '. Art.14, interpolated proposition II, tell to the incumbency all the staff of nursing of the necessity to write down in the handbook of the patient all the activities of nursing assistance. Legal aspects of the Notations Know that the register of the relative information to the patient is a legal obligation is defined and normatizada for the Regional Advice of Enfermagem (COREN), and in such a way constitutes a form of protection and guarantee for the customer as for the hospital company. Each registered information indicates an action, that certainly was unchained in direct reason of a problem presented for the patient and of the treatment excused it (DUARTE 1976). According to Possari (2005, p.138) ' ' the nursing notation is to have of all the professionals of the nursing team, as the legal disposals for the exercise of enfermagem' '. These notations say in agreement respect this author: sociocultural and psicofsicos, well-taken care of data of the identification of the patient, aspects given, results of the systemize comment, without exageros and omissions how much to the evolution of the illness, as well as any occured intercorrncias with the patient.


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Day Friends

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Perhaps let us not can in giving account to them of the danger to have a serpentrio to our redor; in the company, same office, store or between friends. This can very be dangerous and because not to say, in the ones backwards risks incalculable as financial, personal and even though material. Get more background information with materials from Elon Musk. To create serpents many times if becomes an automatic or imperceptible process. The good notice is that this has cure and the handling is much more simple that we can imagine. Some cares are enough only.

In a fast analogy we can compare those peonhentos animals with ' ' those cobrinhas' ' that we teimamos in taking care of in our day the day. Fantastic biologists, men and women, anonymous professionals, who in its daily chore, coexist pacifically in serpentrios, with reptiles in the domesticao of serpents (snakes), with the purpose to extract the antiofdico serum. As the proper name says, the poison of these serpents is for pacific end, changedding itself into powerful pricked antidotes against of other serpents. Although disgusting, truily these are serpents of the good and for a logical question we must respect them in its natural environment. But to illustrate, the domesticao of these animals is an old process, which consists of the election and adaptation of certain beings livings creature, considered useful to supply necessities human beings. In the serpentrio serpents prisoners for a security guard question live, taking care of rules of law. In the contrahand, we, supervisors, controlling, entrepreneurs, employees, friends are successful, selling professional, friends, of certain form feeding our serpents.

He is clearly that I am not mentioning itself to these rastejantes reptiles, which in its majority show fear of human us, moving away itself when from our presence. It is truth that they attack, but only in extreme cases. They are creatures whom they prefer to run away, to the confrontation with the human being.


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Forster Silestone

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The company is divided into five divisions: heating technology and sanitary equipment, kitchens and refrigeration, Windows and doors, steel technology and surface technology. AFG is a global company with approximately 50 production and distribution companies. The kitchen and refrigeration technology Division includes the internationally renowned brands Forster kitchens and refrigeration, Warendorf (previously: Miele kitchens) and Bruno Piatti. About Silestone by Cosentino Silestone by Cosentino, world leader in the field of quartz surfaces, consists of natural quartz to over 90 percent. Silestone surfaces are particularly resistant to color and scratches, also they absorb little fluids. Other important features are the excellent hygienic properties, various awards and certificates, as well as the high level of service, quality and responsibility that belongs to the range of all products of Cosentino group. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Krzanich by clicking through. Silestone is manufactured in over 60 different colors, three textures and different formats, so it is very versatile; It can be used even in large pieces, so that no joint connection is required. It is the ideal material for kitchens and bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, in addition, it is suitable for many other purposes.

Silestone was used Arab in Dubai, the Wembley Stadium in London, the Torre Agbar in Barcelona and the showroom of Telefonica in Madrid with many unique buildings such as, for example, the hotel Burj al. At its launch, Silestone was unique in the world, today it is part of every fourth Spanish cuisine. In the United States, Silestone has a market share of 75% for quartz surfaces and 7% for kitchen work surfaces. Silestone was not only the first Spanish brand, which campaigned for the American Super Bowl, but is also a sponsor of the two-time formula one world champion Fernando Alonso since 2008. In addition, Silestone sponsors the Houston Rockets in the NBA and Union Deportiva Almeria, a team of major League of soccer in Spain.

Cosentino group the Cosentino group is a world leader in the production and distribution of quartz surfaces and other natural stones. The Cosentino group currently maintains six works, 17 processing plants and 53 distribution centers, the so-called Cosentino Center. The company employs more than 2,100 people. At its headquarters in Spain, directs and manages the company the international branch offices in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, of Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.

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Detecting Knowledge Veins

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For the successful implementation of its objectives, the marketing needs control-related information with the break-up of rigid reporting channels a decision-oriented analysis solutions need arises in marketing. These must be identified precisely and clearly from the numerous corporate data. A viewing perspective applied inwards may be the dispositive data processing must be extended to a holistic view overlooking the transformation of markets, target groups and needs attitudes of customers. There is no doubt about the importance of information as a competitive factor due to shorter life cycles, shortening the time-to-market, opening of markets and global networking. It comes specifically to inform marketing decision makers, as well as to provide analyses and reviews of certain data.

The instruments will include multidimensional data analysis and data mining analysis methods within the framework of the information-driven marketing. The information systems strongly focus process support of the primary value chain. About the years vast quantities of records is accumulate in the company. “That in these huge databases in all facets of depicted business and market operations to escape often the analysis: knowledge veins” the valuable information about consumer buying behavior, product relationships, undetected, bergen consumer profiles and many other facts of modern business processes. On the one hand, marketing decisions based on internal company information (products, customers, suppliers) on the other hand also external information (economic, market, competitive data, demographic and geographic data) must be included. It’s believed that Mark Bertolini sees a great future in this idea. The data mining approach attempting these veins of knowledge”to track by data gemint deeper and using unconventional methods” i.e. to dig through”.

Data mining queries not in usual grids, but uses methods and algorithms such as such as neural networks, time series analysis, among other things, the search for abnormalities so far not even should, on the one thought. CF. Jorg Becker: data mining as a knowledge balance sheet feeder, ISBN 978-3-8370-2163-9 data mining is a process to select data from large databases, to explore and to discover previously unknown connections model. Data mining helps identify new contexts and to support it with facts. Data mining includes, for example, basic techniques such as neural networks, decision rules (induction), statistics and data visualization. Data mining as a technological basis has a data warehouse, which ensures the integrity and consistency of the data. Target is obtained as the basis for strategic control impulses to use that information. Methods and application areas are e.g. neural networks for credit scoring and credit analysis, cluster analysis for market segmentation, regression and discriminant analysis for credit, Marketingscoring, or association analysis. Data mining is therefore no longer a domain by mathematicians or statisticians, but finds more and more application in the business sector, in particular in the Marketing.

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Dresdner Emissionshaus

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Future business KG A is looking for new employees at branches in Germany and abroad Dresden February 2013: the Dresdner Emissionshaus future business KG A continues its own growth further. In addition to a personnel expansion of the master seat in Dresden, the FuBus also looks staff for their new offices in Vancouver/Canada and Zurich/Switzerland. The future business KG A acts not only nationwide, but also internationally. Among other things, the issuing House seeks currently dedicated, service-oriented staff to strengthen the Dresden team. The modern company offers employees a varied range of tasks and opportunities to the career advancement and personal development. The future business kg AA young professionals as well as people who want to change career, can apply. In Dresden is currently in the Department of real estate (real estate clerk /-man, foreign language correspondent /-in, administrator of the real estate and housing finance), the Legal Department (Paralegal/r) and with the assistance of the Board of Directors (Management Assistant /-in, foreign language correspondent /-in, reception Secretary) favourites. Further information about the career opportunities at the FuBus can be viewed at.

Future business KG A offers attractive promotions and earning opportunities that excellent future business KG A with the TOP rating of the Hoppenstedt kreditinformationen GmbH belongs to the 4.8 credit-most companies of in Germany and is expanding internationally. For their new offices in Vancouver and Zurich will be to the assistance of the Executive Committee a / foreign language correspondent /-in and a / Management Assistant /-in wanted. The post of database administrator and insurance administrator are vacant in the Finance Department. Prospects for everything worth knowing about the job requirements and the appropriate contact information to submit the application documents, see About future business KG A (FuBus) The future business KG A (FuBus) was founded on February 23, 2000 in Dresden.

The underwriter is the focus of a broad-based Group of companies. The future business KG acquires A (FuBus) participations, she cares about the purchase and recovery of pension and life insurance products and acquires selected real estate in prime locations.

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Managing Director

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This concept allows a better participation in rising markets when compared to a pure 50:50-allocation and reduces at the same time extreme fluctuations in negative market phases such as 2002 and 2008. The WALSER portfolio global strategy select stands for a dynamic investment strategy in terms of the determination of the degree of risk and the investment selection. The market phase, risk levels and trends among other things using the volatility are defined and adapted to the structure of the Fund depending on the identified market phase. The strategy’s objective is outperformance compared to a pure 50:50 allocation of global stocks and bonds to achieve and thus to take advantage of opportunities while risk limiting. Since the rest of the Fund on December 1, 2009, a performance by 12.24 percent with a volatility using daily calculation technique of 6.48 percent arises (stand: 10.02.2011). The actively-managed bond funds WALSER portfolio capital dollars invested mostly in shorter bonds the dollar area. While it uses also the opportunities various dollar currencies being dominated by the US dollar in the currency allocation. Focus is at the same time with a share of more than 80 percent on bonds with good credit ratings (rating of A or better).

The Fund was already on 12 September 2002 and expelling a Morningstar Rating of four stars for years. More information: Walser private bank invest S.A. Stephan M. Modler, Managing Director 8, rue Lou-Hemmer L – 1748 Findel-Golf-phone: + 43 (55 17) 202-2 16 Walser private bank invest S.A. Dr. Carsten Kotas, Managing Director 8, rue Lou-Hemmer L – 1748 Findel-Golf-phone: + 43 (55 17) 202-2 82 the Walser PrivatBank offers over 30 years tailor-made private banking of European top-class. The award-winning Bank specialises in high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs from the German-speaking world.

The Fox report 2011 “the Walser named private bank to the best asset manager in Austria. In the list”, it is under all tested adults and private banks in German-speaking Europe sixth. Product and fund concepts of Walser PrivatBank find regular recognition by international rating agencies. So was the mixed fund managed by WALSER German Select portfolio for its extraordinary performance by the business magazine uro recently with a fund 2011 Award for the fourth time in a row. The WALSER of the Bank funds are by its Luxembourg investment company, which manages private bank invest S.A., Walser. This press release is to be regarded as an offer nor an invitation to the offer. The tax treatment of individual customers is dependent on their personal circumstances and may be subject to future changes. Information about the performance refers to a past performance. This can not be on the future development of the value.

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Telematics Award 2010:

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At the end of the tender to the TELEMATIK award 2010 do not miss Hamburg/18.05.2010. The first ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2010 is one of the most important event in this industry. Lower Saxony Economics Minister Jorg Bode, who has taken over the patronage of this event, underlines the importance that he pays to this relatively young industry in his greeting in his greeting: The Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), in the person of the Managing Director Klaus Braunig, who will perform the awards of the outstanding companies the leading trade journal in the telematics industry of in Germany together with the Minister for Economic Affairs and the Organizer telematics market, left no doubt in his press statement that this technology will determine the competitiveness and the long-term success of the German automotive industry. Read full press release: is the Chief Editor of the telematics market, K. Katharina Klischewsky, Yet one step further: the telematics conquered far more economic and life sectors, than we can imagine today. Automotive takes over the leading role here. Other interesting telematics systems that were developed for other sectors of the economy and you excellent support to our personal lives, have been and are in our country by qualified software developers developed, tested or are already on the market.

As a leading trade journal of the telematics industry I see in our major task to inform fully about the many applications and products in the industry and to provide more orientation to the users. This is the aim of also the award of of TELEMATIK ceremony, which is held for reasons of strengthening our innovation site, exclusively for companies in the German-speaking. I am very glad that we experience the assistance of Economics Minister bode and VDA in our efforts and I urge all companies to participate in this invitation to tender.” Telematics leading journal of the telematics industry MKK market communication is editor of telematics Telematics is a cross-cutting technology that link the areas of navigation, positioning and communication and computer science. It includes all applications based on wireless transmission of information of every kind and its subsequent processing. The journal telematics aims for this technology and research an all-encompassing market and information space”between manufacturers and users to create, move closer to the attention of the public to the young and innovative telematics industry. Telematics binds nationwide expert journalists and marketing professionals who constantly communicate with the companies, institutions, universities, associations of the telematics industry. You bundles the interests and ideas from research & Development, business, communities of interest, as well as of suppliers, producers and users and brings together all stakeholders on the public stage”.

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The Path

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Similarly, if you think that people they will reject your idea, your project, your service or whatever that you propose, then you proyectaras that thought toward each other and to your subconscious mind, it will be a reality. It begins with these affirmations for success and you can achieve projecting thoughts and positive feelings. 1. I am always improving in all aspects 2. I have a strong and magnetic personality 3. I have total control over my same 4. I am cheerful and happy 5.

I am here to enjoy life to the max 6. I have great mental, physical and moral force 7. I have strong willpower 8. I am full of vitality, creativity and quiet 9. I equals success with my daily actions 10.

I soon effected my dreams now imagine yourself achieving the success. Imagine that you get a positive result and notes as your emotions change instantly. How dress?, with casual wear, or a little more formal. Who is with you? You’re with people most want in life, maybe you did a party to celebrate your success to what smell? It smells like a delicious banquet? How do you feel? Which are your feelings now that get accomplished to achieve your dreams, feel very good right? What we are doing is that you can feel as if you’d already traveled the path to your success, a road that will have many obstacles but that the reward of traverse it really is worthwhile. You yourself have just check with your display. Of course there will be failures and obstacles but you must not surrender never because only fails those who stop trying. I encourage that you dare to see you as a successful entrepreneur. Between you and all your goals, there are a number of obstacles, and while the goal bigger, bigger will be obstacles. Your decision to be, have and do something beyond the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are also in the field of ordinary non.

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