GWS Successful Start In The Year 2011

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Over half a dozen new customers already beginning of 2011 head start for the GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH from Munster. Since the beginning of the year more than half a dozen companies in the fields of building hardware decided plumbing, painter’s supplies, building materials as well as Raiffeisen gevis for the fully integrated ERP solution. Also several changes and process improvements were completed successfully. The international customer success underline the importance of the company as well as its software gevis for wholesale business. Hardly a purchasing cooperation or trade organization that draws not GWS considering optimization of inventory management, accounting, logistics and E-business. New in the customer base of the GWS is the Franz Herbrugger KG, with 160 employees, one of the largest family-run building materials wholesale and retailers in Westphalia. The Mendener EURO building materials and WestfalenBaustoff Member will introduce companywide gevis the ERP system by 2012.

The Franz Herbrugger KG, in three Home improvement stores, three acts of building material and a ready-mixed concrete plant according to your own presentation for house building and renovation offers everything, expects a marked acceleration of administrative and operational procedures. Another new customer company of the GWS is Neuberg S.A. of Luxembourg. Technical wholesaler has 80 employees well, the even in the adjacent French and Belgium as well as in the German market in the fields of sanitation and heating, tools, pipes, engineering, steel, machinery and occupational safety Act, will replace and replace with Aileen SANGROSS. As a member of the society for plumbing & heating trade demand mbH & co.

KG (GSH) benefits Neuberg S.A. by Aileen not only from the central master data supply by the Association of GSH, but also by country-specific texts on supply and purchasing documents. Because the corresponding translations are stored, the expression is fully automatic.

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