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So Paulo

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He is lucrative for offers of a way that brings memory for that it visits, therefore this not only has contact with the lived deeply agricultural world in infancy, or for its parents, but also with plates, the animals, among others points, that today come transforming the Tourism and source of income Agricultural economic promotion of the area of Tourism in the country. REFERENCES ALMEIDA, Joaquin Anecio. Agricultural tourism and Sustainable Development. So Paulo: Papirus, 2000. ANDRADE, J.V of. Tourism, beddings and dimensions.

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Gastronmicos Festivals

Posted by laurapayne on Apr 12, 2012 in News

The Hotel Sheraton Porto Alegre Hotel, inaugurated has 10 years, is the only hotel of luxury of international net of the city of Porto Alegre – RS. The Sheraton is world-wide recognized for its offered quality, comfort and services, as well as for its restaurant – the Porto Alegre Bistr, for promoting the Gastronmicos Festivals in which foreign heads of kitchen are invited they prepare it typical plates of its native country thus they make it with requinte and sophistication. From the carried through curricular period of training through FARGS (Faculdades Rio- Grandenses) in the Porto Alegre Bistr in the year of 2011, it was possible to observe the daily behavior of the operations and to analyze the processes adopted during the Festivals. These take care of to a demanding public that create expectations in relation to the attendance and the feeding. It can then be observed that in the days of festivals the work routine is modified being, for times, inefficacious, causing to difficulties in the organization of all the processes that involve Festivals. It was perceived, then, the necessity to standardize the processes and all the operations that are basic to remain the quality and to inside promote an attendance of the standards of requirement of the Sheraton customers. In such a way, it is possible that the internal customers feel and the external customers safe duly satisfied, generating expectation for the next festival. The period of training resulted in a Work of Conclusion for the Course of Hotelaria of the FARGS, and suggested the creation of a manual to more assist in training and the implantation of operational, simple, direct changes and of low cost, providing an operation organized and bigger qualification of the employees who are involved since the reserve for the festivals, the waiters, the barman and the cooks who participate of the elaboration of plates which they are guided by the instructions of the invited head of kitchen.


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