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Good Restaurants In Valencia

Posted by laurapayne on May 25, 2012 in News

Today, in Legendary Valencia, we want to you to present/display a listing of 5 ideal restaurants to surprise your pair by San Valentin with a good dinner and a good glass in Valencia. Vertical restaurant Located in one of the newest zones, next to the English Cut of the Av. of France and with several near hotels, we were with this restaurant that is of Monday Saturday open and that closes Sundays. In addition it has menus for groups and companies. Account, in addition, with a Micheln star from the 2009.Its price oscillates between the 70 Euros and the 90 Euros. Restaurant for special occasions.Account also with page Web: and you already know, from Legendary Valencia, we recommended to always call and to reserve to you.

Restaurant L Oceanografic In the superb City of the Arts and Sciences of Valencia, we found this elegant restaurants valence, where we will be surrounded by marine species of all type while we enjoyed our company and a great evening. Its price oscillates between the 40 Euros and the 65 Euros. Who does not want to share a great night surrounded by fish in an original atmosphere. Located in center of the city we were with this restaurant-pizzeria that, according to its page Web, prepares something interesting for the Day of San Valentin, you can throw a look here: . You will find several workable forms of contact and their days. Perhaps not as romantic as previous, but the worthy one to try if they prepare a surprise to you in that so special day, truth?Its price oscillates between the 8 Euros and the 35 Euros, according to seais company or no.

Almud restaurant In the Hotel Vincci LYS, we were this restaurants of valence, that in addition counts on a superb location: it is in the centric district of Sant Francesc, near the Station of the North and of one of the most commercial streets, Cristbal Columbus. Their plates are traditional with an author touch and an excellent maridaje enters wine and food. In addition, by San Valentin they have a discount of 30%.Its price oscillates between the 13 Euros and the 20 Euros. Apicius restaurant In the Eolo street number 7, in the Place of the Real one, we were this restaurant of innovating kitchen and a selection and personnel wine letter. Maximum level with a relation superb quality-price, by San Valentin counts on a special price of 38 Euros by person and, as always, a number to reserve: 963. 936. 301. We left to the page Web you so that you throw a look to him.And this is everything in as special occasion as he is San Valentin, you enjoy much and you remember, you do not stop visiting Valencia nor to recommend it to your friendships.


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Italian, Greek, Tunisian Restaurants

Posted by laurapayne on May 13, 2012 in News

This restaurant of Italian, Greek and Tunisian kitchen left a Chinese sensation me: bittersweet. And it is that a theory was confirmed pilgrim that I have according to which to the sites it would only be necessary to go once: If you do not like, the normal thing is not to repeat the bad experience If you like, the normal thing is not to repeat so that the good memory does not spoil And I failed to fulfill that rule and had dinner there twice followed. It looks for in and me top with this restaurant, the first day when arriving the proprietor said to me: it happens, this is your house. And it tried to me extraordinarily well until the point of which it did not concern too much to me what it gave me to eat. By the way, cous was cous normalito and an excellent Tunisian dessert to which Jalvas called. Before beginning it put to me just a little bit of bread with pat, a little garlic sausage and olives for the delay of cous cous, and it was explaining me some things of Tunisia and a short period that was with autocaravana by Catalonia. Also it recited some things to me related to San Agustn and the Tower of Babel.

The second day, however, was when I really felt like in house because I almost must go I myself to the kitchen to do dinner to me. It was put to speak with other clients and there was no tentempi for my, although yes for the other three tables. Finally lasaa served one to me (it was good) and I already stopped existing: neither to retire the plate, nor to ask if it wanted dessert, coffee nothing. While it hoped in vain went oyendo like the same histories of San Agustn and the Tower of Babel that had to me counted the previous night told them to which that day meritted their attention. I believed to have found a restaurant amiable and it really was in a thematic park. In summary, it is a recommended place. But only the first time. If you want to find better restaurants in Santiago de Compostela, or all Spain, better it enters and reserve online.

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