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Velasco Carretero

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 31, 2016 in News

When I was small I remember being surrounded by, on many occasions, dogs and cats. Jenny (a happy dog), poison (fierce, died of rabies), Boby (typical modoso dog), ruffian (still sees me the scar of his bite on my arm, not put me vaccine or anything because I not confessed the incident), are names that sound in the attic of my brain, similar to the image of the German Shepherd of my absent brother (was doing the Mili)going up the stairs towards his room. As for cats, have respected them much but they to me not; I still perceive their bodies rubbing by my ankles, their games, their purrs, her looks. In the year 2006 I woke up suddenly all these natural and beautiful sensations that these animals gave me in my childhood. A friend, who was changing House, brought me a German Shepherd, Thais, while it was new home (housing where live has a large kennel, with its courtyard and everything; the previous owner was a lover of animals). I learned what it means pedigree and history of German shepherds. The German Shepherd is a dog of guard, which helped to drive herds.

It is a breed that is born from crosses of other races more ancient, extinct, of shepherds. It has an excellent: resistance to cold and heat, living in the home, smell, etc. What has most impressed me is his intelligence, his extraordinary memory, reaction and security capacity and its tolerance to strangers (which I lack of aggressiveness in case of burglary). True bitch, was three years old, had been trained and had already won some awards and everything, but I was stunned as instantly assimilated the instructions from my friend: Here you sleep, here comes, here babies, here the rest of your physiological needs, here you enter, these are the people you have to take care of, was complete. Not he barked as the neighbors dogs, looked into the eyes of a special form, it seems as if he understood what he said. I walked by the scarce square meters of plot and accompanied me as did Boby, Jenny, poison, was happy. Felt by the couple of wild black cats who lived at ease through the garden, to which they respect and protection, those who perceive as the cats of my first years do or would be so intelligent and responsive, Thais, who lived with them? So it was.

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Safe Car

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 21, 2016 in News

A year is more on the verge of finishing; the days colds are made, the schools are prepared to suspend courses and the streets begin to illuminate with lights of all colors already almost is Christmas. At this time one gets used to making meetings familiar or celebrations between dear beings and that for one or the other reason is had separated during the rest of the year and often it implies trips to distant places with the promise of a warm welcome. Although it is certain that the vacations of winter have a more familiar sense (unlike those of summer, for example), this does not mean that the alcohol consumption falls, with the consequent risks that this can imply for numerous conductors and, in some cases, for whole families. Therefore it is that the insuring companies have created packages of insurances adapted at the protection level that wants to occur him to its car, its person, her family and to third parties. At this time it would be a good moment to ask for information to the insurers of his area, so that it knows the types car insurances available, its important cover and other details, so that it can choose but suitable for his needs and budget. Speaking of car insurances you already must know that numerous plans offered by all the insurers of the market exist, and that sometimes turns out tedious the process to review one by one of them, so that he is useful to know the tools that help him to compare them of fast way and in a single place. This type of realises them Now to comparisons Safe, through its Web site.

With only filling to a form with some initial datas like its postal code or zip, for example; once fact this, you will have access to a list of insuring companies in his area, offering to him of fast and practical way all the information on the type of insurance or insurance of car that is of their interest. Additionally you will have in the screen of his computer a comparative one between different plans from insurances and different insuring, allowing him to choose certainly better she adapts to his needs and with the most competitive price. In this moment still lacks a little more a month for the arrival of Christmas, and you are in time to look for a car insurance that she protects to him to you and his beings loved during these celebrations, and even throughout the year or the whole life. We invited to him to enter our page specialized Web obtaining recent and reliable data of insuring or insurances car for you.

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Docklands Port Restaurant

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 19, 2016 in News

Docklands port restaurant & bistro Mazagon Mazagon Avda conquerors Marina s/n 21130 MAZAGON HUELVA restaurant Docklans Puerto is located in the Marina of Mazagon, within its area of leisure and next to the shore, where lie countless sailing ships and yachts that visit this beautiful seaside resort, a few kilometers from Huelva and Punta Umbria. Come and enjoy a privileged environment surrounded by nature next to the Donana National Park, and within walking distance of the Columbus places par excellence: La Rabida, Palos and Moguer. Try its specialities of fresh fish from the coast, the typical fried fish, and its dishes, menus, or caps. Easy access, parking, excellent views, areas and a large terrace facing the sea, where you will find the best atmosphere of Mazagon both day and night. Are you going to lose?. RESERVATIONS: 959 37 74 38 and 679 113 196 cards accepted: Visa, Master, Eurocard and Amex. OPEN year-round schedules to the public: from 08.00 hours to closing capacity : 40 Diners in lounge, more 120 in outdoor terrace click on each photo to enlarge


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Asian Tillmann

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Yacht Harbour residence High Dune: High Award for ‘The butt’ multi-award-winning Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune, Rostock Warnemunde is proud of their latest award: the butt, the gourmet cuisine created by Chef and Chef Tillmann Hahn, was of the guide team of the big restaurant & hotel guide 2011 “voted restaurant of the year 2011 for Germany. With the butt”a flagship format leads the kulinari-sche fleet of the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune. The harmonious interplay of large Ku-che, cosmopolitan lifestyle, excellent wine culture and perfect service is impressive”, so the enthusiastic rating of the jurors. Tillmann cock leaves like trodden paths of gastronomy. In the gourmet restaurant the butt he takes guests on a culinary world tour and brings flavors of Mediterranean and Asian on the Baltic Sea coast.

Already at the beginning of one evening, he surprised with twelve different salt varieties, from which guests can choose their favorites. As kitchen Director is competent and responsible Tillmann cock for the butt, but not only, but also for the other 10 restaurants, bars and Cafes in the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune. Who would prefer private dinner despite the large selection of restaurants, can make his wish menu Tillmann also in the exclusive setting of a private yacht to prepare tap and serve. Furthermore, Tillmann is cock leading in the slow food movement of the region and the establishment of the initiative rural fine”, which was presented in October in Rostock. Reservation and information: Baltic Sea hotels-derbutt.html or by phone: 0381-50 40 0 will gladly send we give you free high resolution imagery to the Yacht Harbour residence High Dune to.


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Germany: Vegetarian Restaurants

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 18, 2016 in News

Estimated 8 million vegetarians in Germany during restaurant visits seeking meatless alternatives the info portal for vegetarian delivia provides since July 2007 addresses of restaurants in Germany together with vegetarian dishes are offered. In the analysis of websites of German guest facilities, the same, sad picture emerges again and again: come absent the meatless alternatives or boring standards that all offering from the freezer or the box. Chefs in Germany can conjure up while everything on the plate of the eel to the kids, what harmless vegetables but the arts of the chef in 99% of the restaurants of that fail the slaughter before the blade comes,”claim the makers of delivia. Monday misery, repeatedly falling over also the restaurant Tester Rach seems unfortunately widespread in Germany’s cooking shops. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Bertolini. LOHAS target group, with organic or maybe even with vegetarian claims? Germany’s dining card makers surrender and muster prefer sliced the table.

The analysis of restaurant menus shows a bleak picture: potato gratin, omelet or Rosti are the preferred, however dubious the average German chef vegetarian alternatives. Seasonal vegetables? It is as rare as Eskimo on the Ko. “Looking for alternatives is delivia again creative exceptions: such as the Frankfurt star chef Mirkon Reeh and his in the November 2008 opened Reehstaurant” in the city of Frankfurt. Explained in an interview with delivia Reeh, who has toured with VOX in the cooking arena, the lack of commitment by his colleagues at vegetarian alternatives: many cooks just nix on the hat with the vegetarian cuisine, also therefore don’t worry, as you can cook vegetarian refined themselves, and put thus also no vegetarian dishes on the menu. What I do in the Reehstaurant: small subtleties to search, where to make something interesting, appealing on the table as a chef for the vegetarians. I am now very specifically, developing these dishes so the dishes really special.” How varied a pro takes vegetarian dishes on the map, Reeh and his team show in the restaurant and cooking school. Four to six cooking classes per year devoted to the topics of meatless cooking, the restaurant offers a vegetarian option with each course actually a nice example of how it could be anywhere. Feel good food”instead of supplements frustration: find delivia really professionally and in Germany’s kitchen worth emulating. With Mirko Reeh and recipes for extraordinary vegetarian creations, you can find the complete interview at Thomas Leif

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Bayer Restaurant

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 17, 2016 in News

Fiscally sponsored staff catering is becoming increasingly important Frankfurt/Bremen, 9 October 2009. The German tax consultant Guild meets 32nd German tax consultant day, which takes place this year from 19 to 21 October 2009 in Bremen. In the Chamber of the Maritim Hotel & Congress Centrum Bremen tax issues are highlighted here on numerous lectures. The range extends from the sales tax, to tax aspects of corporate succession, evaluation questions on capital income and the taxation of pensions. Tax Consulting provides values of the three-day tax Congress is under the motto keep values master future! “.” On the opening day Prof.

Dr. Rita Sussmuth, President of the Bundestag, a.D., is matching keep the lecture. The meeting will be opened by the new President of the German Association of tax advisors (DStV e.V.), Hans-Christoph Seewald. Sodexo is a partner of the German Association of tax advisors DStV is partner of the DStV Sodexo for four years and is the Sodexo at the trade exhibition in the framework of the German tax consultant tags Pass present restaurant. With the restaurant cheques issued by the market leader, companies can easily especially benefited from the Government-funded staff catering. The cooperation with the German Association of tax advisors helps us to make our services understand the tax benefits”, says George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager for Sodexo.

German income tax law allows abgabenfreies Nettoplus with dining cheques which German wage tax law regulates that employers up to 1.282,60 Euro tax-free can get employees per year with restaurant checks. The net pay of the employee can be extremely efficient increase because no taxes and social security contributions. In particular, small and medium-sized companies benefit from the Sodexo check solution. Because they often have no own canteen, the employees can eat flexibly with the Sodexo restaurant checks. About Sodexo pass the Sodexho pass GmbH is a subsidiary of Sodexo, the world’s largest Provider of catering and services. Around 375,000 Sodexo employees for 30,800 clients are active in more than 80 countries. Group sales amounted to 2007/2008 13.6 billion euro in the fiscal year. The area of service vouchers and cards has a significant role for Sodexo: as the market leader, the number of the operability check user in Germany on 250,000 amounted, worldwide there are 25.6 million. Sodexho pass operates five regional offices throughout Germany. The head office is in Frankfurt am Main. The company offers customers tailor-made individual full service: from ordering, delivery and customer support. This is the Sodexo restaurant pass, as cashless lunch allowance, the main business area. A wide variety of redeem for the restaurant is the 9,000 corporate customers, including Dresdner Bank, Lufthansa, Bayer, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Daimler or TUI, and many medium-sized companies, pass available. Over 30,000 partners for example, restaurants like MAREDO or North Sea, as well as numerous supermarket chains such as Edeka, Kaufland, include real and REWE. In addition local bakers or butchers belong to the root of the acceptance points. Press contact Sodexho pass GmbH George Wyrwoll of Russelsheim str.

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Posted by laurapayne on Aug 17, 2016 in News

Many restaurants already have a user on twitter, do you have a restaurant and you don’t have an account on twitter?. Twitter platform is a place a means of communication to get close to your customers and future customers, there is no specific rule do so but if being creative in any sense to offer your services to the customer and can visit your premises, also applies that Twitter can you recommend a restaurant that have been satisfied and also views as negative is why namely to treat well the customer because a customer satisfied always discuss how badly had the service in-House that could be yours. do not you think?. Connection is direct on twitter as well as fast using the right applications, if you don’t know how to use twitter is very easy, that with practice will learn in any case if your as owner don’t have time to use twitter would be convenient to have a wizard so that you can be permanent and be able to offer different dishes on the menu in the day or promotions that would offer and thus may have clients new and fixed another advantage that you could get on twitter it is new information to apply in the restaurant, a bar or liquor store; the same people give suggestions to improve service and dishes that could offer. A way to call the antecion in my opinion is to send pictures on twitter, undoubtedly adore you people see their favorite dishes and obviously antojoran the palate so that they can go to that local is published both on twitter posting such information on twitter also helps dissemination of travel way and can generate customers abroad and when they decide to come to the country already have knowledge of the restaurant that they learned via twitter either recommend the place to other tourists.

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Republic Cookery

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 13, 2016 in News

Cooking styles in the TV – nothing for vegetarians? “It is already a great spectacle, which mean the five restaurants of the series restaurant” provide the viewers. Additional information is available at Intel. Tonight, the decision is probably announced which team first must shut down the store. A decision has already been made: as a vegetarian’s serves no purpose to participate in the vote. Because of the Bambi to the Seabass everything on the table of the restaurants but no alternative for vegetarians. This is not surprising, but rather sad reality. “, the Internet portal for vegetarian gourmet, encounters the research in vegetarian offerings on Germany’s menus rarely chefs or restaurant owners, the word vegetarian ‘ can write at all. This is an interesting picture of the German gastronomic scene. Starting point of viewing the elevations of Adressdatenspezialisten are Schober.

According to census in Schober, there are (estimated) 138,000 restaurants and restaurants in Germany. Proud number, as can we us lucky we are well supplied, if the kitchen is even cold. Do you know what is the proportion of restaurants serving purely vegetarian cuisine? Almost one-thousand because there currently Republic far less than 150 restaurants offering exclusively vegetarian dishes. So just detectable using mathematical methods. On the other is a growing number of people, who deliberately avoid their diet meat in Germany currently estimated eight million. Potential verpennt? Misses a potential lying fallow because an entire industry? That seems to be most exactly.

The reason: Convenience. It is convenient to create a cheap piece of meat in hot oil. Once to turn. And then to serve as a steak. Five minutes. And little work. The leading stars of the TV cooking show after all. Vegetarian cuisine, no case for the cookery pros. Cooking with fresh vegetables of the season seems to be a challenge, however, the sure the most chefs with or without Stern dislikes. Hardly, given the quality of traditional pubs that already rely on convenience items and cheap meat, to then the life as simple as possible to make it surprising that cooking with vegetables has virtually no chance in the profit-oriented kitchens of the country. A fact that is underlined in the current cooking styles in the TV. Avanti, cookery pros conclusion for vegetarians: vote for my restaurant just 50 cent, save and call. And hope that the cookery pros from time to time are, what you so everything on the table can conjure up with vegetables.

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TecCat Webshop Launched

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 12, 2016 in News

Shop software created a unique solution for the automotive aftermarket (AIM) through the symbiosis of the apt-webshop system and the TecCat information subsystem of DVSE GmbH, Member of the TOP themes group, to build an online car parts trade quickly and conveniently. The TecCat Web shop is a product for car-parts trade. The integrated information subsystem for DVSE provides a quick selection this about 2.5 million articles with nearly 1,000,000 images for over 19,000 cars & 6,000 commercial vehicles. Quick and easy parts are identified by OE number search and direct search. The vehicle identification is by means of the KBA number or other national codes.

Also adjustments are possible for the user, the feed can be offered by dealer part number and discount prices. The basic functions for an exclusive online trading are provided through the apt-webshop system in the TecCat Web shop. In the latest version (4401) of the apt-webshop system the legal conditions already exist. Is the apt-webshop system already for trusted shops (the leading seal of approval for online shops in Europe is trusted shops shopping portal with free money back guarantee for consumers) from certified. All information to the TecCat Web shop at

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Instead Of Blue Haze: The Own Dreams Come True

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 7, 2016 in News

Instead of blue haze: The own dreams Munich, may 5, 2008. The World Health Organization urges WHO to the world no tobacco day on May 31. Who on the occasion takes this day and finally solves from the Ciggy, has only advantages: a healthier life and more money in your pocket. The money saved and the physical fitness to win can now use new non-smoking to the long cherished dreams. MYDAYS, Germany’s largest brokers of experience, shows how it’s done. Got a light?”a man on fire instead of a cigarette lichterloh once different here. There, two evil villains give battle bis aufs Blut. But everything just for show! When the MYDAYS Stuntman workshop “action-loving would-be heroes or-Bosewichte learn what matters with spectacular scenes.

Who now has the sufficient steam as freshly baked non-smoking and has long dreamed to meet even the tricks of the stuntmen, treats herself to the exceptional experience. Price: from 99,-EUR or 25 boxes Cigarettes sweet truck light some or one reaches for the successful smoking cessation to the chocolate. But why just eat the sweet sin, if can be pampered from head to toe? Of smoking abstinence, the sweet tooth under the new non-smokers with a hot chocolate massage reward”from MYDAYS. The calming stimulus of chocolate spreads through the massage on the skin, is released in the body hormones of happiness and gives youthful freshness to the skin. Price: from 69,-EUR or 17 packs of cigarettes drums instead of smoking smoking is often the stress management. While there is much healthier ways to get his energy pent up space.

“For example, with a MYDAYS drum workshop”. Rather than settle with the blue haze, this experience offers the possibility to let frustration and anger out and really get on the timpani. At the end of the workshop, the would-be drummer knows how it is played the distinctive snare and bass sounds a true Peruvian Cajon. Price: from 69,-EUR or 17 packs of cigarettes MYDAYS experience you get. As Germany’s largest Erlebnisvermarkter MYDAYS offers more than 600 experiences in eleven categories of experience at over 2,600 locations in German-speaking countries. MYDAYS experiences can be used as exceptional gift, attractive incentive and bonus program or for personal use. The sales of the products is carried out via the website and through the 1,000 connected travel agents. Since October 2005 MYDAYS is certified by TuV Sud as a first experience – and Incentivevermarkter with a safer shopping seal. The company was on August 1, 2003 by the former Bertelsmann Manager Fabrice Schmidt, the MBA Alexander Lasslop industrial engineer and the engineer Thomas Sohn founded. In April 2008, MYDAYS successfully expanded into Spain, other countries follow. Press contact: brand gold PR GmbH Manja Buschewski T + 49 (0) 30 219 159 60 F + 49 (0) 30 219 139 69 E: MYDAYS GmbH Claudia Muhlbauer T + 49 (0) 89 76 77 60 86 F + 49 (0) 89 76 77 60 25 E:


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