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Electronic Security Solutions

Posted by laurapayne on Apr 2, 2019 in News

ADT, multinational specialized in electronic security solutions, has chosen mundoFranquicia Consulting to develop their business concept in Spain. This is a multinational company founded in 1874 in the United States.UU. currently it provides security benefits to households and businesses worldwide. The company provides surveillance services to its customers, thereby seeking the loyalty of them. This aspect will be the company’s main asset, since it is a business in which uptake and subsequent maintenance is key to the expansion and effectiveness of the company. In our case and business model, the ADT authorized dealer will be devoted exclusively to attract customers and marketing packages offered from the headquarters, being exempted from any work in the fields of installation and after-sales maintenance since it is responsible for the central.

Franchise investment is 9.995 euros most civil works of a room of 40 square meters and the concept is mainly focused on the Distributor/Agent in mode of I self-employment, although not only investors profiles, wishing to obtain an extra return with another line of business, explains Santiago Martin Carrancio, Small & Dealers Sales Director of the ADT company are discarded. For his part, mundoFranquicia will be responsible for the search of candidates throughout the national territory to be part of this network with 7.5 million customers and more than 500 offices around the world. mundoFranquicia is a company specialized in doing consultancy of the highest quality for all organizations that see a suitable formula for business and growth in the franchise. Through his special attention to the customer and a methodology widely proven in a large number of projects, they work to develop successful companies in its expansive franchise processes, fostering the skills of their structures and to collaborate actively in the exercise of their functions franchisers. mundoFranquicia Consulting has advised nearly 400 franchisers since its establishment as a specialized firm, what makes that the signature is one of the highest growth and penetration in its field of activity. Made in our consultancy franchise is a franchise with unmistakable signs of identity. Franchises prepared, organized and ready to grow.

We can work with the same client company in very diverse specializations. Precisely, our service structure is designed to meet different needs of the configuration of the franchise or its expansion, explains his general manager, Mariano Alonso. mundoFranquicia Consulting is a company specialized in doing consultancy of the highest quality for all organizations that see a suitable formula for business and growth in the franchise. Through his special attention to the customer and a methodology widely proven in a large number of projects, they work to develop successful companies in its expansive processes in franchise.


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Docklands Port Restaurant

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 19, 2016 in News

Docklands port restaurant & bistro Mazagon Mazagon Avda conquerors Marina s/n 21130 MAZAGON HUELVA restaurant Docklans Puerto is located in the Marina of Mazagon, within its area of leisure and next to the shore, where lie countless sailing ships and yachts that visit this beautiful seaside resort, a few kilometers from Huelva and Punta Umbria. Come and enjoy a privileged environment surrounded by nature next to the Donana National Park, and within walking distance of the Columbus places par excellence: La Rabida, Palos and Moguer. Try its specialities of fresh fish from the coast, the typical fried fish, and its dishes, menus, or caps. Easy access, parking, excellent views, areas and a large terrace facing the sea, where you will find the best atmosphere of Mazagon both day and night. Are you going to lose?. RESERVATIONS: 959 37 74 38 and 679 113 196 cards accepted: Visa, Master, Eurocard and Amex. OPEN year-round schedules to the public: from 08.00 hours to closing capacity : 40 Diners in lounge, more 120 in outdoor terrace click on each photo to enlarge


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Manager Program

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 21, 2013 in News

The new edition of manages franchise, the program broadcast every Tuesday from 11.30 on Gestiona Radio, had as protagonists to the recycling of consumables for printing Color Plus teaches, and Bodega La Pitarra, restoration of Andalusian inspiration chain. One of the founders of the first, Antonio Hernandez, was commissioned to explain a business concept, originally from Aragon, who in less than three years has already reached 20 establishments in Spain. For this businessman, the main feature that differentiates this franchise from the competition is the training of franchisees if there’s something important about a business is not having a good image at the beginning, which is very important, but that is not good if there is nothing behind. After this intervention the turn came to Alfonso Fernandez, director of expansion of Bodega La Pitarra, comment on the peculiarities of this restoration franchise. In the words of his Manager, the added value of this Ensign based on the typical tapas Andalusian and Extremaduran is that customer leave satisfied of what has been paid with what you have eaten, and for that we have three basic pillars: quality, quantity and good price. The origin of the brand is situated in Seville in 1993, and after begin franchising in 2010 already has 10 stores open, the last of them opened in Madrid. The program led by Jose Ramon Inguanzo and Jaime Parrondo journalists also featured its usual space today, making a review of the developments in the world of franchising: the new line of business for airports and stations launched by Comess Group; the agreement between the Portuguese h3 and Grupo Vips hamburger Ensign; the analysis published by the sectoral DBK consulting on the food distribution sector; the new product on the Nails 4 Us, the Ultimate permanent enamel chain; the appointment of a new Director general for Pressto; and the renewal of the contract between SEUR and Hewlett Packard. Listen to program (can download the audio file by clicking the link (with the right mouse button and choosing the option Save target).

Manages Radio is a radio chain attached to the Group COPE, which emits a programming specialized in economic information since 2009. Currently, manages Radio have dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and FM 108.0), Valencia (100.7 FM), Seville (90.8 FM), Zaragoza (98.3 FM), Malaga (98.5 FM), Bilbao (107.9 FM), Valladolid (88.9 FM) in brief points of the dial in other provincial capitals are added.


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