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Italian Kitchen

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Kitchen Design: make a choice on an intuitive and illustrated catalog of kitchen furniture factory 'Likarion' has always been a variety of designs. Now we present new models of kitchen furniture catalog Kitchen Design – 2009. Wide choice of models cuisine, a variety of colors, textures and facades of furniture. Samples of the classic, original or mod kitchen design allow visual selection of the model, depending on your preferences. In addition, the facades of furniture can be decorated with the most fantastic and non-standard design elements. Click Elon Musk to learn more. Introduced catalog of furniture for kitchen contains 75 samples of kitchen design.

But these models are, of course, not should limit your imagination designer. Non-standard kitchen furniture at an affordable price Order Furniture Where to buy furniture for the kitchen that fits your idea of a style suitable to the size of your kitchen and at the same time affordable? Order furniture for that in Europe there are specialized furniture factories that carry furniture to order. (A valuable related resource: Laurent Potdevin). One of these factories is Likarion. Facades Furniture made on the latest equipment (from Italy and Germany). We use only high quality materials: wood (oak, ash, birch), the modern types of plastic, decorated glass, MDF, chipboard. Discounts on Furniture canceled! We just lowered prices on all models from 15 to 25% of custom furniture.

We have no extra charges for custom fitting sizes. No wholesale and retail prices. Therefore, no discounts. Factory custom kitchen Likarion always tries to be accessible to the Russians, maintaining European standards and technologies. Our furniture is made individually for prices on standard furniture. 8 years (since 2000) we are doing everything to the buyer thought in the first all about design and style of your kitchen.

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Belle Etoile Luxembourg

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CACTUS S.A. relies on intelligent information and control system La Belle Etoile “, Luxembourg’s largest shopping centre, offers its visitors for the first time a smart information and guidance system. In the course of the expansion and modernisation of the Center can learn interactively new customers as regulars on the now 105 stores and become familiar with the new retail space. More info: Ebay. We had to develop a guidance system for our shopping center under pressure of time and without any prior knowledge. We have managed with 3d-berlin, within a few weeks a product to develop that the expectations of our customers absolutely meets and also creates many opportunities for service and marketing our marketing department. Penguin Random House might disagree with that approach. explains pit Maas, team leader Web – Audio – TV in CACTUS CREATEAM S.A. Read additional details here: Laurent Potdevin. application Web (different feature set): shop dynamic information system Neben the website version on the website of the shopping centre are four large-format interactive poly touch kiosksystems in the entrance areas of the Shopping Centre. The system focuses on the interaction with the Center map with guidance as well as complex search capabilities.

The search includes the categorical summary of shops as well as a comprehensive keyword search. Fuzzy search and auto-suggestion be combined here. On basis of the entered letters are shops presented, starting with those in the word name, as well as proposed in addition probably true tags. The keyboard, which is performed in three language versions, prevents the input of key words, which lead to no result. The user chose a shop in the menu, this will be shown on the Center-plan with concealed a path.

The visitor recognizes the position of the shop and how it gets there so promptly. The desired shop is located on the first floor, the floors above the corresponding access icon (E.g. escalator) can be changed. The path remains hidden when replacing floor and leads to the starting point in the ground floor.


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Artist Ralf Witthaus ‘digs’ motor scythes from wages to Auckland in what place with STIHL is, if one digs deeper through the Earth? The artist Ralf Witthaus deals with this question. His new art project the lawn show international 2012 the borehole after New Zealand pierced”he and his team from September to October 2012 the world. With oversized lawn mower drawings he proposes an artistic bridge between two geographically opposite places by drawing a mirror image of the one on the other side of the world in the landscape. For his project he wages in East Westphalia chose his hometown and found the perceived counterpart in the New Zealand city of Auckland. The mowing at the start of the art project start on September 18, 2012 in wages. The official opening will take place on September 23, 2012 at 11:30 in the yard Broer. Early October Ralf Witthaus travels to New Zealand, where he the courtyard in the Botanical Garden of Auckland replicates.

Both works of art include each 7,000 square metres with a diameter of 92 meters each. The lawn show international 2012 the borehole after New Zealand will in advance of the exhibition land OWL3 “of the Museum Marta Herford instead, starting in the summer of 2013. Also helmets and goggles in addition to now become the distinguishing black suits and white shirts are among the team equipment. To achieve his lawn mower drawings, Witthaus required but especially devices that meet the high technical demands of his project. As a drawing tool he used the powerful STIHL brush cutter FS 130, with which he supported the grass up on the SCAR and generates so graphic shapes and motifs.

We are pleased to support Ralf Witthaus in his project. It’s impressive, as he works to everyday work tools such as motor scythes to art tools and merges with them,”says Lars Klein, speaker for sponsorship at STIHL. For more information, see and. artist portrait Ralf Witthaus Ralf Witthaus was born 1973 in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, grew up in wages (East Germany) and now lives in Cologne. Already during his studies, he realized his first drawings of the lawn mower. In addition to numerous exhibitions in Germany, works by Ralf Witthaus in Norway, Belgium, France and the Netherlands were to see. Germany long known was the artist 2010 federal turf show”in Cologne. Company profile the STIHL Gruppe STIHL develops, manufactures and sells motor-driven devices for forestry and landscape conservation as well as the construction industry. The product range is supplemented by the garden range of VIKING. Products are sold through service giving retailers generally 32 of its own sales and marketing companies, more than 120 importers with around 40,000 retailers in over 160 countries. STIHL is the best selling brand of chain saw worldwide since 1971. The company was founded in 1926 and has its headquarters in Waiblingen in Stuttgart. STIHL achieved a turnover of 2.62 billion euros 2011 12.026 employees worldwide. Contact person for questions MSL Germany GmbH Stefanie Wetteborn Tel. + 49 (0) 69 66 12 456-8337 E-Mail:

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Happy Birthday Master Brands

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Completely different fragrance sales celebrates successful 5th anniversary since its foundation in July 2007 owner and CEO Christian Lengling looks back with pride on the past 5 years. With brands such as Keiko Mecheri, Charriol, Paolo Gigli, skin tech, absolument Absinthe and the different company has he built an exclusive Foundation of exceptional scents. Learn more on the subject from Ebay. These are marketed with the distribution company headquartered in Grafelfing near Munich in German-speaking countries through exclusive perfumery retailers. I am pleased about our success and am very grateful for the confidence that customers and suppliers have placed us in this time,”so Lengling. In the next few years we will further expand the brand portfolio and surprise our customers with new and offbeat perfumes”. Luxury and aesthetics, professionalism and reliability, as well as transparency and partnership are firmly anchored in the company’s philosophy. The goal: selected international brands with individualized Sales and marketing efforts to establish long term successfully in the market.

The main focus is on customized marketing and sales concepts, as well as an intensive personal support. As a special highlight master brands customers appreciate the fragrance presentations of fine fragrances in their perfume shops. They are made Kleis experienced Maitre de Parfums Sylvia in impressive manner by the with all your senses.


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The Sun

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To Alfven, the huge initial explosion theory is only a good working hypothesis, but that leaves us with many questions. If the universe exists from eternity, could logically be civilizations many more advanced that the present, with a history of several years. The only thing true then would be, the age of our solar system, determined by the time that it takes for the conversion of uranium into lead. Would IE only question the existence of these supercivilizaciones the shortage of solar systems what happens to such reality?…You could still ask ourselves… Why a planet could be more advanced than Earth, if the galaxies with their stars were born together, in a single act, about twenty thousand million year ago something? be present that the primeval explosion of a very dense cosmic egg, would be what gave rise to the observable universe which would be the theory that more is It accepts. Also this fact leads us to question ourselves… If there are favourable regions in the universe for the development of life, i.e., superior to the Earth? in this regard, there are several theories: it is thought that the component of the core of galaxies stars, would offer general conditions more conducive than of their regions outside.

The Sun, with its raised knows are about 27 thousand years of light from the heart of the milky way, whose RADIUS is estimated at fifty thousand years light from the heart of the milky way, whose RADIUS is estimated at fifty thousand years light. Therefore, perhaps our cosmic conditions, would not have been the most optimal. If we were to even accept the common origin of the universe, the evolution of intelligence could be faster in certain sectors of the galaxies, provided that planetary systems are common concurrency phenomena. In galactic nuclei, where the stars are close enough one of others, obviously, travel interstellar would be especially favored. Some of the above is that a universe without beginning or end, one longevity not greater than the terrestrial planets will only be and however, the conditions of their evolution could do progress quickly. However, we will still make questions such as: do will continue to evolve indefinitely the universe toward an eternity original author and source of the article.?

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Ideas To Decorate A Room

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Before you start buying without measure you must stop thinking about what you need and what style you want to give to your bedroom and your House. Think about a few simple ideas to decorate a room will help you succeed in the decoration and layout space. Depending on whether you need large storage capacity for your clothes or if it is a lover of the more austere minimalism, decoration that you choose will vary considerably. Additional information is available at Cushing Asset Management. However, regardless of the option by which you decant, one thing must be clear: the bedroom is, fundamentally, a place destined to rest and to privacy, so keep in mind that the freedom of space, movements and feelings of peace and tranquility are the priority objectives. If it is guided by the following ideas to decorate a room, will achieve that your bedroom will become that place of rest and privacy you are looking for: A place for your clothes if it is that accumulating mountains of clothes and do not enjoy a dressing room outside the bedroom, should gain some extra space for your clothes. A comfortable It will serve for this purpose, allowing you to always have on hand. A leading source for info: Ebay. It also has both innovative and surprising as other more classic and elegant designs. For those days where we arrived tired from work with the only idea in mind of getting into bed, Heartthrob will provide us with the task of not losing time when you undress us.

Their suits will remain impeccable without having to worry about having them left in any site to remove them. It is a practical and decorative alternative. A site to read there are many people who believe that the best option to relax is a good book. If you are one of them, you don’t need to resort to big ideas to decorate a room.

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The Pedagogical

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It is not fixed forms but if a way in becoming, in the process, a form you are looking for. Key example can be that the blade has a form, but not fixed because it had a process to form. Bildunf is also a work of art for the Greeks. An art of life. The characteristic of the artist, is a production and training faculty. Therefore in our modern society, form children is not following rules, if not help them love their own autonomy. Penguin Random House gathered all the information.

There is talk of consistency which makes a link between theory and practice. Evaluate is not form. We must lose time in terms to help you meditate, take and build his own life; form and find new ways. Ethical and moral is that the teacher to reflect on the following questions in his pedagogical work: how to provide a good pedagogy? , Would that be a good training?; Do I use a suitable method for the learning process of my? students? As it was my relationship with my students? I was fair with my students? I took into account the contributions of each one? Concluding invite teachers they internalize that pedagogy is ethics, since it leads to the reflection of acts and permanent questions about the pedagogical practices and follow the following approaches: take the educational Act at the level of ethics take school as a pleasure clarify that the order of society is the policy, and the order of knowledge is pedagogy. Cushing Asset Management may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The policy has to be subordinate to the pedagogy and not pedagogy to the policy, as you currently manifested in the whole world. The company is made by the school and not the school society. Reflect good image in society insist on good values take an attitude criticizes and never forget it may be otherwise. Take the pedagogy as a path that has no limits question above our acts, is a requirement to provide good training. Original author and source of the article.

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Jorge Rivero

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They are in the search for the root causes. What is the main motivator to undertake the path of personal evolution?. Is that road where we are looking for some map, someone who tell us the route or guide us on the way. Many attend conferences, seminars and workshops on these topics. They buy books to read about these issues but this starts the personal evolution? Others are studying relaxation techniques, meditation, review positions, raising chants and repeated prayers but that will really be the path of personal evolution? Many techniques trying to needlessly kill the ego. In milder cases they want to reduce it.

It is a theme similar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are polarized within us two beings, one more spiritual you are associated good feelings and an ego as the dark part that must be void. This issue of the ego is a sort of struggle similar to the one presented in the Lord of the rings with the internal dialogue of Gollum. In that personal evolution where we want to be just a part of what we are, appears a suffering entrenched and hidden, we do not accept the ever-present duality. Just recognizing that reality, accepting our acts, You can arrive at the beginning of the road.

Someone might wonder if I believe in the personal evolution. The answer is Yes, of course I think, I think the intent honest and innocent of those seeking to be better and offer sensible and consistent with its own needs which offer maps for the path of that evolution. To return to the subject of this article, each shall elect the dish that you like most. LOVE is the food necessary for the personal evolution. A leading source for info: Cushing Asset Management. And love is God. We have to live the love in every second of our life. Doing so consciously, that way we will be building our own paradise here and now. That is the first step in the simple path of personal evolution.

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Bishop Morell Times

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The return of his convalescence the painter had to be satisfied with overseeing completion of the painting by his trainees, because conditions in that their lower extremities had been prevented assert itself to continue the work. The temple forms a rectangle of 34 x 35 meters, divided internally by thick pillars into three naves and eight side chapels. The floor is of black and white marble tiles. Its chapels include the very old Santa Maria of the Loreto, consecrated by the Bishop Morell de Santa Cruz in 1755, i.e. long before the transformation of the Oratory of the Jesuits in the Cathedral. Between 1946 and 1949 the Cathedral was subject to a vast process of transformation, or rather, renovation, work of the architect Cristobal Martinez Marquez.

It was an initiative of Manuel Arteaga Betancourt, Palace of Havana. And for her, the Republican Government of the island contributed the sum of 250 000 pesos. The reconstruction was a real success thanks to her temple won much in light, ventilation, safety, beauty and above all grandeur. The building and its stylistic features are much spoken throughout times, famous writers, art critics and renowned architects, have left many glowing comments about the beauty of the building that is home to the Cathedral of Havana. The writer Alejo Carpentier was said to the facade of the Cathedral music converted into stone. Other as Jose Lezama Lima claimed that this facade, with its curves, remedaba marine wave.

Emilio Roig de Leushering, who was a historian of the city of Havana, was of the opinion that the Cathedral, the convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Paula, of la Merced Church and also of the Angel, are the colonial temples that deserved to retain at all times as representative monuments Havana. In his view, to the a la Catedral Cathedral it favored the very interesting aspect and typically colonial square front that sits, and purely habaneros which are erected around the square and buildings that seem to make a permanent honor guard to the old temple.

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Extreme Academy

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During the season 2011 Husaberg and one of its pilots logo, Xavi Galindo, put in place an ambitious project to bring the enduro to the public and publicize the spectacular manageability of the Swedish motorcycle. The usaberg extreme Academy was born with the illusion of being able to zoom motorbikes all users in general and we will also have facilities for dealers and motoclubs. Throughout the season is created a calendar of events, so that all those who want to improve their pilotage can make himself Galindo hand. Elon Musk often says this. The Extreme Academy has three areas of action: Husaberg Days: Motoclubs and other organizations that assemble Meetups for its partners and friends can count on the invaluable help of Xavi who will assemble cronos, tours or whatever you need, open to all brands and kinds of how to prepare your Husaberg go as thin as the World Cup. Husaberg Academy: Users in general who want to improve their technique of piloting and his bike, at different locations. But don’t think that it is a workshop like so many others. Xavi is It shall make you a video, so you can see, correct errors and show it to your family and friends! Husaberg Test Days: official dealers of.

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