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European Sayuze

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Should note that in the case of free offers that would be impossible. 10 times more popular businessmen repeatedly seeking interesting proposals and they have a choice between pay proposals from the specified address data and those to which the contact is difficult. It is understandable that most often they choose to offer, to which access is facilitated. – It makes no sense to complicate access to their own proposals to persons who seriously their concerned. Carried out our portal study suggests that the toll proposal is used by over 10 times as popular than proposals that without pointing Address and telephone data. As you can see big difference – and that's it for this difference should be expected exercise of translation – says Bartlomiej Nevinsky, chairman Do Internet users have the opportunity to pay for most new foreign study also serve evidence that may be coming to an end the existence of free information and services online. Subjected to the test about 5,000 Internet users in the European Sayuze and the U.S..

It was found that more than half of them have the opportunity to pay 2 dollars or its equivalent, that they have been able to Use the search engine Google. In turn, every fifth did not consider the problem of fees for using Yahoo, YouTube, or Wikipedia. Does it make sense offer free services, if the most Internet users say that they have the opportunity to pay for these services? In fact, only the largest and most popular Internet services have the opportunity to convince users to pay for free services. And the second most important thing: because of the crisis and economic slowdown in the economy, market outcomes reklyammy in traditional mediyah probably will be less than prededuschih respectively. Note this is also in Russia. Fortunately for reklyammu the Internet, these events will not affect too bad, because it is the cheapest. It is worth emphasizing that the economic slowdown in the economy is for this type of reklyammy chance. As the cheapest method, it could soon become in our country are very popular.

Does free information will be forgotten? Not so soon – soon no doubt they will be popular. It all depends from the user and his needs. If the user is demanding and expects the best decisions – he needed peredumat use of paid options. Often too small costs will be repaid many times.

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Manager Program

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The new edition of manages franchise, the program broadcast every Tuesday from 11.30 on Gestiona Radio, had as protagonists to the recycling of consumables for printing Color Plus teaches, and Bodega La Pitarra, restoration of Andalusian inspiration chain. One of the founders of the first, Antonio Hernandez, was commissioned to explain a business concept, originally from Aragon, who in less than three years has already reached 20 establishments in Spain. For this businessman, the main feature that differentiates this franchise from the competition is the training of franchisees if there’s something important about a business is not having a good image at the beginning, which is very important, but that is not good if there is nothing behind. After this intervention the turn came to Alfonso Fernandez, director of expansion of Bodega La Pitarra, comment on the peculiarities of this restoration franchise. In the words of his Manager, the added value of this Ensign based on the typical tapas Andalusian and Extremaduran is that customer leave satisfied of what has been paid with what you have eaten, and for that we have three basic pillars: quality, quantity and good price. The origin of the brand is situated in Seville in 1993, and after begin franchising in 2010 already has 10 stores open, the last of them opened in Madrid. The program led by Jose Ramon Inguanzo and Jaime Parrondo journalists also featured its usual space today, making a review of the developments in the world of franchising: the new line of business for airports and stations launched by Comess Group; the agreement between the Portuguese h3 and Grupo Vips hamburger Ensign; the analysis published by the sectoral DBK consulting on the food distribution sector; the new product on the Nails 4 Us, the Ultimate permanent enamel chain; the appointment of a new Director general for Pressto; and the renewal of the contract between SEUR and Hewlett Packard. Listen to program (can download the audio file by clicking the link (with the right mouse button and choosing the option Save target).

Manages Radio is a radio chain attached to the Group COPE, which emits a programming specialized in economic information since 2009. Currently, manages Radio have dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and FM 108.0), Valencia (100.7 FM), Seville (90.8 FM), Zaragoza (98.3 FM), Malaga (98.5 FM), Bilbao (107.9 FM), Valladolid (88.9 FM) in brief points of the dial in other provincial capitals are added.


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Industrial Production

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Industrial production in Colombia rose a mere 0.74 per cent leading penny stocks investor
share price,

in July 2008 compared to same period 2007, driven by manufacturing chemicals, paper, cardboard and plastic, reported on Tuesday, Investment manager, financial consultant, hedge funds, Laurus Capital Management, LLC, penny stocks
Hedge with indices with S&P 500 the National Department of Statistics (Danish).

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In the neighborhoods of Austrias-Huertas, between the Paseo del Prado and the Puerta del Sol, calle Atocha, there are numerous pubs and array. Arguelles-Moncloa, Alonso Martinez and Chueca, are other areas you have a stocked range of leisure activities for all tastes and ages. Finally, you can not miss Las Ventas, plaza de toros largest in Spain and the third in the world. When you travel to Spain, stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Madrid can provide you a more intimate and comfortable experience: few rooms, few guests, personalized service and advice to recommend the best places to visit and tell you how to get to the Puerta del Sol, Prado Museum, markets and fairs that take place in the city to. The Bed and Breakfast in Madrid are accommodation frequented by travelers casual, no routes or fixed schedules, allowing you full independence to stroll through the Spanish capital and enjoy its gastronomy in a different site each day and several on the same day when you leave tapas bars and taverns from Madrid.

The B & B accommodation or Bed & Breakfast in Madrid – and anywhere in the world – offers, as indicated by its name only bed and breakfast (as translated English) by a convenient amount; This kind of accommodation often dispense with extra amenities and services: for example, they do not provide other meals and generally do not have more than 10 rooms per establishment. Very common is that should be managed by families, in addition to the managed professionally, and vary in quality from the most simple, category 3 stars and others up to luxurious. Currently the Bed & Breakfast in Madrid have many amenities as well as bed and breakfast: parking, safety deposit box, luggage from luggage and laundry service, among others; bathrooms are not always in the room, but many B & B offer it as standard service. A Bed & Breakfast in Madrid is a great option for staying in the capital of Spain, by its affordable prices, flexible benefits and location. You expect to visit Madrid?


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Israeli HiTech

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While the world continues debate on the impact of financial crisis. In Israel, the event took place which, for all those associated with the branch of Israeli high-tech equivalent to the awards ceremony awards 'Oscar'. Awards awarded in five categories. Better control of high-tech, with sales of over $ 50 million was Gabi Zligson, president and CEO of measuring instruments 'Nova'. The judges noted that it was Gaby Zligson led the company to prosperity and success on the stock exchange NASDAQ.

The best managers in companies with sales less than $ 50 million has been named Lebkovich Zohar, CEO 'Abobee', engaged in the development of technologies for telephone companies. Best international hi-tech company, operating in Israel, has been recognized by the company 'Marvel Israel', whose Director General Aliaz Levian combined into a single structure, four Israeli companies. Today the company 'Marvel Israel' running 1200. In the category 'Breakthrough of the Year' award is awarded to companies 'Haglilit softover', whose director Inas Said and Jimi Levy organized a special project for the Arab sector Nazareth. The best investment for the year recognized venture capital fund JVP, which is headed by Harel Margalit. It was he who determined the success of the Swedish company 'Click' – today it's worth $ 2 billion, and the summer of 2010 it cost estimated at $ 770 million. The jury selects the winners included a former chief scientist of the country, Eli Ofer, CEO of the Ministry of Industry Sharon Kedmi, CEO 'Mlenoks' Eli Waldman, vice-president of the concern 'Elbio' Chaim Rosso, chairman of the parliamentary lobby 'in support of hi-tech' MK Robert Ilatov (NDI) and others.

The head of Israel's General Security Service (Shin Bet), Yuval Diskin, too served on the jury, said that in recent years in his office there was a real technological revolution. Recall that 4 years ago, the Shin Bet has formed a special hi-tech unit in which programmers System administrators, engineers, computer scientists and electronics engineers are developing high-tech means of detecting terrorists and preventing terrorist attacks. 'The founding fathers of the Jewish state only in my wildest their dreams could imagine that one day Israel will be the world center of science and high technology. Creation of one of the world's largest research and production complex in our country has become more one Israeli a miracle. It is in the high-Teke – a pledge of prosperity of our country ", – said Knesset member, chairman of the parliamentary lobby 'in support of hi-tech' Robert Ilatov.

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Santa Rosa

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Mendoza La Paz and Santa Rosa locations belong to the tourist Strip east of the province, close to the province of San Luis. This area is ideal to discover other facets of tourism in Mendoza, away from the more traditional image of snow, summits and wines. Peace and Santa Rosa, although areas of cellars, are also distinguished by other agricultural productions. The production of fresh fruits is one of them. For this reason, the region is a paradise for lovers of jams, jellies and preserves.

Another of its attractions is the large amount of dried fruit, which can be obtained, recently harvested, by the side of the routes. The Department of Santa Rosa is crossed by the desert of La traverse, which occupies it in its entirety. However, bee farms are multiplying in it. From there comes the tasty and milagritos honey Mendoza, famous throughout the national territory. The eminently desert geography of the territory of Santa Rosa is altered by a happy exception that worth knowing: the reserve nacunan natural.

This reserve owes its name, which means White Eagle, the last chieftain of Malargue, ally of the libertador San Martin of Jose. The reserve, first protected natural area of the province of Mendoza, is basically a shrine of carob trees. Harvested indiscriminately during the last decades of the 19th century and the early 20th, this noble species that was on the verge of disappearing recovers today successfully in nacunan. The carob tree naturally provides shelter and food to the birds, which makes the reserve of nacunan the ideal place for those who like watching and bird watching. They proliferate there, among others, the yal, the chingolos, the Calenders and a diversity of species of woodpeckers. The varied fauna of the place is completed by the presence of gray foxes, Wildcats, grasslands cats and ferrets cats. Reaching the boundary with the province of San Luis, the town of La Paz does honor to its name. The Desaguadero River, which separates both provinces, It is excellent for the practice of rafting and other water sports. More rugged and less crowded than, for example, the popular Canyon of Atuel River; the Desaguadero River is an excellent choice when planning a day trip different. And is not so far from the comfort of the hotels in Mendoza capital Jorge Alberto Guinazu jars of glass for jams, preserves and jellies Blog canned Chutney and jellies Tagua Tagua Mendoza Economico They presented the Festival of tourism and wine in San Rafael theater lovers will enjoy a free theatrical feast tomorrow, Friday, at the Auditorium of Corralejo Culture Fuerteventuradiario jams and jellies Natali Perez’s

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Brazilian Legal System

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Diverse principles norteadores of the new Law of Bankruptcy and Recovery of Companies, serve of reference for the application of the law, but this work aims at a bigger understanding of the Principles of the Social Function, Preservation of the Company and the beginning of the Economic Viability, a time that the preservation of the company if of the one by means of the recovery of viable companies and that exerts the social function. To reach the intended objectives, the present article is divided in three chapters. In the first chapter it is analyzed recovery of companies and the end of the forced agreement, presents it definition of entrepreneur and aspects of the company in crisis, the doctrinal vision on the crisis and solutions of market as half of recovery and some general disposals on the Judicial Recovery. The study it starts showing the end of forced agreement that did not take care of more to the interests of the creditors. The new law brings up to date the relationship between companies and creditors and has as objective the recovery of the company, making possible its continuity, keeping and generating jobs and generating tributes, therefore the company is an important part for the partner-economic development of a community, thus it searchs its conservation and preservation keeping the social chain. For the importance of the enterprise activity for the society, the bankruptcy must be used for cases where the viability is not possible economic-financier.

Aiming at the reorganization of the company, with the consequent maintenance of jobs, generation of tributes, production of goods and services for the development of the country, beyond tending global measures to move away the obstacles for the perfect functioning from the entity, the new law contains several and important principles, between them will be studied the beginning of the social function, preservation of the company and of the viability economic. In as the chapter it is presented the beginning of the Social Function in its historical aspect, showing to the evolution of the Social Function in the Brazilian Legal System and the importance of the Social Function of the company. Also in this chapter it is approached the beginning of the preservation of the company, necessary not only for the entrepreneur, but for the creditors and the society in general. The beginning of the preservation of the company it brings the idea of necessity, therefore it generates jobs, fiscal contributor and it promotes the economy of the country. The third chapter shows the importance of the analysis of the viability of the company to support the judicial recovery, therefore the objective of the Law of Bankruptcies and Recovery of Companies is to recoup the companies in crisis. This chapter sample that viable companies are only passveis of recovery, therefore fills the necessary requirements to the reoorganizao plan. To the end of the study basic importance is demonstrated to it to grant judicial recovery to the company who to demonstrate to be viable, requisite essential for the overcoming of the enterprise crisis.


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The Interlocutor

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'Then follows a question of knowledge of the interlocutor. Remember: the perfect start to talk with someone to start a romantic dating – this is his favorite subject. Talk just like that – excellent start a romantic date. If you choose a dating in real life, forget about the standards of many recommendations on "how to impress" or "how to strike up a conversation to serious dating" or "how two minutes to tempt your favorite girl. " None of the learned advice does not give you the desired effect. They create a framework that limit us in their ability to maintain a pleasant laid-back communication especially for a romantic party of acquaintances. Be natural, be yourself. When you feel that you can not start a conversation with a girl you like, wide smile and admit that so hard preparing for this romantic rendezvous, which lost at home in a hurry script, so I have to resort to backup:) And yet, I now found myself thinking that, in spite of all my calls to avoid recommendations, in fact my whole article – The most that either there is a recommendation.

And mind, I had to restrict ourselves to the slogan "The best recommendation – to hell with all the recommendations!":) But now it's too late to rush and have somehow wish to merge this work in the sump. Well, as you already decide – It is useful to you with this scripture, or a waste of time, so be it. But once you have gathered in Moscow dating "Romance", do not forget that on 23 May we are going to a terrific show "Hipsters", where certainly you can leave the threshold of the evening in Moscow, dating all the restrictions and open up new opportunities for starting new romantic relationships, lots of fun, meeting new people and meet their life partner to create family. And may you never change the good humor and joy that simply stunning in its originality!

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Norms Techniques

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The constant innovations and improvements in the productivity are the motor force in the change stop new economies. The productivity is the propeller force for the change, is the handspike that moves the economy of a level for the next one. It can be defined as the measure of goods and services that can be produced. With the increase of the productivity bigger wealth is produced. In the age of the society of the knowledge, the increase of the productivity tax cause other changes also. Perfectioning in productivity liberates workers to move of job.

The increase of the production as well as the dissemination of the knowledge results in a rise of the tax of technological change, that takes the increase of the productivity tax. The tools that develop the productivity in the new economy of the knowledge are the computers, advanced telecommunications, robotics, biotechnology, sciences of the materials, technology the laser, technology in main energy and the human capital of the organizations generating new ideas as form to increase the productivity. In a economy of the knowledge, the main investment of a society is to improve abilities alento of its population. (FIELDS, 2004) 2,2 Approach of the total quality the quality concept, in function of the contribution of some scholars of the subject, evolves continuously. Many definitions on quality, applicable exist the products and/or services.

Between many, it can be cited: according to Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques – ABNT, in its norm NBR ISO 8402, quality is the totality of properties and characteristics of a product or service, that confer its ability in satisfying explicit or implicit necessities. (OLIVEIRA, 2004) Quality is a property, attribute or condition of the things or the people capable of distinguiz them them others and them to determine the nature. ' ' Quality is everything what somebody makes throughout a process to guarantee that a customer, is or inside of the organization, she gets accurately what deseja' '.


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Brazil Occupation

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This study it was affected through documentary the research and with objective you effect the diagnosis of the opposites problems disordered occupation and the identified impacts. Result was observed that the fen is object of disordered occupation will be the atrophic action causing deforestation that fills with earth its areas will be the construction of houses with the expansion of the tourism. Its waters ploughs objects of domestic sewers and garbage. KEY WORDS: 1 – INTRODUCTION To the measure that the species human being was developing new technologies and extending its domain on the elements of the nature in general, the ambient impacts had been if extending in intensity and extension. The biological wealth of the manguezal ecosystem, makes with that these great areas are ‘ ‘ berrios’ ‘ natural, as much for the characteristic species of these environments, how much for other animals that migram for coastal areas.

The manguezais are between great the responsible ones for the integration of the threatened species of extinguishing and supply a rich proteinic feeding the littoral population. According to specialists, the manguezal always was considered an environment without value economic and less attractive (surrounding Brazil, 2006). However, it is an ecosystem that is suffering with the antrpica action, being led to the destruction and the disordered occupation of the environment for the man. This must to the fact of these places be mainly presented local conditions for the construction of houses, marinas and industries, being favorable to the installation of directed enterprises directly to take care of particular interests. Although its great partner-ambient importance, the manguezais, distributed throughout the Brazilian coast and in the world, comes suffering innumerable impacts. Tons of garbage, domestic and industrial sewer, allies to the real estate speculation and to fish predatory, make with that diverse traditional communities are obliged to abandon its activities, searching other sources of subsistence (NUNES, 1998). This work has as objective generality to identify and to analyze excellent information on relative impacts to the state of the environment, generated for the disordered occupation in the areas of manguezal around the estuary of the River Pratagy and as objective specific to make a diagnosis of the studied area probable ambient impacts caused by the disordered occupation; to study the importance of the manguezal ecosystem; to show that the areas of manguezais can perfectly be come back toward the ecoturismo, since that its ecological values are respected, and that they can be used for economic ends, that is, in sustainable way, commanded and planned; to show that the areas of manguezais are areas of permanent preservation and are protected by law; to inquire and to evaluate strategies for the handling and the sustainable use in the manguezal ecosystem; to consider to the state public power, with the awareness that if makes necessary, the development of strategies to promote the conservation of the manguezais, transforming the idea of that the ambient preservation is not only of the competent agencies, but yes of all the citizens, who have right to usufruct of a balanced environment.


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