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The system of solidary exchanges has influenced very in the economy of the south region of the country, the solidary enterprise has supplied to a profit distribuido in cooperative equality ace of the region with the intention to preserve the environment, today the solidary economy relieves R$ 8 billion per year and puts into motion generation of new jobs, initially it left of the beginning of saving the environment and currently it has considerable a financial rotation. Many other models of innovation are being applied the world-wide level, between them are diverse types of energy as the blue light bulb that increases up to 25% of the efficiency, biodisel of microseaweed studied by Petrobra’s for reproducing? if between 50 and 100 times faster, etanol of cassava that promises to be cheaper than of sugar cane, electrostatic nanocapacitadores that arrive to be 10 times more efficient than the used ones until today. These are some of the innovations that will go to benefit the economy but exist parameters so that all the structures if develop: An administration who respects the limits, the interdependence, the economic reorganization with distribution joust, taken decisions on the basis of the impacts for the current and future generations. The biggest advantage that if has in this type of investment is to transform cost into benefits, but the coexistence in sector of technologically advanced firms exists the same, the creation of incentives and adoption of reducing techniques of costs in this chaos is of basic importance. Necessary to identify where the loss of competitiveness is bigger and to present measured that they can compensate this problem. Knowing these activities it can be established necessary microeconomic objectives macro and to the sustainable development, guaranteeing success in the competitiveness in accordance with the necessity of the market today. The question in relation the ambient economy and relacioanada competitiveness the innovation the harmonization in the processes economic integration is in remaining itself as economizer of the environment not forgetting.


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