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City and Nature

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 24, 2017 in News

The world as a whole, comes in recent years passing for a great debate around the conservation of the Environment, and in the city of Tiangu, that is located in the Mountain range of the Ibiapaba in the state of the Cear, it could not be different with regard to this subject of great importance for the society. The great question to be argued is of: How it will be the world where our children and grandsons will live? On the basis of this question many schools had carried through in recent years projects and activities that aimed at the ambient education and had as objective to try to acquire knowledge the pupils, and from them its familiar ones of the immense importance to presevarmos the environment ' ' Utopia' ' this that also was detached by Senador Cristovam Buarque (PDT-DF), when in its speaks in special session of the senadodiz to see the ecology as ' ' form of people to knock down wall that has between the current generation and the next ones, that not resources will go to make use of, that will live in country overheated, that will lose the edge that are there, of seas of mundo' ' , Already if treating to the city of Tiangu, we perderiamos the bushes that already are a resquicio of Atlantic bush, and runs the risk of not terms more the natural waterfalls that appear all throughout the Ibiapabano territory. On the basis of these events, gave to origin in Tiangu a great movement, in what the creation of areas says respect where is made the presevaro, having as starting point the inclusion of part of its territory to the National Park of Ubajara, at the beginning of years 2000. Already in last the three years they had been itensificados the preservation of the environment with the creation of the reserve I besiege of the Bosco, where it is possible if to refresh in a natural swimming pool, beyond having the contact next with the nature, to admire the luais that occur all throughout the year, being been despite in the place a slope of free flight exists of where it is made the takes-off with wing deltas, thus making with that if practises it develops it of radical sports. Now let us see some images of Sitio of the Bosco:- Area reserved for camping, case the people want to pass the night. – She squares of vlei so that the children or even though the adults can practise sport. – Cave that if it locates in low of the slope of free flight. – Slope of free flight – Sight of who is in the slope – Flights of wing delta, happen practically all the sundays.


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Sustainable Development

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 27, 2016 in News

The analysis of the estimated ones that they guide this conception of sustainable development allows in them to understand the necessity of the increase of the competition, of the biggest mobility of capital, the processes of accumulation and allocation of capital, of search each bigger time of increase of the productivity of the work for the capital and of efficiency, in the dynamics capitalist of value generation. We allow to understand, equally, that in the centered conception of sustainable development in the logic of the capital, the free market is the instrument of the efficient allocation of planetary resources e, in this direction, the relation work and environment is subsumida to the supremacy of the capital, with serious consequences for the world of the work and the natural resources. One second conception of sustainable development, guided for the discursiva matrix of the self-sufficiency, understands that the support would be reached, on the other hand, with the preservation and construction of sustainable communities, ' ' that they develop traditional relations with the natural environment on that sobrevivncia&#039 depends its; ' e, for another one, with the reinforcement of the national States? ' ' strategical potential actors in the implementation of domestic ambient politics and in the execution of the international agreements of protection of the ecology global' ' , in opposition to the objectives of the free commerce and to the erosion of the national borders (ACSELRAD, 2001, p.1). If, on the other hand, this conception of sustainable development brings obtains a critical one to the capitalism globalizado and desregulamentado and its impacts on the power to decide autonomy of the national States, for another one, when considering a return to the past? if also express what in the sacralizao of the traditional communities and the natural resources? this proposal of sustainable development carries through an inversion of the postulates of mechanist paradigm e, in such a way, does not exceed landmarks of the cartesian dualism man-nature.


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Brazil 3M

Posted by laurapayne on Mar 18, 2014 in News

3M OF BRAZIL 3M, recognized as to one of most innovative of the world, is one of the cited companies more in the bibliographies that deal with marketing administration and marketing for the success in wanting to transform its innovation into utilities for the consumer. Gift in more than 60 countries, offers about 50 a thousand item with high technology. Aiming at the improvement of its processes and it invested more than up to 2003 11 million dollar in action of ambient protection. These and other practical good data on and technologies used in its plants for the ambient conservation had been divulged in the magazine Industrial Environment in 2003.

This edition divulged the mark of 1000 companies who had acquired the ambient certification as NBR ISO 14.001. 3M brought a news article of two entire pages to divulge its investments and certification ambient. It still divulged, that the positive consequences after to the certification the interested people due to its responsible social and ambient performance are present in the respect for all. 3M was an example of spreading of sustainable actions using the Ambient Marketing. The specialized magazine, Industrial Brazil Environment, with bimonthly editions, brings for its texts the all best inside practical the ambient ones of the industrial sector.

makes homages, in editions special, to some industries in prominence when reaching historical landmarks of 100, 350, 1000 and etc, of companies who had gotten the ambient certification. The magazine circulates in diverse industrial sectors, as well as in other sectors where interested people exist as ambient agencies, companies of consultoria, facultieses and etc. 4. CONCLUSION the Marketing can not be so well received by the ambientalistas in view of that this tool, in its origin, foments the consumption. However, developed, the Ambient Marketing can be a valuable tool that can influence directly System of Ambient Management.


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Brazil Occupation

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 9, 2013 in News

This study it was affected through documentary the research and with objective you effect the diagnosis of the opposites problems disordered occupation and the identified impacts. Result was observed that the fen is object of disordered occupation will be the atrophic action causing deforestation that fills with earth its areas will be the construction of houses with the expansion of the tourism. Its waters ploughs objects of domestic sewers and garbage. KEY WORDS: 1 – INTRODUCTION To the measure that the species human being was developing new technologies and extending its domain on the elements of the nature in general, the ambient impacts had been if extending in intensity and extension. The biological wealth of the manguezal ecosystem, makes with that these great areas are ‘ ‘ berrios’ ‘ natural, as much for the characteristic species of these environments, how much for other animals that migram for coastal areas.

The manguezais are between great the responsible ones for the integration of the threatened species of extinguishing and supply a rich proteinic feeding the littoral population. According to specialists, the manguezal always was considered an environment without value economic and less attractive (surrounding Brazil, 2006). However, it is an ecosystem that is suffering with the antrpica action, being led to the destruction and the disordered occupation of the environment for the man. This must to the fact of these places be mainly presented local conditions for the construction of houses, marinas and industries, being favorable to the installation of directed enterprises directly to take care of particular interests. Although its great partner-ambient importance, the manguezais, distributed throughout the Brazilian coast and in the world, comes suffering innumerable impacts. Tons of garbage, domestic and industrial sewer, allies to the real estate speculation and to fish predatory, make with that diverse traditional communities are obliged to abandon its activities, searching other sources of subsistence (NUNES, 1998). This work has as objective generality to identify and to analyze excellent information on relative impacts to the state of the environment, generated for the disordered occupation in the areas of manguezal around the estuary of the River Pratagy and as objective specific to make a diagnosis of the studied area probable ambient impacts caused by the disordered occupation; to study the importance of the manguezal ecosystem; to show that the areas of manguezais can perfectly be come back toward the ecoturismo, since that its ecological values are respected, and that they can be used for economic ends, that is, in sustainable way, commanded and planned; to show that the areas of manguezais are areas of permanent preservation and are protected by law; to inquire and to evaluate strategies for the handling and the sustainable use in the manguezal ecosystem; to consider to the state public power, with the awareness that if makes necessary, the development of strategies to promote the conservation of the manguezais, transforming the idea of that the ambient preservation is not only of the competent agencies, but yes of all the citizens, who have right to usufruct of a balanced environment.


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Creation Competitiveness

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 2, 2013 in News

The system of solidary exchanges has influenced very in the economy of the south region of the country, the solidary enterprise has supplied to a profit distribuido in cooperative equality ace of the region with the intention to preserve the environment, today the solidary economy relieves R$ 8 billion per year and puts into motion generation of new jobs, initially it left of the beginning of saving the environment and currently it has considerable a financial rotation. Many other models of innovation are being applied the world-wide level, between them are diverse types of energy as the blue light bulb that increases up to 25% of the efficiency, biodisel of microseaweed studied by Petrobra’s for reproducing? if between 50 and 100 times faster, etanol of cassava that promises to be cheaper than of sugar cane, electrostatic nanocapacitadores that arrive to be 10 times more efficient than the used ones until today. These are some of the innovations that will go to benefit the economy but exist parameters so that all the structures if develop: An administration who respects the limits, the interdependence, the economic reorganization with distribution joust, taken decisions on the basis of the impacts for the current and future generations. The biggest advantage that if has in this type of investment is to transform cost into benefits, but the coexistence in sector of technologically advanced firms exists the same, the creation of incentives and adoption of reducing techniques of costs in this chaos is of basic importance. Necessary to identify where the loss of competitiveness is bigger and to present measured that they can compensate this problem. Knowing these activities it can be established necessary microeconomic objectives macro and to the sustainable development, guaranteeing success in the competitiveness in accordance with the necessity of the market today. The question in relation the ambient economy and relacioanada competitiveness the innovation the harmonization in the processes economic integration is in remaining itself as economizer of the environment not forgetting.


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