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Customs Union

Posted by laurapayne on May 31, 2016 in News

So, from July 1, 2010 came into force on the Customs Union, which was mentioned for many years. What he gave us, ordinary traders. Well, firstly there is no need to manufacture cargo customs declaration (CCD), with 18 August 2010 abolished the Certificate of Origin for the goods on Form CT-1, the manufacture of which there are many problems to the Customs Union. In the accompanying documents is desirable to specify hs codes for each product thus facilitating the passage of goods through the customs post. Others who may share this opinion include Mark Bertolini. If the goods are imported, must attach a copy of the cargo customs declaration for imported goods, and of course to indicate on the invoice and the country of origin number of the ccd. Otherwise, no changes are observed.

As before, the goods sold for export to from Russia should be sold at a zero rate of vat, and therefore the need for the tax office this fact confirm the sale by providing a tax authority for payment of indirect taxes, which you, as a supplier of goods, must provide your partner. Did not confirm the sale of goods at zero vat rate for 180 days, a Russian supplier will have to pay this vat to the State of his own pocket, so you can stay, not only without a profit, but to go into a big minus. Summing up some, we can confidently say that the main problems in the long run with the confirmation and the export vat refund, remained. Therefore, those Russian companies that previously did not sell their products for exports to , probably not will do so in the future. Only correct in this case the output is the sale of goods not directly but through their export agent. The idea is that a firm agent takes care of all legal formalities settlement of tax and customs procedures..


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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Posted by laurapayne on May 7, 2016 in News

And now the fashion house he makes jewelry, crystal figurines, handbags and clothing with crystal ornaments. All this in a large numbers presented in the museum 'Swarovski Crystal Worlds' in the same Wattens. The most useful part of the museum – a huge underground store of crystals. In Spain, where artists have been brought up in the traditions of Dali, Gaudi, Picasso and Miro, trade reached the highest heights and manifests itself in unexpected forms. They make jewelry of all conceivable kinds, colors and styles, and then sell it on the street or in small shops Gothic Quarter. Here there are painted leather baubles, and a magnificent pearl necklace, beaded collars and braided bracelets.

Fabulous jewelry from colored glass. In the street tents will not find two similar rings or pairs of earrings. Special beauty of such ornaments is that they can not buy anywhere else, except in Barcelona and Sitges, this is not the subject of export. Subject exports – this pearl Majorica, which is on the island of Mallorca and is sold at airports and in many expensive stores in the world. Despite sky-high prices, it is not raised, namely, artificial pearls. The technology of its manufacture is as follows: a small ball dipped in a solution of pearl, and then dried again immersed in liquid mother of pearl.

How many times the ball overgrown with mother of pearl, depending on its size and price. Pearls do white, black, pink, gold, combined with rhinestones Svarovski, each product relies certificate, he's warranty. In the East trendsetter is South Korea. Costume jewelry from Seoul not expensive, but thorough and high quality. Koreans specialize in multi-colored pieces of glass and bent wires. And yet they do best in the world metal chain. Even prim French and Italians are picky do not hesitate to buy them in Korea. It makes all kinds of chain of weaving, coated and uncoated, and cut into rolls. Just as well given the Koreans studded with rhinestones hairpins, crab, obodochki and brooches. In the wake of ethnic fashion forward beyond Australia. Here, a new style of jewelry – it is created on the basis of ancient Aboriginal paintings, treated with modern designers in urban style. So, follow the advice of psychologists who use bizhuterapiyu. To calm before the meeting or responsible to relieve tension in the evening, enough to scatter on the table and a few minutes to touch the ornaments, admiring them. Glitter and fun color marbles to help relax. In addition, jewelry treats. Especially if it is made of natural metal. The tree contains aromatic resins and oils which gradually evaporate and carry with us subtle aromatherapy. Shells contain substances with analgesic effect. It is noticed that the fans of pearl jewelry as regularly as others drink analgin and go to the doctor. In short, the jewelry is diverse and endless – and therein lies its beauty, its charm, and its main advantage

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