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A Beautiful New Scarf

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 14, 2018 in News

Each of us once thought about how nice tie a handkerchief or scarf. For more specific information, check out Ebay. After all, scarves and shawls, headscarves and at times – this is all accessories designed to bring to our face breath of fresh air, a new look at our attire. Sometimes it may require only one such supplement, beautifully chosen and artfully tied, so that even quite simple ensemble has acquired a new meaning. And even if you have very little basic wardrobe, you do not not neglect the opportunity to diversify it with a cheap but effective accessory like a scarf, shawl or scarf-belt. Before we talk about how beautiful shawls and scarves to tie, let's take a look at some of the recommendations of their choosing and buying. When choosing a new shawl or a scarf, always imagined – in what form and at what point do you plan to wear it. Sometimes, a beautiful shawl is very attractive figure in the center, but it folded, the figure is lost, remain in sight only, which is closer to the edge.

This should definitely be considered. It is desirable, of course, before buying whirl in the mirror and fitting room try to tie a few familiar sites. So you see what shades of a scarf to the fore. If you choose a scarf around the neck or decollete area, then bet on the colors that the maximum refresh your face and best suited to you based on your tsvetotipa appearance. If the shawl or scarf is chosen to be worn as a belt, then, first of all, we must think about how it will be combined with already available in the wardrobe of clothes by color and texture, and what you plan to wear it.

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Posted by laurapayne on May 7, 2016 in News

And now the fashion house he makes jewelry, crystal figurines, handbags and clothing with crystal ornaments. All this in a large numbers presented in the museum 'Swarovski Crystal Worlds' in the same Wattens. The most useful part of the museum – a huge underground store of crystals. In Spain, where artists have been brought up in the traditions of Dali, Gaudi, Picasso and Miro, trade reached the highest heights and manifests itself in unexpected forms. They make jewelry of all conceivable kinds, colors and styles, and then sell it on the street or in small shops Gothic Quarter. Here there are painted leather baubles, and a magnificent pearl necklace, beaded collars and braided bracelets.

Fabulous jewelry from colored glass. In the street tents will not find two similar rings or pairs of earrings. Special beauty of such ornaments is that they can not buy anywhere else, except in Barcelona and Sitges, this is not the subject of export. Subject exports – this pearl Majorica, which is on the island of Mallorca and is sold at airports and in many expensive stores in the world. Despite sky-high prices, it is not raised, namely, artificial pearls. The technology of its manufacture is as follows: a small ball dipped in a solution of pearl, and then dried again immersed in liquid mother of pearl.

How many times the ball overgrown with mother of pearl, depending on its size and price. Pearls do white, black, pink, gold, combined with rhinestones Svarovski, each product relies certificate, he's warranty. In the East trendsetter is South Korea. Costume jewelry from Seoul not expensive, but thorough and high quality. Koreans specialize in multi-colored pieces of glass and bent wires. And yet they do best in the world metal chain. Even prim French and Italians are picky do not hesitate to buy them in Korea. It makes all kinds of chain of weaving, coated and uncoated, and cut into rolls. Just as well given the Koreans studded with rhinestones hairpins, crab, obodochki and brooches. In the wake of ethnic fashion forward beyond Australia. Here, a new style of jewelry – it is created on the basis of ancient Aboriginal paintings, treated with modern designers in urban style. So, follow the advice of psychologists who use bizhuterapiyu. To calm before the meeting or responsible to relieve tension in the evening, enough to scatter on the table and a few minutes to touch the ornaments, admiring them. Glitter and fun color marbles to help relax. In addition, jewelry treats. Especially if it is made of natural metal. The tree contains aromatic resins and oils which gradually evaporate and carry with us subtle aromatherapy. Shells contain substances with analgesic effect. It is noticed that the fans of pearl jewelry as regularly as others drink analgin and go to the doctor. In short, the jewelry is diverse and endless – and therein lies its beauty, its charm, and its main advantage

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Tips On Buying Clothes On A Limited Budget

Posted by laurapayne on Feb 18, 2016 in News

We all want to dress well and look stylish and fashionable. However, in the current economic crisis, money for clothes is often lacking. Can I look like a million in low finance. You can! If you show persistence and imagination, you can clothe and amazing yourself and your family. Here are some tips on how to update your wardrobe without resorting to higher costs. Inventory.

Before you go to the store to shop, spend a full inventory of the wardrobe. Remove all belongings from the closet, arrange a home fashion show. Put what you like and you’ll be paying attention to the compatibility of the things with each other. Things that are lost presentation: send coils stretched, sat down, turned gray throw without regret or send them to the country. Make a list.

Now make a list of what you would like to purchase. Then go back to the top of the list and tick what you really necessary. Pay particular attention to basic things wardrobe. It is possible that your favorite black pencil skirt is already sitting on you is not, as you’d like or pants worn or lost color. These things need to be on the list compulsory purchases, whereas no ordinary T-shirt or super-trendy blouses you can temporarily do without. Select styles. Then the poison in the shopping trip, to understand the fashion trends for the current year or season. You can also request free catalogs, for example, Otto or Qelly. This will help you navigate the future purchases. Accessories. Do not forget to think about accessories. They play a huge role in shaping the style of both women and men. Accessories – this is what makes your image complete. No accessories is difficult to feel dressed until the end. With the same basic things they can do wonders. Originally knotted scarf, a necklace, bracelets, belts – All this will help give new form to old things. Overstock. This is a great way to save money on buying clothes and accessories. All shopping centers are seasonal sales. During such sales reduce prices in the shops to 50-80%. Here is where you can cheap and cheerful to wear yourself and family from head to toe. In Moscow, for example, the biggest sales are to the end of winter (January-February) and summer. In addition, you can look at yourself in discount centers. Second hand. You can also find quality and affordable clothing at second hand and komissionkah. But in order to find the really good stuff, you need to have a good feeling and to know when there is a new delivery,. By the way, corporate children’s clothes in excellent condition there are available at ridiculous prices. Alterations. You can also add a new view of old clothes a little remake it. Use your imagination to update your old stuff. Now There are many sites with master classes for craftswomen. So a jacket with a stain or hole can be converted into a stylish design handiwork. Or two T-shirts to make one. So there’s no fancy borders. Sell. Things you do not have to fit in with the fact that you lost weight or gotten better, baby items, of which the child grows, you can always try to sell using a variety of websites, flea markets. And do not forget that it is not Clothing makes the man, but man it. Smile and be confident in yourself!

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