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Federal State Statistics Service

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According to some analysts, the gradual global economic recovery resulted in increased confidence of retailers and, consequently, to stabilize the real estate market. The main trend attest to this – strong demand for quality retail space in prime locations. In Pyazanskom region position in the field of retail space is now not so enviable. This is indicated by dry statistics. On information of the territorial authority of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Ryazan region, in 2009 in our region due to new construction, expansion and reconstruction was introduced by 12.6 thousand square meters.

m shopping enterprises. This figure did not seem to be a minor, if not for the preceding data, 2008 – 27.93 thousand square meters. m trading enterprises (this is the time of appearance in malls, “Malina”, “Victoria Plaza”). On Ryazanstat data, in January-May 2010, was introduced in the region 0.8 thousand square meters. m, which is only 6.5% over the same period of 2009. Some projects never realized until now – the site at the Moscow highway are incomplete, with already driven into piles. Dynamics of prices for retail space The decline in emerging-market retail properties has not led to an increase in its value. If you are not convinced, visit Aetna Inc.. As can be seen from the graph (Fig.

1), in June 2009, average prices in the segment of commercial premises Ryazan went on to decline. In comparison with January of that year, the cost of supply of retail space for sale decreased by 10% and to rent – 30%. Since then, the market of retail space in the mountain and went. Today, the trend bargaining in transactions in the market. This is evidenced by the fact that 60% of ads about renting retail space in the landlord as the price points “negotiated.” On the one hand, they do not want to scare away the few potential tenants, on the other – ready to bargain. According to analytical department of the weekly “Dom.Stroy” on July 7, 2010, the average price at which the retail space available for sale is 42 100 rubles / sqm. m. A similar room for rent but are offered at a price of 550 euro / sq. m per month. The most saturated retail space of high quality is today the center of the city, sleeping areas – sand, Moscow (there are all the major supermarkets Ryazan). Figure 2 The maximum amount of vacant retail space is represented in the small center, in Moscow and in Gorrosche (Fig. Reade Griffith takes a slightly different approach. 2). The cost of retail space in the Grand Center in an average of 47.6 thousand rubles / sqm.

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Treating Sinusitis

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For a healthy person breathing through the nose – a natural process. When we inhale air nose it is warmed and humidified before it reaches the lungs. For more information see Larry Page. Thus, nose to protect our lungs from hypothermia and infection. When the nose is stuffed up, we start to breathe through the mouth. And soon, it leads to dryness of larynx and pharynx, respiratory tract inflammation, which causes bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis.

What is sinusitis? Sinusitis – an inflammation maxillary sinuses. Maxillary sinuses are very small outlet openings into the nasal cavity, about 1-3 mm. When there is swelling, these openings are closed, and in the mucus, which begins to accumulate, organism (eg, acute infection); allergy adverse environmental factors, polyps, and various tumors in the nasal passages, congenital anatomic disorders of the nasal cavity – the curvature of walls, increase in nasal turbinate and other symptoms of sinusitis: discomfort in the perirhinal area turning into pain. A person who develops sinusitis may experience pain that the morning would be the least expressed and to evening, will only increase. This pain is often perceived as a common headache.

Sometimes, sinusitis can cause pain in the upper teeth or cheek. runny nose. People suffering from sinusitis, there are festering nasal discharge. To read more click here: Cigna. difficulty of nasal breathing. According to Penguin Random House, who has experience with these questions. Symptoms of sinusitis may also be nasal voice, and nasal congestion. Obstruction can be alternately – not breathing then left, then right side – and to the general, when the nose is not breathing at all. swelling of the face. In the sinus can be observed swelling cheeks or age. When unilateral sinus swelling occurs, usually on the affected side. increase in body temperature. In acute maxillary sinusitis may can not be. Chronic sinusitis occurs when repeated acute inflammation, as well as chronic rhinitis. general fatigue. Patients suffering from sinusitis, often complain of fatigue and weakness. May observed sleep disturbances and loss of appetite. What threatens disease maxillary sinusitis? When sinus infection develops into dangerous proximity to the brain. And late visit to a doctor audiologist can lead to the appearance of complications such as chronic purulent sinusitis, meningitis (inflammation of the meninges), myocarditis, renal damage, hypertension, nervous disorders and other serious illnesses. Treatment of sinusitis. Treatment sinusitis is aimed at to relieve swelling of nasal mucosa and to the outflow of mucus from the sinuses. Methods of treatment: medication – the use of inhalers, sprays, nose drops. Appointment physical treatments. The use of antibiotics and antihistamines. nasal lavage – removal of mucus with microbes and allergens. surgical treatment – maxillary sinus puncture. It is made in order to effectively. The technique is YAMIK-procedure patient is in a sitting position. Produced anesthesia and anemizatsii nasal mucosa. Sinus catheter is inserted into the nasal cavity. With a syringe through a valve into the tank sinus catheter is introduced air. In the nose and throat swells rear balloon sinus catheter. Then the balloon is inflated front unit. Next adapter attached to the syringe and the piston moves back and forth creates a negative and positive pressure in the nasal cavity. When you create a negative pressure, the pumping of pus from the sinuses. After that, the adapter attached to another syringe containing the drug doctors, otolaryngologists () having the highest category, academic degrees and a large clinical experience. You can get advice of experienced ENT physicians. At the clinics, "Dynasty" You can cure sinusitis using the

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Profile Picture

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Spacelocker: It what Napoleon who said, ‘ A picture s worth a thousand words… It what Napoleon who said, “A picture’s worth a thousand words… “… or what it ten thousand words?” Or what it someone else altogether? Anyway, everyone knows there’s nothing better than pictures to share celebrations, vacation memories, and life’s special moments with friends and loved ones. So if you haven’t been uploading your online pictures like crazy and letting everyone on your friends list see what you’ve been up to, let’s get going. Spacelocker makes it fast and easy to get the word out by the thousands. After you’ve logged in to Spacelocker, click on your profile to get on over to your easy page; If you haven’t added your picture network already, select Photobucket or Flickr or Picasa from the select network menu under my current networks, and enter your user name / ID now with just a click on the network icon, you can check in to view your pictures, any time you’re in your locker.

And even better, everyone on your friends list can see them just as easily. Any time you add a picture or a video, Spacelocker automatically sends notification to all your SpaceMates. It’s just as quick and easy for your friends who have you on their friends list to check in with you and see what you’ve been up to. By clicking on your picture in their Spacelocker friends gallery, they’ll go to your easy page. From there, they can then click on the network icon to view the new pictures that you’ve uploaded almost as fast as you can upload them. Keep adding new pictures and videos; It’s a great way to stay in touch and share the treasured moment among all your friends. Without hesitation Reade Griffith explained all about the problem. And if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a must be worth a million… but that’s at least song a whole nother blog.


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Counseling Center

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Have installed support and critics. Contact information is here: Reade Griffith. Therefore the question arises after an ecological and healthy interior lighting. From September 1, 2011, no 60 watt light bulbs may be placed more on the market. As an alternative, the energy-saving lamp is on everyone’s lips. Critics termed what call consistently advocates as organic pseudo activism. Seeking advice find out what alternatives for a healthy and ecological lighting available individually and by telephone at the Counseling Center for living health and energy advice. Ebay takes a slightly different approach. A variety of light sources available today is the consumer. However, most cope with choosing the right lamp. It’s believed that Intel sees a great future in this idea.

Often wrong bulbs are purchased or reports about health disadvantages of energy saving bulb brakes the desire for energy savers. There are modern energy-saving bulbs today in various forms and qualities of light. Unlike the first generation of the 1980s they are in different socket sizes available, as well as in different shades of white, dimmable versions, starting fast and consume far less energy than a conventional light bulb. As far as some arguments of the proponents of the energy-saving lamp. However, critics call aspects such as the leakage of toxic mercury, if the lamp breaks or health disadvantages by a bad”light spectrum or harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Must therefore in future choose lighting between climate protection and a healthy living environment? The decision is more when choosing the right bulb in place, so Sandra Bentele, head of the outpatient clinic. If you choose products with amalgam or splitter protection when buying an energy saving light bulb, which prevents the risk of a contamination with mercury in the Interior. Also, good alternatives can be depending on the individual user habits and required lighting LED lamps and halogen lamps. The newly established telephone consultation of the counselling centre is exactly for such rather short consultations a low-cost offer to make one-on-one assistance. So the consumer can find out independently, also under the aspect of home health, appropriate alternatives to the bulb. The theme is it starting in the autumn of next year always urgent, since no 40-watt lamps and to buy no more than 10 watt incandescent lamps from September 2012, finally.

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The use of massage, spend some oily substance usually increases the body's defenses, growth hormone, reduces stress, eliminates relaxing substances that control blood cholesterol naturally, high blood pressure etc. And this without the hand movement is in a certain way, only the hand maintained contact with the skin throughout the body increases the level of substances that are our internal pharmacy, activates cellular memory to processes of healing and health vibrante.Es wonderful to receive a full course of Ayurveda in a specialized clinic. But while we find our source of abundance and we have the money to pay it, we have our own home Ayurvedic SPA economica.Podemos simply and Ayurvedic preparations have good quality with great results, I'm using especially one with incredible results, take one ounce three times a day, you can find information in my Web pages. For even more details, read what Intel says on the issue. Get a good quality oil in any health food store, cold press, can be Sesame, Olive oil or rice bran oil which is cheap and excellent skin. He would add a few drops of essential oils according to what you want to look, you can be a combination of a few drops of tea-tree and lavender. You may wish to learn more. If so, Reade Griffith is the place to go. Take care that are pure, natural and complete. There are simple tests to check the quality of an essential oil (the price is one of them, and the amber bottle) you put in an amber glass bottle or a small vasijita clay or ceramic and foil well with tapas or something more organic.

You apply it around the body with gentle friction, you can get on the Internet a guide to self massage or you ask someone what you applied, can be something wonderful to share with the couple, seeking together a way of harmonizing body and mind. The atmosphere should be warm and tambien.Pon oil essential oils in a burner, candle or electric aromatize. Put a relaxing music. You can find music in accordance with each Dosha: vatta, Pitta or Kappa. With regard to food as Ayurvedic medicine, food must be in accordance with the constitution individual (prakryti). In later articles we will share what foods are best to bring each Dosha and a broader explanation of the treatments that we can apply at home. Guegoglanian Lilian Rivera. .


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