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The planet earth is composed of a myriad of different environments and places where there is the development of life, not only of man but of many other creatures that make up nature. So there is a part of the land may not be very human presence, but there are a large number of people and this land is part of the ocean, which covers 71% of the planet's surface and so part of the land so long deserves a science that is dedicated to the study and that science is the oceanographer, which seeks to study in depth the different features present in the ocean and many of the actors that compose . Seeking to understand more about their field of study of oceanography, we can say that this science is part of the earth sciences, ie the different aspects that make up the planet. So oceanographer studies the various processes that occur in the ocean, whether biological, physical, geological and chemical. So to engage in oceanography study of the ocean, has a very broad scope, which means that can occur in their study a myriad of issues of great interest, therefore in order to give scope to the large number of elements to study the oceanographic divided into four main branches with which there is full development of the different points of study that embraces the oceanographer.

The first branch of oceanography that will be exposed, is the biological oceanography, which deals with the different agencies can be found in the oceans and equally in the marine environment and can have different variations depending on where the vast Ocean is being studied, and so are the study of biological processes in the open sea near the coast, on the surface of the seabed as the same seabed. Another field of study of oceanography is the physical part, ie the processes occurring in the ocean related to physics, such as mixtures of oceanic waters, which would be disseminated so turbulent molecular properties of seawater, and with this follows the ocean currents, tides and waves and this should address issues such as distribution of water masses of the oceans, the different movements, the relationship with the atmosphere with the hydrosphere. Another part of the study of oceans, is the geological oceanography, which deals with the different earth processes that affect the ocean, such as coastal bodies and transport and deposit sediment. Finally appears the chemical oceanography, which deals with the chemical composition of ocean water, so it is the condition on normal water chemistry and how it is when there is contamination by humans.


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The Child

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And another group of people can see the same thing very differently – they have, then another concept. For example, the creation of the world can be explained scientifically, but religious people will say that their own, very unscientific concept of creation was God. And, of course, scientists, and God could criticize each other, but that does not mean that someone of them is wrong. What is a "simulation"? Objects or phenomena that are difficult to imagine (they are too small or large, or have long since disappeared, or have not yet built, or unavailable for other reasons), but very necessary to study and / or show to others for study, model – that is, doing things that are similar to those items required us signs. This may be a resemblance or similarity of what some properties of the object being studied (or events). The most famous model – the Globe. What is "Formalization"? That theory in a particular area was a single entity, it is convenient to be studied "from simple to complex, some of this theory is formalized, that is, all the rules and theorems" are laid out on shelves.

" Example result is not easy, but help in the formalization of models, formulas and tables – the multiplication table, periodic table. What is an "idealization"? Idealization – the invention of the ideal and the ideal – it is such an object (or phenomenon) which is always better than he really is. In other words, the real object mentally takes away everything that it does not like, and get a non-existent ideal. True, it may be seen only in the imagination. People come up with ideals that were, to go. Perhaps the perfect things are in the same place where the truth is.

What is an "abstraction"? If I say roughly, that the rejection of all superfluous in order to better allocate the right. Often, to study (or show) the subject with the right hand, "secondary" properties of the object is simply not paying attention, as if they were not. What makes a student, considering the pictures in the new textbook and passing "boring" text? Apparently, abstracts. What is an "analysis"? Yes, of course, is not only what you carry in the clinic. Analysis – is a detailed study of all the details of any object (or phenomenon, or process ). When a baby is the son disassemble the parts daddy favorite watch to see how they work, the child may be holding its first ever review! What is a "synthesis"? Picking up parts in the whole thing. Synthesis – opposite of analysis. That's when baby-son gather dismantled for parts daddy clock back – so the child could make a synthesis. But this does not mean that the synthesis is first necessary to be sure that any break. It may well be that cooking tasty borscht – also in the synthesis of its kind. What is the "induction"? The desire to generalize. Knowing just a few of the item, we can try to imagine the whole thing – this complex mental process and will be by induction. If one dog biting and others too, we can assume that the best dogs in any case to be avoided. What is a "deduction"? You would think that if I had anything come up on all of the previous definition, then of deduction, I also come up with

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Tequila is sometimes mistakenly called "Mexican moonshine." Mol "chase" her harsh macho in a sombrero in his hacienda from the growing range in abundance of cacti and cactus as a snack. Very rash statement! Tequila – it's viscous blood of Mexico. And in the blood of this haunting host of legends, traditions and myths Moonshine with a 400-year history, we know it began to make tequila conquistadores somewhere in the mid 16 th century. Before that, Indians Aztecs just pierced fleshy leaves of the agave – which, incidentally, even though it looks kan natural cactus, nevertheless belongs to the family Liliaceae – reed, then collect the juice, let him begin to ferment and used the resulting drink only during religious ceremonies. Fabrication process tequila lasts one year. Only the cultivation of blue agave plant takes 8 to 10 years. Composition and soil moisture, which grew blessed "cactus" way it is processed, the exposure time, from what the tree was made barrel, which rested tequila, and that it contained up to this – brandy, whiskey, sherry – this is not all the factors that affect the final taste of the drink. Tequila 414 Request-URI <a href=''>Too Large</a>

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European Flavor

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Each type of cane molasses gives her, it is individual and unique as the variety of tobacco. Creating a mix is akin to artistic creativity – so the only way, born famous brands, varieties and brands. Very clean water – another condition of quality rum. Diluted with water, thick molasses is fermented and distilled, according to tradition, only once, and then bottled in 180-liter drums of bourbon. Eighteen months of aging in the dim cellar – and begin to compile a master blend. Drink purified using activated charcoal and after three weeks of rest in large oak barrels, and filtered again cleared. So get an ordinary rum, and he is crystal clear and transparent as spring water. In Cuba, this miracle is worth no more than three dollars.

More aristocratic class are aged three, five and seven to twelve years, with darkening years of contact with a noble tree. Sometimes they even take out from the Caribbean, in order to keep in European cellars, in the proper cool: an exquisite bunch does not like excessive heat. Styles, brands and varieties of rum so diverse today that can meet anyone, even the most demanding tastes. There are three basic types – light, medium and heavy, differing in the intensity of flavor and aroma. Like any other noble drink, rum has a national identity. As in the 'Wine' country, the locals happy with the guests a glass or two of our own products: the local rum, almost no home, no matter what is not pretending, but capable hit expert Q and energy flavor and aroma. As to the famous, elite varieties of rum – is not only Cuba, Barbados and Jamaica, the luxury drinks make Haiti, Guyana and Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico today holds heritage Cuban classical tradition: it is a big part of the most eminent of light rums-Bacardi. Culture of drinking rum is extensive, but uncomplicated. Easy Cuban rum drink of the peasants from the Island of Freedom, the best comes with a piece of ice and a slice of lemon. The average five-year is also good with ice. You still feel the vanilla flavor and a pleasant oiliness, enveloping language. But aged Caribbean rum, dark and thick, stores as smell, taste, flavor and aftertaste, that it is sinful even to dilute with ice. It is believed that 7-10 years old – the perfect age for Roma. With further exposure, he increasingly resembles a cognac, and it confuses the map. Of course, for us northerners, rum will forever remain an exotic guest – do not beat him any good old wine, or the classic bitter vodka. But in all a good variety. By the way, fans of this exotic drink advice look at the restaurant Olympus and drowned in a comfortable chair sip golden Bacardi. And then in your imagination brought distant countries, the island of eternal south, ravishing lambada, and more ships, pirates, treasure.


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