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Kids With Cancer

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This work is resultant of a literature revision that had as intention to identify to the perception of death in children with cancer from the cognitivo development of the child and its social representations during the invasive treatments. The data cited in previous scientific publications had been collected of August of 2010 the May of 2011. When the child is attack for a cancer, the family if desestrutura had to the changes in the routine and the imminent fear of the loss and the death. The constructions of its familiar ones ahead of the probable losses are originary of its experiences front they. /’>Cardinal Health, then click here. James Baker contains valuable tech resources.

The cancer terrifies for the cultural and historical association with the death. Here the impacts of the cancer versus death had been also studied; its respective representations for its cuidadores and the influence of these representations in the perception of the child in relation to the adoecimento. Being thus, an explicit communication between the cuidadores, the multiprofessional team and the oncolgico patient can assist in the understanding of the child when ahead of the illness. Word-key: child with cancer. family. multiprofessional team. losses. death INTRODUCTION With the evolution of science, knows that all human being follows a natural order that includes the rising, to grow, to reproduce and to die. nz-geico-metl/’>All State!). These stages of the evolution of the life constitute the Vital Cycle and are characterized for constructions of meanings concernentes to one determined context partner-description.


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Processes Stimulatons

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For it, what it dominates the spirit is activity of the brain and, for such, dedicates the study to it of the superior nervous activity, establishing a set of physiological laws. Pavlov understands that the conditioning if does not only relate the situations where the reflected actions answer to the conditional stimulatons, but also to the incondicionados stimulatons produce that them of normal form. For it, the conditioning mentions any learning of substitution of stimulatons or learning to it of signals, where the proximity and the repetition are used to induce the apprenticees to generalize a connection stimulaton-reply, already existing to some new stimulaton. This type of conditioning can be used in the education of the vocabulary, for example, showing to drawings next to its names printed matters. 3.2.3Watson and the Processes of Thought John Broadus Watson concluded that the human behavior age, under many aspects, fellow creature to the animal behavior. According to it, the behavior of the complex organisms answers the situation in accordance with its nervous net, which is conditional for experience.

Watson if opposed to the introspective method of study of the mind, arguing not to be trustworthy, nor scientific it nor. It encouraged to the rejection of terms ' ' mente' ' ' ' conscincia' ' , for action and environments that could directly be observed. Watson believed that psychology was passing for a moment decisive and that would have to be concentrated in the examination of public behaviors and ambient conditions, in order to reach a solid understanding of the individual and the similar questions. For it, the hereditary succession is ignored and the social influence is only valued. Watson understood that if somebody could not observe of three the nine states of clearness in the attention, its introspection is bad. If, on the other hand, a feeling it to seem reasonable clearly, its introspection also is deficient, a time that the feelings never are clear.


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Storer Development

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The vision of development of Dessen and Costa Jnior corroborates with the theory of Vygotsky, therefore it emphasizes the paper of the social interaction throughout the development of the human being. In such a way, nobody is born rebellious or disciplined, therefore this characteristic is not innate. The indisciplinado behavior would be on to a series of factors that influence the child and the adolescent throughout its development. The human being is then, constantly influenced for different elements that exist in the social interactions. The individual will load obtains marks of its relation with its half one where its behavior more or less indisciplinado will be resulted of its experiences, making with that the same it has characteristics of its social group. Vygotsky still goes to approach the language as a mediating sign par excellence, therefore it loads in itself the concepts generalized and elaborated for the culture human being that the individuals and the establishment of common meanings to the different members of a social group allow to the communication between (VYGOTSKY, 1998). For Voivodic and Storer (2002), the development of the children with mental deficiency does not depend only on the degree where they are affected intellectually, therefore in a sistmica vision some factors are considered affecting the development, of which the main one is the familiar environment, being the family who recognizes the dependence of the child and if adapta to its necessities, it offers to chance baby to progress it in the direction of the integration of the accumulation of experiences, at last, of its development.

3. FAMILIAR RELATIONS For Casarin (2003), since the first weeks of life, the human being presents a trend to keep affective linkings. This trend if keeps for all the life, showing different necessities during the evolutivo cycle. It is from an affective linking steady, of safe attachment, that a person constructs its autonomy.


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Mythology, emotions and feelings. Incredible the wealth of mythology Greek. It has explanation for everything. It is a type of not rational, vast thought and including, he makes in to feel them a deep respect for the mysteries of the life. It is an attempt to explain the inexplicable one. It is the BEING trying to understand itself through metaphors. Its essence is the humanity looking for spiritual through histories to arrive if to understand.

I always had interest in psychology and to deepening me mythology I found great contributions that had changed conceptual mine arcabouo. Great subjects existences, as the Love and the Fear had been accessible and obtained to understand its etiology. Afrodite the goddess of the love would have had a son with a mortal. this was delivers the nymphs. Afrodite was very strong, Zeus did not put crossbow with it.

She was Uranus son, it are led in a covered cart of doves until the Olimpo mount. The goddess of the love was left in second plain by the Greeks. They had given more value to the god of the war, Airs. Easy to understand, at that historical moment war was a ritualstico event and tribal, Espartanos and Atenienses always were in the battlefields. At the time &#039 was said; ' it defends its altars and deuses they do not leave to modify its customs and cultura' ' However it is not to find odd that they were always fighting. However history if repeats. Our after-modern society is full of tribes When somebody says in them is of ' ' mount of formiga' ' vocs of ' ' mount of barbudo' ' , and we do not want colloquy, the war if it installs. Hobbes would be terrified if it heard reporters of conflicts in the slum quarter. Therefore I advise are far from tribes and Ganges.


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The Child

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And another group of people can see the same thing very differently – they have, then another concept. For example, the creation of the world can be explained scientifically, but religious people will say that their own, very unscientific concept of creation was God. And, of course, scientists, and God could criticize each other, but that does not mean that someone of them is wrong. What is a "simulation"? Objects or phenomena that are difficult to imagine (they are too small or large, or have long since disappeared, or have not yet built, or unavailable for other reasons), but very necessary to study and / or show to others for study, model – that is, doing things that are similar to those items required us signs. This may be a resemblance or similarity of what some properties of the object being studied (or events). The most famous model – the Globe. What is "Formalization"? That theory in a particular area was a single entity, it is convenient to be studied "from simple to complex, some of this theory is formalized, that is, all the rules and theorems" are laid out on shelves.

" Example result is not easy, but help in the formalization of models, formulas and tables – the multiplication table, periodic table. What is an "idealization"? Idealization – the invention of the ideal and the ideal – it is such an object (or phenomenon) which is always better than he really is. In other words, the real object mentally takes away everything that it does not like, and get a non-existent ideal. True, it may be seen only in the imagination. People come up with ideals that were, to go. Perhaps the perfect things are in the same place where the truth is.

What is an "abstraction"? If I say roughly, that the rejection of all superfluous in order to better allocate the right. Often, to study (or show) the subject with the right hand, "secondary" properties of the object is simply not paying attention, as if they were not. What makes a student, considering the pictures in the new textbook and passing "boring" text? Apparently, abstracts. What is an "analysis"? Yes, of course, is not only what you carry in the clinic. Analysis – is a detailed study of all the details of any object (or phenomenon, or process ). When a baby is the son disassemble the parts daddy favorite watch to see how they work, the child may be holding its first ever review! What is a "synthesis"? Picking up parts in the whole thing. Synthesis – opposite of analysis. That's when baby-son gather dismantled for parts daddy clock back – so the child could make a synthesis. But this does not mean that the synthesis is first necessary to be sure that any break. It may well be that cooking tasty borscht – also in the synthesis of its kind. What is the "induction"? The desire to generalize. Knowing just a few of the item, we can try to imagine the whole thing – this complex mental process and will be by induction. If one dog biting and others too, we can assume that the best dogs in any case to be avoided. What is a "deduction"? You would think that if I had anything come up on all of the previous definition, then of deduction, I also come up with

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