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The Process

Posted by laurapayne on Feb 21, 2017 in News

It looks for to rest when it will be tired and not when he will be annoying. Tedious tasks generally become more tedious still after a rest interval. To understand is the key to learn and to apply what it was learned. If a topic well was not understood is advisable to consult a book of the recommended bibliography, or then to argue with a classmate. Mainly, it does not have distrust in looking the professor to clarify any point that well is not understood. The simple reading of notes of lesson or parts of a book is not enough to efectivar the learning. Many times the study are wasted because the pupils understand incorrectamente what he is required. In all the study topics will appear facts, techniques or abilities to be dominated.

Also they will exist basic principles that go to guide and to base everything that is being learned. It is important to be always intent of form not to fix itself only in the details. The learning of any topic of study is only efficient when, during the process to make, the process also occurs to think what it becomes. In all the courses, the professors generally will look for to relate the theory presented to a series of examples or exercises. It is important that during the study time if they remake the examples presented for the professor, looking for new examples and deciding all the considered exercises, exactly that already have been decided in lesson. It makes the exercises of the lists proposals for the professor.

In many you discipline are you deliver lists of exercises that they do not need to be returned to the professor for correction. The ideal is that all the considered exercises are decided. When this will not be possible, for question of available time, requests the professor who recommends the basic exercises.


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