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35th Anniversary – Filter-Muller Writes History

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 24, 2015 in News

Mr Reinhard beautiful big goal of independence was over three decades ago. He dreamed at that time at least as much money to earn, he could afford someone for accounting. Today he is the owner of company filter-Muller and employs about 20 people. The economic situation of the company is excellent. But everything in order. 35 Years ago, common independence by Mr Saeed and Mr Jabusch started with the purchase of the filter area.

The field filter was at that time included the Stallion acquired representation of Mr. Muller. The hopes were high with the purchase of the company. “So was true to the motto: green, the color of hope” quickly found the company and logo color. The name of Muller was for the sake of simplicity, how about Muller is easy to pronounce, Muller is a typical german or known Muller, taken. On this first day of business, the 01.07.1978, Mr Saeed and Mr Jabusch were sitting in a 2-room flat before a green phone and waiting for the first contact. This call was finally won’t be the last.

So the company due to rising demand in the course of time had to move four times throughout. First site was the Zaandammer road, in the District of Neukolln, in a 2-room apartment presented the Office with 65 square meters. A storage room with 100 square metres was necessary and was hired externally. Until 1990, only West Berlin was supplied by company filter-Muller. The border between West and East Berlin was also a business in addition to the limited spatial freedom. This had far-reaching consequences in particular with regard to the delivery area. Until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the reunification of 1990 associated distribution in expanded.

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Unique Energy System

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 21, 2015 in News

The World Energy Conference in the South Korean Daegu seem the predictions of concern Dallas, 22.10.2013. Asia tries to stem its huge energy supplies, Europe is struggling with the cost of green energy boom and in Africa, power is still a privilege. Only the United States have disconnected himself with the sudden oil and gas boom from the difficult global development. What we are seeing in the United States, is really a revolution”, said Gerard Mestrallet, head of the French utility GDF Suez, the World Energy Conference. The shale gas boom in the United States is already a game-changer’ become. It affects Europe and Asia.” The energy consumption in the United States barely increased in the past few years this makes the country less dependent on oil imports, for example from the Middle East, while, for example, China is increasingly dependent on others.

The United States had succeeded a few years ago, so far inaccessible with the conveyor technology fracking deposits, shale gas, and that Oil shale, to open up. The United States gas reserves are currently estimated at 7.7 trillion cubic meters. This is the world’s fifth-largest occurrence and enough to supply the country for 100 years. Gas is cheap and thus also the electricity from gas-fired power plants. But the conventional methods of energy generation in the United States offer interesting alternatives for private investors. Because there it is possible to participate directly in oil or natural gas sources. Deals such as that of the AMTEX oil & gas are quite common in the United States. The company is focused on, to open this form of participation, so that they can benefit from America’s Ernergieboom German investors. “The United States have spent time, energy and resources, to build a global system”, says Jon Alterman, Director of the Middle East program at the Center for strategic research and international studies in Washington. US President Barack Obama said in September at the United Nations, that the United States continue to put East on oil from the middle. “Even if the United States their dependency” to gradually reduce oil imports, is the world of the energy resources of the region are still dependent on and a massive disturbance could bring the entire world economy to falter.

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Complimentary Currencies

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 16, 2015 in News

Complementary currencies are also a cultural pulse initiators of Coinstatt currency have started 2007 itself already an unusual project, creating a private currency. Meanwhile are already well over 100 selected specialty stores to the Federation, which accept the coin currency as payment. Coinstatt perceives itself as initiative-generating culture and brings a further refinement of the basic idea with an own Edition of the book now. “” In the Edition free spirit “is epuli published as the first book of nature and man” published by the Coinstatt co-founder Peter Krause. For many years with the anthroposophy, Krause has written a guide for a new, spiritual experience of nature. Fourteen consecutive chapters describes the relationship of man to nature, how it has evolved over the years and continue to develop in the future. This also practical suggestions for a new experience of nature are given as the author in years of experience has developed and also in Classes are continued. Next, libertine as art picture book Popartturk be in the Edition”new Aydin Acharya and the book money, also appear by Peter Krause. The book of nature and man”has 148 pages, ISBN 978-3-86931-184-5 in the epubli Verlag GmbH and published, and can be purchased at any bookshop to 15.80 euros.

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Regional Online Yellowpages

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 10, 2015 in News

An entry in the online industry guide regional yellow pages for Germans abroad has many advantages for almost any company and any company that the existing customer base is continuously expanded and extended it is important. Thus, to generate new jobs or existing customers can be kept. But as it is not so easy to get new customers, several promotional measures must be taken. One of those very good and above all very successful promotional measures is an entry in the local online yellow pages. With this entry, you can generate an effective advertisement and can run even more additional ads. In the present time, in the man himself must assert itself in a highly competitive market, a decisive factor for the success of the company may be a targeted advertising.

So an entry in an online industry guide ideal for is because just this online Yellowpages enjoy popularity. Lots of Germans or deutschprechende living abroad, are dependent on industry books, to To find information in their native language. An example is the German industry book La Palma. In most cases, so an entry with very little cost is connected and there are even free entry ways. Another big advantage of who speaks for an entry in an online Yellowpages is the relatively low cost, takes such an an ad claims. Compared to the familiar yellow pages in book form an online trade book also has the advantage, that it is always up to date and you must get not always new.

In addition, more and more people in search of take the Internet service or looking for a product to help. The clientele should be addressed is much greater for this reason alone, and in addition, that this target segment is active consumers. Alone this reasons clearly to the benefits from an entry in an online YellowPages and this entry can always be updated and supplemented, operate without that much effort to must. With an entry in an online industry guide is always flexible and can respond specifically to changing demands by the customer. Such an entry can be created quickly and leaves a good impression at any customers or potential new customers, and this is finally also vitally important if new jobs on land to be taken. An entry in an online industry guide is therefore as a very inexpensive, yet very lucrative and promising measure to call. Torsten Stieler


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Elisabeth Beikirch

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 5, 2015 in News

The regional office is used as a meeting point for internal polls and conversations with network partners care consultants and their team leaders. Private health and care insurance statutory care bases oppose alternative concept / 21 employees and employees ensure COMPASS private care consulting GmbH in Stuttgart region care consulting for the private, Association of the private health insurance (PKV Association), today the regional office Stuttgart officially opened a subsidiary of the Association. Since January of this year we comply with the legal obligation to free care consultation nationwide, uniform quality standards, insurance-oriented and independent”, stressed Elisabeth Beikirch, Managing Director of COMPASS private care consulting GmbH at the opening ceremony. In Stuttgart and all of Baden-Wurttemberg, inform, advise and accompany 21 COMPASS employees and staff people with questions about care and long-term care and take a pilot function in the system “true,” explained Beikirch organization and concept of private care advice. The regional office serve care consultants and their team leaders as a meeting place for internal polls and conversations with network partners. The consultations held at home usually in the people. Unless we want to move to offer people with information and assistance needs and not put additional strain on them”so Beikirch. Long-term care will be due to demographic change a part of life for virtually every one of us”, is convinced Bahadur.

To the optimal care of clients and to improving the quality of the care the compass engaged employees in the networks of health and social care in Baden-Wurttemberg. COMPASS is working since January Germany with around 200 nursing consultants and care consultants. Anyone looking for advice and support, can be at the nationwide toll-free service number 0800 101 88 00 contact. The telephone care consulting provides on request of the Seeking advice also an appointment on the spot. The insured person can also contact your insurance company. This also establishes the contact to the COMPASS care advice on request. COMPASS private care consulting GmbH toll free service number: 0800 101 88 00


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Mommy Web Magazine

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 3, 2015 in News

Mommy Web user can gain from immediately prizes and find lighter offerings in their environment. o reply. Mommy Web offers the users a new feature and improved the Reginaltipps. Frankfurt, December 28, 2009: Mommy website has a new section: the winning game feature. When regularly instead of taking competitions, with free or multiple choice questions, the user have a chance on high-quality prices. Other features such as the high-score list of past winners, which can take advantage of the game participant is to be added. The new feature gives Mommy Web users lots of play, fun and excitement. In addition to the introduction of the new sweepstakes heading a time-tested category improved considerably. The area tips”in the regional offerings such as kindergartens, schools and doctors, to find recreational activities or shopping are, was designed for Mommy Web members now even more user-friendly.

“Now the latest tips in your vicinity can,” tips from the region “and the own tips be watched together. As before there are different parent categories such as education, child care, shopping and leisure, in which registered tips can be researched. In addition, the tips can be searched and viewed to tags. The most active cities appear as a new extra and all registered tips appear on Google maps. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is the largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to become one with over 280,000 registered users. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes.

Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world.


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