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Leading online boat market seeks even greater successes in Hamburg with redesign / 11 July 2013 – it is now since the redesign of, one of the largest German online platforms for buying and selling boats, Laurent Potdevin understood the implications. The online boat market has cleaned up”and after the redesign in blue, white, orange. The new design of the website provides a clear, modern structure and designed on the basis of feedback and requests targeted customer-friendly. Boats to buy and sell has become just got easier as a result. Also navigation at is now even more intuitive and faster. You can reach with just a few clicks to his goal – it was placing an ad or contact the seller.

Buyers get a clearly designed and well structured view of the boats in which they are interested with the new design and can contact the seller in a few steps. All the advantages of the online boat market one are now directly accessible, such as the creation of a search request or recommendation Boat advertisement. Also similar boats displays potential buyers now also directly on the side of a boat, that they might be interested in. has responded to the wishes of the boat dealers in the redesign and extends the already existing possibility of traders, to integrate their boat inventory via iframe on your Web site, among others. The seller also have the opportunity to display their ads not only in the standard categories, but can create easily own any any category. Our previous design was somewhat conservative”, says CEO Stefan Mantwill. In the course of time customers with suggestions for improvement on us came more often, that we have now implemented to a large extent. It is also important to integrate the latest technological developments, most customer-oriented work and to create as much transparency as possible us.” Transparency will be ensured in the new design, for now, are also the latest Trustpilot reviews on the homepage integrated.

The changes were implemented through the redesign, help you navigate, pleasing the eye and extend the time spent on the page. On the other hand, thus continues a long streak of success. Because the boat market is a top player on the online boat market for years. With hundreds of keywords, is put into the platform always number one on Google search and can proudly boast a daily attendance of up to 18,000 and up to 230,000 page views.


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Worldsoft General agencies provide lucrative work as an Internet consultant without investment and risk of Neuchatel, 28 July 2009 worldsoft supported AG, Europe’s largest Internet Agency with more than 20,000 corporate clients, Internet consultants in business start-ups. The Internet consultants are trained by Worldsoft General agencies for the Internet consulting. Internet consultants advise SMEs on the marketing opportunities on the Internet. Training the basics of successful marketing and customer support on the Internet in the form of more efficient\”, explains Frank Hubner, head of the GENERAL Agency in the Tullnerfeld tree garden. The future Internet consultant can become self-employed, operate full-time or operate the consultancy as a second source of income. Contact information is here: Penguin Random House.

The concept of worldsoft is Internetbegeisterte, consultants and sales figures, but also career changers.\” The demand for Internet consulting is enormous according to current to questions making 50% of the companies the already have a website, so no sales. Half of companies with an Internet presence consulting needs and requires a functioning Web site marketing focused. Not only cheap and professional sites, but also marketing advice makes soft-world to achieve more sales and profits with the Internet. Worldsoft immediately provides the necessary marketing tools ASP-based. Internet consultant advises companies on marketing-oriented Internet-Mr. Hubner said: If a company at a trade show exhibits, is the primary goal to generate as many contacts to prospects and customers. The secondary goal is to showcase their products and services. In the Internet it is vice versa still most firms at the moment.

The primary aim of the website is to showcase their products and services. And the secondary goal is to make contacts, if was thought of at all.\” A good website is a website that brings more sales and profits. Worldsoft Web sites are good sites, they be confined to the essentials and have as a primary goal the prospect and customer acquisition.

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MEiM 2011 Goes Social Media

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Also in this year, MEiM presents itself again in Dortmund. Numerous companies have already announced for July 20, 2011 in the Westfalenhallen Dortmund. After in April of this year, MEiM (more success in the SME /) in Bielefeld again was a success, it will be stretched on the next MEiM Congress trade fair in the Dortmund Westfalen halls on July 20, 2011. The preparations is referred to after the MEiM the MEiM”already in full swing. A number of companies has already announced himself, to present their products and services effectively. Overall, more than 1,200 decision makers from diverse industries are expected on the MEiM in Dortmund.

In addition to the sharing of experts and the presentation of new ideas and products, it is also and above all the numerous lectures, which make all schools a special event. A total of approximately 40 lectures, experts say by the latest ideas and trends in the economy. In addition, succeeded in the MEiM this year with 3 high-profile TOP speakers to gain real highlights for this year’s event in Dortmund, Germany. “” “There are:-Andre Zalbertus, journalist, television Award winner and founder of AZ media, with his lecture the power of images and emotions”-Prof. Dr.

Knoblauch, the leading management thinkers for the middle class, with his presentation medium-sized companies calmly and successfully use the Temp method “-Oliver Geisselhart, Germany memory coach No. 1, with his lecture memory power seller” this year the event is completed again including cocktail bar and live music with an attractive program and an atmospheric evening event. New this year is that all schools in terms of marketing uses an extensive social media marketing. Together with the new MEiM Silver partner of 1a-social-media ( under the leadership of Markus Gehlken XING marketing experts a comprehensive invitation management is performed specifically on the business platform XING. complemented by sustainable online PR measures. Thanks to this strategy focus not only all public schools achieved more attention, also the participating exhibitors will benefit from several months marketing via social media portals and services. So exhibitors and speakers of the MEiM can bring a broad public to not only target group-oriented special topics and products via social media, but as additional marketing effect thanks to these measures achieve additional TOP rankings on Google. There is more information about the possibilities as an exhibitor, the visitors programme and ticket booking the MEiM see:


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Mommy Web Magazine

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Mommy Web user can gain from immediately prizes and find lighter offerings in their environment. o reply. Mommy Web offers the users a new feature and improved the Reginaltipps. Frankfurt, December 28, 2009: Mommy website has a new section: the winning game feature. When regularly instead of taking competitions, with free or multiple choice questions, the user have a chance on high-quality prices. Other features such as the high-score list of past winners, which can take advantage of the game participant is to be added. The new feature gives Mommy Web users lots of play, fun and excitement. In addition to the introduction of the new sweepstakes heading a time-tested category improved considerably. The area tips”in the regional offerings such as kindergartens, schools and doctors, to find recreational activities or shopping are, was designed for Mommy Web members now even more user-friendly.

“Now the latest tips in your vicinity can,” tips from the region “and the own tips be watched together. As before there are different parent categories such as education, child care, shopping and leisure, in which registered tips can be researched. In addition, the tips can be searched and viewed to tags. The most active cities appear as a new extra and all registered tips appear on Google maps. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is the largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to become one with over 280,000 registered users. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes.

Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world.


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