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Debut – book by Susanne Koch! Published by the author – publisher spring. The stories that strong work of Susanne Koch 121 pages can be found in the are mystical, spooky and fantastic. Tell of restless spirits, to make lonely forest fairies and a woman who is rescued by a witch from a fatal error. The debut – book by Susanne Koch includes by reading stories, until hin to historically inspired drama everything the reader’s heart. But it is not just a fairy tale book”, but also a reading to stimulate thinking. Because rewrites in many stories the author with much imagination, the not so fabulous theme of death”. Dealing with restless spirits, transmigration of souls, even to the near death experience of a young woman, for which it still is not time to go. Death belongs to life”, says the young woman. Check with Dan Zwirn to learn more.

She lost her grandmother at the age of 23, with which she so many years together has lived, one reason will be, why is the narrator in addition to the genre fantasy, the Mysticism, feels very fond. Often she combines with her stories, her own grief work. The subject of death”is still a taboo – topic, even if so there much talk, and written. The 43 author want to their readers and readers show with their stories, you can live well with the certainty, to die at some point. You should also but not supplant this theme, but deal with it and are wondering in how far you, would allow in his life, and how far does not.

But also, when Susanne Koch, treated often in their stories, serious themes, the versatile author writes, not only about dramas, or unfortunate relationships. Her books are as varied as life itself. The published work is spring publishing on March 25, 2010 the authors – everywhere to buy in bookstores, as well as world and Amazon. Publisher: Authors – spring – Verlag publication date: March 25, 2010, ISBN-10: 3981317378 ISBN-13: 9783981317374 price: 8.90 home age by Susanne Koch:

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Their Wedding Waltz – Advisor

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Find the right wedding Waltz the most beautiful dance of a lifetime on the most beautiful day in your life. Is the wedding Waltz, the opening dance of the wedding couple! Unique and unrepeatable requires the right choice of music here, of course. Your wedding DJ opened the dance with an announcement and ask your guests to the dance floor to come. The big moment has finally come. And to fully enjoy it, you need the right music of course! Consult in advance exactly. And go to play it safe. Add to your understanding with Dan Zwirn.

Because nothing is more important than to find exactly your song for the opening dance. So your dance is just as beautiful as you always imagined it. Because the selection of beautiful songs is really gigantic size, it is very difficult to make a decision the most couples and are thorough the despair, waltz which wedding is the right… Do you prefer the classic Viennese Waltz? As for example a waltz by Johann Strauss’ or Peter Tchaikovsky? “” Prefer a slow Waltz of Elvis Presley are you lonesome tonight “and Frank Sinatra – Moon River”? “Or maybe you prefer a modern Waltz”Mecano Hijo de la luna”or Green Day Working Class Hero.” See many more beautiful waltz and many tips and information for example the Advisor wedding Waltz. Always, make sure that you learn book wedding DJ one, which extensively music can advise you in the selection of your wedding. Their DJ can tell you exactly, what Waltz fits particularly well. Your DJ knows very well and know what is really good. Once you’ve finally found your waltzes, you should discuss the complete process and coordinate everything in advance with your DJ. And you can enjoy quite reassured your dance.

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Goldfrapp Occur

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The electro-pop stars Goldfrapp play in early October in the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin. British pop duo Goldfrapp hotels ensures a rush to music fans in Berlin at the end of the year. The successful duo, consisting of occurs culture House of singer Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, musicians on Saturday 2nd October in the Berlin Astra. After the release of their fifth Studio album head, Goldfrapp are first at the beginning of the year in the context of their Weldtournee for numerous concerts in Europe to guest. On this occasion, they occurred this month in the British V Festival. The Berlin fans are allowed at the concert in the Astra Kulturhaus on new songs like rocket the last singles and alive, but also classics such as train and strict machine look forward to. Head first was praised by many critics such as Ian Wade by the BBC. Should enjoy first like on the first spring sun head”, he told the fans. Goldfrapp have been known to drive a remarkable stage show, at the Alison often in fancy costumes their stands on the stage, special Highlight voice. Swarmed by offers, Dan Zwirn is currently assessing future choices. The British newspaper the guardian wrote to a concert at the London Union Chapel in the year 2008 by the fragile, magical atmosphere”, which will created on the stage. “Alison Goldfrapp barely budged and does not speak between songs, but it is pulled by their irresistible voice captivated”, the newspaper added. The tickets for the concert in Berlin, starting at 20:00 are available for 29.70. Fans who don’t make it to Berlin, can experience Goldfrapp also on 30 September in Hamburg and on 4 October in Munich, before it goes for the band in the Switzerland and Italy and Slovenia.

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