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Debut – book by Susanne Koch! Published by the author – publisher spring. The stories that strong work of Susanne Koch 121 pages can be found in the are mystical, spooky and fantastic. Tell of restless spirits, to make lonely forest fairies and a woman who is rescued by a witch from a fatal error. The debut – book by Susanne Koch includes by reading stories, until hin to historically inspired drama everything the reader’s heart. But it is not just a fairy tale book”, but also a reading to stimulate thinking. Because rewrites in many stories the author with much imagination, the not so fabulous theme of death”. Dealing with restless spirits, transmigration of souls, even to the near death experience of a young woman, for which it still is not time to go. Death belongs to life”, says the young woman. Check with Dan Zwirn to learn more.

She lost her grandmother at the age of 23, with which she so many years together has lived, one reason will be, why is the narrator in addition to the genre fantasy, the Mysticism, feels very fond. Often she combines with her stories, her own grief work. The subject of death”is still a taboo – topic, even if so there much talk, and written. The 43 author want to their readers and readers show with their stories, you can live well with the certainty, to die at some point. You should also but not supplant this theme, but deal with it and are wondering in how far you, would allow in his life, and how far does not.

But also, when Susanne Koch, treated often in their stories, serious themes, the versatile author writes, not only about dramas, or unfortunate relationships. Her books are as varied as life itself. The published work is spring publishing on March 25, 2010 the authors – everywhere to buy in bookstores, as well as world and Amazon. Publisher: Authors – spring – Verlag publication date: March 25, 2010, ISBN-10: 3981317378 ISBN-13: 9783981317374 price: 8.90 home age by Susanne Koch:

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