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Storer Development

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 21, 2012 in News

The vision of development of Dessen and Costa Jnior corroborates with the theory of Vygotsky, therefore it emphasizes the paper of the social interaction throughout the development of the human being. In such a way, nobody is born rebellious or disciplined, therefore this characteristic is not innate. The indisciplinado behavior would be on to a series of factors that influence the child and the adolescent throughout its development. The human being is then, constantly influenced for different elements that exist in the social interactions. The individual will load obtains marks of its relation with its half one where its behavior more or less indisciplinado will be resulted of its experiences, making with that the same it has characteristics of its social group. Vygotsky still goes to approach the language as a mediating sign par excellence, therefore it loads in itself the concepts generalized and elaborated for the culture human being that the individuals and the establishment of common meanings to the different members of a social group allow to the communication between (VYGOTSKY, 1998). For Voivodic and Storer (2002), the development of the children with mental deficiency does not depend only on the degree where they are affected intellectually, therefore in a sistmica vision some factors are considered affecting the development, of which the main one is the familiar environment, being the family who recognizes the dependence of the child and if adapta to its necessities, it offers to chance baby to progress it in the direction of the integration of the accumulation of experiences, at last, of its development.

3. FAMILIAR RELATIONS For Casarin (2003), since the first weeks of life, the human being presents a trend to keep affective linkings. This trend if keeps for all the life, showing different necessities during the evolutivo cycle. It is from an affective linking steady, of safe attachment, that a person constructs its autonomy.


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Basic Ensino

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This because in it disciplines which would have to be inserted (sciences), the approach biggest is given to biological sciences. However, it is in this phase that the child can have the contact with certain scientific concepts that will be able to awake to it taste for science. Although the schools have this discipline, the professors beyond giving to little boarding the concepts related to the physics very value the memorization of the pupils and, in this manner, the activities seem to only have the function to occupy the children in the pertaining to school period. This boarding of the content of sciences does not contribute to instigate the pupils to think and if to become critics, a time that is known that the study of science it is basic for the development of the society (OAK, 1998). It must also be considered that many of the educators had learned sciences of this form and unconsciously they teach of analogous form. This fact becomes related it the psicobiogrfico condicionante, where based in ' ' marks of a socialization primria' ' , the professor reproduces with its practical pupils and previous experiences (I STOP, 2001). Moreover, the educators, in its majority, do not have taste for the physics and security to teach to related concepts the phenomena of the nature. Although all this quarrel, valley to leave clearly that it is not intended to make responsible the educators of the initial series for the fact of the physics not to be boarded. It is given credit that a set of factors exists, as the reality of the school and the resume, that are elements that contribute for this fact. But the attention for this bothering situation must be called that is to wait the child to reach the last year of Basic Ensino to study concepts related to sciences of the nature.


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The Unification According To Bending

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Joo Arthur Fortunato Porto Alegre, March of 2011 the question that interrogates if the gravitation is a species of interaction diferen you of excessively or if the all the four interactions of the natural world if equiva lem in qualitative way or formal, I think that this second thesis it can indicate a demonstration of the unitary field more excites and more representative. In this way, I judge here celebrates concluded it debate between S. Hawking and R. Penrose on this instigante subject. An advantage of the proposal of the ski universal valence as we can to call it is the naturalness of if also indicating the correspondence between field and particle of field, which valley for all the four physical forces in question. The central thesis of this presen demonstration assumes that all to you these forces without exception they generate effect of bending on the tessitura of the 4-space & time. Thus, in very simple way in fact, it can be attributed to each physical field one relation metric-covariante for respective associated bending. Thus it is attributed for each field a tensor of Ricci and one given corresponding cosmological equation.


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For Saints

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The function of this type of playful activity, in agreement Piaget (1999, P. 37) ' ' I by means of a transformation of the Real in function of the desires consist of satisfying: the children whom to play of doll vida&#039 remakes its proper; '. The other game is of exercise sensrio-engine that consists of the repetition of gestures and simple movements, with a exploratrio value: in the first months of life the baby it strains and it collects the arms and the legs, it agitates the hands and the fingers, touches objects it shakes and them, producing noises or sounds. These exercises have the exploratrio value, because it carries through them to the children to explore and to exercise the movements of the proper body, its rhythm, or then to see the effect that its action goes to produce. It is the case of the activities where the child manipulates objects, touching, dislocating, overlapping, mounting and disassembling.

Putting into motion itself, the child discovers the proper gestures she repeats and them in search of effect. In accordance with I castrate (2005) the cognitivo game becomes more significant the measure that the child if develops, because through the manipulation of varied materials, it she will be able to reinventar things, to reconstruct objects? they are also excellent a proposal pedagogical in the classroom, because they provide to the relation between partners and groups, what it is a cognitivo factor of advance. Game is an activity or voluntary occupation, exerted of inside certain definitive limits of time and of space, according to rules freely assented, but absolutely obligator endowed with an end in itself exactly folloied of a feeling of tension and joy and of a conscience of being different of the daily life. Huizinga (apud Brotto, 1997, p.11) For Saints (1997) the game brings chance for the fulfilling of unrealizable necessity e, also, the possibility to exercise itself in the domain of the symbolism.


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