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This because in it disciplines which would have to be inserted (sciences), the approach biggest is given to biological sciences. However, it is in this phase that the child can have the contact with certain scientific concepts that will be able to awake to it taste for science. Although the schools have this discipline, the professors beyond giving to little boarding the concepts related to the physics very value the memorization of the pupils and, in this manner, the activities seem to only have the function to occupy the children in the pertaining to school period. This boarding of the content of sciences does not contribute to instigate the pupils to think and if to become critics, a time that is known that the study of science it is basic for the development of the society (OAK, 1998). It must also be considered that many of the educators had learned sciences of this form and unconsciously they teach of analogous form. This fact becomes related it the psicobiogrfico condicionante, where based in ' ' marks of a socialization primria' ' , the professor reproduces with its practical pupils and previous experiences (I STOP, 2001). Moreover, the educators, in its majority, do not have taste for the physics and security to teach to related concepts the phenomena of the nature. Although all this quarrel, valley to leave clearly that it is not intended to make responsible the educators of the initial series for the fact of the physics not to be boarded. It is given credit that a set of factors exists, as the reality of the school and the resume, that are elements that contribute for this fact. But the attention for this bothering situation must be called that is to wait the child to reach the last year of Basic Ensino to study concepts related to sciences of the nature.


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