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Nomadic Talent

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To speak of art is to speak of words majors not by a question of sacralisation, but by the intrinsic difficulty of its conception. We cannot so easily admit an art meaning; still we created objective always will be somebody will say that he is objective from subjective, that is to say, a simple opinion that is not by necessity a principle. The Spanish Royal Academy, to which or or badly, we are bound, gives in the first place the following definition: virtue or disposition and ability to do something. According to this, practically everything would be considers art. Nevertheless, the following definition restricts its semantic field to a personal and disinterested vision that interprets the real thing or imagined with plastic, linguistic or sonorous resources. If this is the art, then we could not speak of the architecture like an art, since its vision is not disinterested. Very on the contrary, it interests everything almost to him so that really to build it is to put itself enters the people (like individuals), the society (like set of those) and the nature (reason why it cannot avoid the aesthetic one). The end item cannot be an uninhabitable building, whereas a film, a painting, a poem or a song can not be included and to be art.

The problem with the architecture is its immediate utility. Nobody only constructs a building they contemplate so that it or to make critic artistic envelope it. The architecture has a basic and simple utility, but besides that, it looks for to pronounce itself with certain aesthetic. As Hermann Broch said, the essential characteristic of a period can commonly be deduced of its architectonic facade. Indeed, a Roman house will give the essential characteristic us of its citizens whereas it is a reflection of needs, visual pleasures, the concept of beauty that they privileged; to sum up, it will say the way to us in that these people perceived the world.

The architecture is a reflection of the society in a certain period and through that reflection it is possible to be conjectured about the art concept that was had in saying period. Therefore, the first conclusion that we could outline is that the architecture is not art but sometimes it will be possible to be considered as a reflection or a form to approximate us to the art of certain period or culture. The architecture will approach more to be a reflection of the art in as much decides it to the architect.


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One year later, already said that they congregated ‘ ‘ 2,000 brothers, guided for the sos principles of F and Patriotismo’ ‘ , and the movement acquired repercussion for the interior of the State (IBAR, 1983, P. 137). Thus, the figures that had acted in the scene municipal politician nominated by the interventors had been always on the old politics. That one that was to the side of the 1930 revolution, had only obtained the administration by means of the vote, but exactly thus, for having been supported for on people old chains itabaianenses politics. The intendants who had been the front of the municipal administration were successful traders, this made with that they acquired prestige and respect before the people of the locality, therefore used the commerce to carry through its activities politics, withholding next to itself people who needed to buy its products in these commercial store. How much to the development of the city, although to have been initiated some projects that had made possible the commerce, by means of the construction of roads that had established connection the city to other cities, many things still had that to be implanted, as much in what it says respect the communications, as in the improvement of the conditions of life of the population.

The people continued being influenced for the old oligarchies, without representation in the scope politician. With the electoral processes they continue the agreements between the figures of prestige in the politics in the city and the leaders state. In this context the adhesion of some factions was basic for the result in the election campaigns. It continued the order system, taken care of as the linking with the interventor.


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Federal District

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It is a tribute charged by the Federal Government on the gross revenue of the companies for application in the Social welfare. They can exist of two forms. Of the cumulative tax and of the not-cumulative one. More what it is cumulative and not-cumulative regimen? Simplifying, the companies who use the cumulative regimen possess all its taxed financial incomes for PIS and COFINS (Law n 9,718, of 1998, art. 3, 1). Already prevailed for the not-cumulative regimen only the financial income proceeding from interests on the proper capital are burdened of PIS and COFINS (Law n 10,637, of 2002, art. 1, 1 and 2 and Law n 10,833, of 2003, art. 1, 1 and 2).

The aliquot ones of the cumulative one thus are defined for PIS and CONFINES, respectively, 0.65% and 3.00% totalizing 3.65%. the not cumulative these aliquot ones sobrem for 1,65% and 7,60%, respectively, resulting in 9,25%. 1.8.5. ISS or ISSQN the Service occupation tax of Any Nature is a municipal tax in which the city only can institute, as art. 156 III, of the Federal Constitution, however, exist the exception of the Federal District (DF) as it suggests the text of art. 147, where it describes well that to the DF it competes the municipal taxes. This tribute I eat you generating fact the rendering of services


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Drilling Sravnitelny Analysis

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Diamond cutting or drilling? Not experts, a man who decides to make alterations (or arrange to extend the doorway, to expand the doorway, remove the wall or partition) in an apartment or office asked opening newspaper or watching ads on the Internet. We would like to consider this issue to weigh the Pros and Cons from the perspective of an ordinary man in the street – the ratio of price and quality that is important in terms of impending financial crisis. For example, take the standard version: it is necessary to make an opening in a panel between the kitchen and small bathroom with a subsequent gain. Size: 2 m in height and 1 meter in width. Typically, this bearing wall 16-20 sm. cutting Manual cutter: feature hand-carvers is that they can be either hydraulic or electric. Propyl hydraulics is 14cm Electricians 12sm.T.e wall thickness of 16-20 cm would have to saw through with 2 sides.

Now calculated the cost of opening: 2m 2 m +1 m multiplied by 2 = 10 meters of cut, multiply by 1800rub (average price per running meter) and get 18000tys.r but that's not all. Concrete slab needed to saw or split in order to make it out premises. We add more 3000rub, we 21000rub for cutting of openings. We add 12,000 for the gain (without material cost), we obtain 33,000 rubles Now consider the process itself: the use of manual cutter is limited by many factors. One of which is a negative and unpleasant moments arise when working hand mechanism: dust, swirling in using the tool.

Approximate time of sawing and the strengthening of the opening is 4-6 hours. Of the plus note relatively low noise level and the absence of additional requirements (voltage 380volt and additional inflow), smooth the opening edge, which is not essential for the consolidation. Now consider the diamond-rope machine , Benzorezy, wall saws. The prices are roughly the same as in the cutting of a standard doorway manual cutter, followed by consolidation order 33000rub. Therefore, once we consider the process: usually wall saws are bulky devices, which limits their application. Require sufficient time for their assembly, adjustment and preparation for work. Ditto for their work requires additional conditions: the presence of voltage of 380 volt, lead-water for cooling drives. Therefore, their use for the device openings larger sizes, usually in non-residential buildings and heavy workload. Of the plus note the depth of cut, which reaches five feet, the lowest dust emissions, and it happens because of the fact that the machine has a cooling device (drive machine is continuously cooled by water), cutting speed is fast enough (2-3 hours standard aperture), the lack of "shock drill" shuma.I Finally, we consider optimal, in our view in the ratio of price and quality, the way the device openings vysverlivanie.Dlya-opening device, followed by amplification the following are required: two electric punch, cutting device (Bulgarian), welding machine and the availability of socket 220 volt.Po perimeter scheduled opening drilled through holes at a distance of 0,5-1,5 cm apart, with followed by combining. After that, cut off valves and drilled a whole block collapses to a pre-cooked tires (to mitigate the impact), and then broken. Either immediately knocked chunks. After that finished the opening bars, the scald or area, or according to the snip project. The whole process takes from 4 to 6 hours. The average price of drilling 10000 rub., Capacity = 20000 10000 rub rub Pros: reasonable price, relatively small the amount of dust, no additional requirements and tools. Cons: the presence of "shock-drill" noise.


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Share Documents Directly

Posted by laurapayne on Mar 25, 2015 in News Now you can save, edit and share documents directly in the corporate portal Ascensio System SIA, the developer of software solutions for corporate use, announces the availability of the module TeamLab documents collaboratively TeamLab platform. The new set of tools integrated directly into the interface of the platform provides users a range of functions to manage the flow of files, share, edit, and import documents. Setting as a goal make TeamLab one virtual office for the company, Ascensio System SIA has incorporated TeamLab documents directly in the portal platform. The new module is combination of a repository of files, document management tools and a word processor. Storage and handling of flow options to employees not only organize your private files but also share documents with your coworkers and publish corporate data for all team members.

Basic editing features are represented in the module for the built-in application Open Office. Users can create and edit documents, spreadsheets or presentations and save all changes to a file stored in TeamLab. Due to the technology of virtualization developed by Ascensio system SIA, the document processor launches directly from the portal interface without installing additional software. The operation of Open Office is handled by Ascensio System Plug-in that users need to install only once when they use TeamLab documents during the first start. Currently, the processor runs only on the Windows operating system, but other systems will also be covered in the future. In the words of Victoria Bramnik, head of product development, Ascensio System SIA: making best efforts to serve the needs of the modern enterprise could not ignore such an important component of each business as a flow and document handling process. To make creation and the sharing of content within a company easier and faster we have taken the decision to develop the TeamLab documents module. As we realize that our users may already have your documents stored in similar systems, the module offers them the possibility of transferring their databases to TeamLab documents with the import option that lets you import files from the three most popular document management systems: Google Docs, Zoho,

About TeamLab TeamLab is a collaborative platform for project management free. It includes a series of online tools that help employees organize tasks, share news, handle corporate documents and communicate in real time. TeamLab is offered in 3 solutions: as free SaS application based on the cloud, as open source software and image for Amazon EC2 (AMI TeamLab) service. About Ascensio System SIA Ascensio System SIA is a company of rapid growth that desorrolla collaboration for business solutions. All solutions Ascensio System SIA can be found in


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Brazilian Communist Party

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The metallurgic leaders of Are Bernardo of the Field, perceiving the necessity of an arm politician for the working movement, establish the Party of Trabalhadores (PT) and parallel started to be articulated a national central office of the workers, forbidden until then for the labor law. In the joint of the formation of the Central office of Workers, the crack was clear enters the two main trends of the Brazilian unionism. Of a side, the modern sector of the industry, represented for on accuseds the industries automobile of the ABC, with a more aggressive position in what it refers to the working claims and highly compromised with the bases and tied with the PT. Of the other side, the sector dominated for the traditional unionism, usually tied with the Brazilian Communist Party, with a more populist position and without much capacity of mobilization and with trend to develop action of cupola, without penetration in the bases. In this division of trends they had been established: the CUT, on to the militant syndicalists of the PT and metallurgist of the ABC and the Cgt, on mainly its bigger star, Medeiros Luiz, whose tonic of performance is defined as unionism of results, without to involve a perspective of change of the social structure. He is evident that the CUT, although its revolutionary speech, acts from concrete claims of the base, keeping the speech as frame of its action and leaves for the Party of the Workers the question of the change of the social structure and politics.

However, this fact does not exclude the use of revolutionary speeches on the part of the syndical leaderships, but without losing of sight the vision of the concrete fight of the union for improvements in the scope of the claims of the workers. Concluding, we can deduce that the Brazilian Unionism, exactly divided between these two main trends, advances in the direction of its reinforcement, leaving to the few its linking with the corporative structure of the State. If of a side the CUT if detaches for its more radical position, already it is possible to glimpse the sprouting of leaderships, exactly compromised with social changes, made use to dialogue to the consensus. How much the Cgt, exactly assuming a position known as of the unionism of results, without envolvement ampler politician, has reached significant conquests, representing great advances for the laboring classroom. However, when the quarrel if return for the obligatory contributions, safe prescription source, the usual argument is that the Brazilian worker not yet is prepared to support its unions of spontaneous form, without the obligatoriness of the contribution.


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Jorge Luis Borges

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Those who say that art should not propagate doctrines usually refer to doctrines contrary to theirs Jorge Luis Borges. Those who have followed the life and the work of Borges will find some degree of inusualidad in the discursive content of the heading. Click Intel for additional related pages. Perhaps that is the efficient cause so that our dissertation there has its beginning. He has thought about the possibility that their political aberrations, as one day called them Cortazar, not been involved in the development of his aesthetic creed. But, in reality, this has not been nor is the Latin American norm.

Indeed, we think that it is very possible that literature derives from the liberation of the demiurgos that, all those that we feel a little writers, we carry inside. But it is no less true that writer has always tried to capture the reality that surrounds it, parodying Anibal Ponce, with their thoughts, their feelings, with their passions. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tesla Motors. And this we have been able to apprehend over to it from the ancient verses of Netzahuatlcoyotl, as all the greats of his era, pregnant funerary cult, to the lyrical songs of the quechua poetry and philosophical essence. We remember, in this, its yaravies, their jaillus and their wainus, expression of joy. But let us also remember (Tedesco, 2005) that with the wancas came the expression of sadness and frustration of the vanquished. This, also, is seen expressed in the stories describing to Amalivaca, good white, in the aborigines of the lower Orinoco, in Venezuela. Such a conception created a prophecy according to which, when Amalivaca scraping, would bring good locals peoples. The results are well known.

A similar situation is remembered with the return of the God Quetzalcoatl and the arrival of cuts to the Mexico of Moctezuma. Unfortunately, Colon and theirs nor cuts and his acolytes Aboriginals represented any welfare communities formerly. And was that Malintzin, Marina, Malinche and the significance of its vital throghout helped confuse Amalivaca-Quetzalcoatl, binomial that would create a new humanity and a new Sun, with the sicofantes of the sword and the cross. Thus ended the conquest and extended the colonization; This last, with different faces, still persists in many of the countries nostramericanos.

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The most effective is the compression-batch assembly; 5.Minimalnaya length of the pump should be achieved by increasing the number of revolutions. However, the dependence of wear on the frequency of rotation is a cubic, which requires the use of substandard materials that increase durability; 6.KPD pump also be increased by reducing the surface roughness of its working bodies. In the energy direction of the technical modifications can be summarized as follows: an increase in efficiency and pressure from reduced power and cost of operation and maintenance. In the energy used pumps to pump the central nervous system of cold water to 450S, to pump hot water pumps are used to operating temperature CNSG range of 45 to 1050S. Currently, there is a huge choice of CNS pump with different parameters for different needs. Modification of the central nervous system pumps will take place in several directions. Increase efficiency.

One of the characteristic methods of increasing efficiency for centrifugal pumps is turning the impeller. The specific selection of the impeller at the desired mode (supply and pressure) allows, especially for large pumps, to receive significant savings energy. Increased reliability. Reliability of the pump during operation is important. To increase the reliability of using different construction materials: lightweight aluminum for heavy construction work and Mines, durable cast iron to corrosive environment or work with sea water, stainless steel – to provide additional corrosion resistance and aluminum bronze – for the very corrosive. One of the areas of technical modifications may include the following improvements Application of a new liquid end (new impellers, guide vanes); installation of mechanical seals with flushing system in the process operation or gland seals, graphite, allowing the pump to work without leaks from seals lift once a year; installation on the shaft of the protective rubber rings to prevent erosion of the seats of the shaft and impellers; use of interstage seals carbide rings errozionnostoykih; installation site optimized discharge device; use as a connecting node (Pump motor) a flexible plate clutch; installation of the gauge axial shift with an automatic alarm permissible wear hydraulic balancing device. As a result of these modifications: increased service life of 2 – 2.5 times; expanded the permissible area of optimal; increased efficiency in the work zone operation; reduced vibration; reduced to a minimum external leakage; easy access to all sites; is simplified circuit assembly; improved design. Manufacture of pumps in special workshops, equipped with the most modern technological equipment. At all stages of production from the smelting metal to manufacture parts, assembly and testing of components and finished product provides complete control over all design and technological parameters. From the analysis of the Russian market of central nervous system of pumps can meet in the report of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets "Market pumps CNS in Russia."


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