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The Black

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It is Sousa (2005b, P. 114) who remembers in them that ' ' the instruments legislators as family, school and medias tend to disqualify the attributes of the segments ethnic-racial black ' ' e, therefore many of the pupils afro-descents develop auto-esteem acentuadamente low, as it occurred with my pupil, for example. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Bertolini. The refusal to the assimilation on the part of the black elapses, therefore, of the perception of its marginalizao and social rejection, since no matter how hard it looked for to imitate the whites, it did not obtain to cheat the equality and longed for respect. &#039 appears from there; ' revolta' ' , when noticing that ' ' the true solution of the problems does not consist of macaquear the white, but of fighting to break the social barriers hinder that it to enter the category of homens' '. Leaving of side ' ' assimilation, the release of the black must be effected by reconquers of itself and a dignity autnoma' ' (MUNANGA, 1988, P. 32).

That is, Accepting, the black affirms itself cultural, moral, physically and psychically. It demands itself with passion, the same one he made that it to admire and to assimilate the white. It will assume the denied color and will see in it traces of beauty and feira as any human being ' ' normal' ' (MUNANGA, 1988, P. 32, apud OLIVEIRA, 2008, p.3) When the society afro-descendant to start if to look at and if to see in the mirror with its beauties and defects and if to recognize inherent qualities and defects the all human being (and if not to nominate ugly for being of this or that color, skill, culture), the mirror will leave of being empty of images and will reflect singular, full contours of life, brightness, colors and flavors, rockings movements and will be the contours of the mirror that you look at and mirror created not it to reflect what the society wants and nominates as.


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Incorporeal Avenue

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You will go to understand on what it is material patrimony and incorporeal patrimony and its implications. Finally, the present article will make a linking with the incorporeal patrimony and the memories collective and individual having constructed a causal nexus where the present heading will be explained. Word-Key: Patrimony, Material, Incorporeal, Psychology and Behavior. ‘ ‘ In each creative act destruidor’ has an act; ‘ Ostrower, 1990 When we restore something, is a praiseworthy attitude, however, we are placing a shovel of whitewash over some souvenirs that had happened in that place.

I say this a time that innumerable events that had occurred physically, and mentally, in such places are re-covered desumanamente by inks, asphalt or even though cement and concrete. Two good examples of this are the Avenue President Vargas, in all its extension and a bar that is well in front of the Arapari Port, in the street Siqueira Mendes. The first example had its souvenirs tarred for the progress, that is, the parallelopiped street, with poetical a so beautiful, so common one in the belemense historical center, was suffocated by the black carpet of the progress, for the development of the city this was excellent, but for the preservation of its identity, it was of an immense caoticidade. I do not know if proposital or luck of some, the history of August avenue 15 still is there for who possesss the sensible look, however unhappyly relegated to the way wire of this avenue. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Aetna Inc.. The other example that I cited was seen, almost without wanting, when a group of pupils mine, in stroll to this exactly historical center, stopped in front of the Arapari Port to buy souvenirs of the Wax candle of Nazar and I, to follow them, I was to the side of them.


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Regional History

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Still at this first moment it was approached fall of the exploration between years 1890 the 1930 where the pine if became scarce, and high during the government Vargas of 1930 the 1962. The process of the wood still in the Paran until its destinations was worked as United States and Europe. For as the moment ace was worked the question of the associated wood economic activities and the impact in the environment. Ace was inquired that great forests in Brazil foreign interests always despertaram and in the Paran it was not different, thus attracting some colonists mainly during world to war i, and came the all vapor occupying diverse regions initiating the deforestation. It was continued lesson pointing that such explorations and maltreatment caused ecological disequilibrium.

The association made between immigrants and the exploration of the wood are that these had been stimulated by the market that was in potentiality, that is, the capitalism that modeller of the society. CONSIDERAES History does not have only the function to culturally enrich the pupils with the end of only repeating the facts at great length and mechanically. ' ' It must make possible same a understanding of History as a contradictory process for which the men in its multiple relations produce its life in its multiple dimenses.' ' (SIQUEIRA, RODRIGUES, 2009, s/n). In this direction it is necessary that the education of Regional History and the History of the Paran are reviewed in the resumes pertaining to school, therefore, a tool consists that would widely make possible the understanding on the importance and the preservation of cultural the historic site I assist beyond it in the construction of identities. In the words of Jayme and Carla Pinsky: He is necessary therefore, that the education of History is revalorizado and that the professors of this disciplines is acquired knowledge of its social responsibility before the pupils, being worried in helping to understand them it and we wait, to improve the world.


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One year later, already said that they congregated ‘ ‘ 2,000 brothers, guided for the sos principles of F and Patriotismo’ ‘ , and the movement acquired repercussion for the interior of the State (IBAR, 1983, P. 137). Thus, the figures that had acted in the scene municipal politician nominated by the interventors had been always on the old politics. That one that was to the side of the 1930 revolution, had only obtained the administration by means of the vote, but exactly thus, for having been supported for on people old chains itabaianenses politics. The intendants who had been the front of the municipal administration were successful traders, this made with that they acquired prestige and respect before the people of the locality, therefore used the commerce to carry through its activities politics, withholding next to itself people who needed to buy its products in these commercial store. How much to the development of the city, although to have been initiated some projects that had made possible the commerce, by means of the construction of roads that had established connection the city to other cities, many things still had that to be implanted, as much in what it says respect the communications, as in the improvement of the conditions of life of the population.

The people continued being influenced for the old oligarchies, without representation in the scope politician. With the electoral processes they continue the agreements between the figures of prestige in the politics in the city and the leaders state. In this context the adhesion of some factions was basic for the result in the election campaigns. It continued the order system, taken care of as the linking with the interventor.


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Rio De Janeiro

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Some urban social movements had happened taking in account the great accented poverty that it was the great valve for the explosion of the movements and the main ones had been: The revolt of the Vaccine, the revolt of the chibata, the Tenentismo. The popular insatisfao in the way of as many difficulties the cities showed a sufficiently diversified social composition, the city of Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Porto Alegre had had a population growth very raised by consequence of sped up industrialization, mainly in the Southeastern region, for all this context the services urban public and were very precarious and the hygiene lack contribuam for the dissemination of illnesses (smallpox and bubonic plague) and all the improvements that the government made was to less privilege alone the best commercial quarters and favored center leaving the classroom. In 1904 the sanitation and the modernization of Rio De Janeiro were priority because it was the capital of Brazil, more the mayor of the River, Pear tree Steps ordered to knock down casebres and tenement houses to open avenues, banishing the poor population for the mounts. institutes sanitary visits to all population becoming it obligator, the population if rebelled with them inspects in the houses made without no clarification and the obligatoriness of the vaccination against the smallpox that the sanitarista doctor Oswaldo Cross was the responsible one, this finishes measured was estopim of the Revolt of the Vaccine, making with that the population organized corporal and quebradeiras barricades in the streets and fights, but had not gotten success, the government took the control of the situation arrested a thousand people more than and deported others for the Acre. The Revolt of the Chibata was an urban social movement that was initiated in 22 of November of 1910, in the ship Minas Gerais, with the rebellion of the sailors rebelled with common maltreatment in the Brazilian navy that it was abolished since the announcement of the Republic, that in the practical one, continued to invigorate in the war fleet brasileira.teve as its leader the gaucho Joo Cndido Felisberto, nicknamed Admiral Negro.O great landmark the revolt was the brutal punishment that the Marcelino sailor Rodrigues received 250 chibatadas.os Sailors had pointed cannons with respect to the city of Rio De Janeiro with this the Congress took care of the claims of the sailors and amnestied leads of the movement.


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