Rio De Janeiro

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Some urban social movements had happened taking in account the great accented poverty that it was the great valve for the explosion of the movements and the main ones had been: The revolt of the Vaccine, the revolt of the chibata, the Tenentismo. The popular insatisfao in the way of as many difficulties the cities showed a sufficiently diversified social composition, the city of Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Porto Alegre had had a population growth very raised by consequence of sped up industrialization, mainly in the Southeastern region, for all this context the services urban public and were very precarious and the hygiene lack contribuam for the dissemination of illnesses (smallpox and bubonic plague) and all the improvements that the government made was to less privilege alone the best commercial quarters and favored center leaving the classroom. In 1904 the sanitation and the modernization of Rio De Janeiro were priority because it was the capital of Brazil, more the mayor of the River, Pear tree Steps ordered to knock down casebres and tenement houses to open avenues, banishing the poor population for the mounts. institutes sanitary visits to all population becoming it obligator, the population if rebelled with them inspects in the houses made without no clarification and the obligatoriness of the vaccination against the smallpox that the sanitarista doctor Oswaldo Cross was the responsible one, this finishes measured was estopim of the Revolt of the Vaccine, making with that the population organized corporal and quebradeiras barricades in the streets and fights, but had not gotten success, the government took the control of the situation arrested a thousand people more than and deported others for the Acre. The Revolt of the Chibata was an urban social movement that was initiated in 22 of November of 1910, in the ship Minas Gerais, with the rebellion of the sailors rebelled with common maltreatment in the Brazilian navy that it was abolished since the announcement of the Republic, that in the practical one, continued to invigorate in the war fleet brasileira.teve as its leader the gaucho Joo Cndido Felisberto, nicknamed Admiral Negro.O great landmark the revolt was the brutal punishment that the Marcelino sailor Rodrigues received 250 chibatadas.os Sailors had pointed cannons with respect to the city of Rio De Janeiro with this the Congress took care of the claims of the sailors and amnestied leads of the movement.


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