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Brazil, China And Russia

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 10, 2021 in News

The gravity of the European crisis worries to the emergent countries. On the contrary that in previous decades, when episodes of instability in the developed economies less extended their contagion to the outposts and required of the rescue through the multilateral organisms, now they are the mighty emergent countries those that fear the rarefaction wave of the evils which they afflict to the rich countries. Further details can be found at Prudential, an internet resource. China, with its enormous international reserves, has become object of desire for the Governments of countries with problems like Greece, Portugal, Spain or, now, Italy. While, the Brazilian minister of Economy, Guido Mantega, announced yesterday that Brazil, along with the other three countries that represent the most solid economies of the emergent countries and which trains the group of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), they are arranged to help Europe to leave the economic crisis ties down that it. Source of the news: : Brazil, China, Russia and India will help Europe to be able to surpass the crisis


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Carasatorre ETA Member

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 4, 2018 in News

/Carasatorre will have in addition to compensate to the State with 500,000 Euros and 150,000 Euros the heirs of Ordo’6nez. Francisco Javier Garci’a Gaztelu, ‘ Txapote’ , and Valentin Lasarte Oliden already was condemned by the murder of the councilman ‘ popular’ in San Sebastin. The Police discovers three ETA zulos in the south of France. The National Hearing has condemned to the ETA member Juan Ramon Carasatorre Aldaz to 30 years of jail by the murder in 1995 of the councilman of the PP in San Sebastin Gregorio Ordo’6nez, by whom already they were condemned Francisco Javier Garci’a Gaztelu, ‘ Txapote’ , and Valentin Lasarte Oliden. The sentence of the Room of the Penitentiary of the National Hearing, presided over by the magistrate Javier Go’mez Bermdez, also prohibits to Carasatorre to return to San Sebastin by a time of 5 years since it is in freedom, and that compensates to the state with 500,000 Euros and 150,000 Euros the heirs of Ordo’6nez. The pain to Carasatorre by a crime of murder executed by a terrorist organization in contest with an attack crime and with the aggravating one of premeditation, month of May agrees with the request done by the public prosecutor in the judgment celebrated the past. The sentence declares proven that the processing, nicknamed ‘ Zapata’ , he was member of ETA and in Christmases of 1994 it formed along with ‘ Txapote’ and Lasarte Oliden a group of ETA located in San Sebastin.

In those dates, ‘ Txapote’ it said to him to Lasarte Oliden that successfully obtained information on the lieutenant of mayor of the City council of San Sebastin and member of the Popular Party Gregorio Ordo’6nez in order to kill it. After several days of pursuits, Lasarte communicated to them that Ordo’6nez had different schedules and customs every day, reason why would have to execute it during the noon, when it left to eat. Total light of the day the 23 of January of 1995, when Lasarte watched the movements of Ordo’6nez in the environs of the City council of San Sebastin, saw as this one entered the restaurant ‘ The Cepa’ of the capital donostiarra next to its personal secretary, Maria San Gil, Enrique Jose Billiards Icar Urtasun. It communicated the fact immediately to Carasatorre and the other member of ETA that were in a floor of the Birmingham street of the district of Gros of San Sebastin, deciding the three that it was the propitious moment to try to kill Ordo’6nez. Shortly after, around the 15,15 h, Carasatorre Aldaz entered the restaurant directly going to the table where the victim was seated and, being placed behind the same, killed after shooting to him at the top very to little distance. The sentence emphasizes that to base the responsibility or participation of Carasatorre on the fact the pertaining to a witness declaration of Valentin Lasarte has been valued before the instructional judge when it declared as imputed in 1996. In addition, Lasarte declared in the oral view to Carasatorre as witness and said that at the time of the murder of Ordo’6nez era of ETA, it acted in the Donosti commando and who ” participated in the attack to Ordo’6nez; like collaborator “. In relation to Carasatorre, of 49 years, it indicated it knew that it, that were in the same group of ETA, although could not need dates.


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Fastest Computer

Posted by laurapayne on May 20, 2017 in News

A supercomputer of Fujitsu ctu 8,160 trillions of operations per second. He is still developing and in him 975 million Euros have been reversed about. It will be destined to the calculation of predictions of the climatic change. A supercomputer made by the Japanese company Fujitsu has become the fastest computer of the world, according to classification TOP500, elaborated by German and American universities and picked up by the Nikkei newspaper. The list of faster computers of the planet, ctuada twice to the year, crowned the Japanese computer, baptized like " K" and still developing, like quickest. The supercomputer of Fujitsu, created in collaboration with the Japanese institute of Riken investigation, was able to ctuar 8,160 trillions of operations per second, more of the triple than the fastest considered one in the previous classification, the Chinese Tianhe-1A.

The project " K" it counts on an investment near the 112,000 million yens (975 million Euros) and it is expected is destined to the calculation of predictions of the climatic change, detailed on the other hand Kyodo agency. The Nobel prize de Qumica 2001 and president of the institute Riken, Ryiji Noyori, assured that it is in the fields of science and the technology in which Japan can " to show his fortaleza". With the recognition of this edition of the TOP500, Japan it was placed for the first time in the last seven years in highest of a classification that historically has dominated along with the USA, but that in last editions a greater competition of China has seen and India. Source of the news: The fastest computer of the world now is in Japan, according to list TOP500


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Delegation Airports

Posted by laurapayne on Apr 19, 2015 in News

AENA decided to extend their facilities with a new building for the invoicing and has reformed the building of exits to adapt it to the boarding form. The past 13 of July, the municipality of Reus protested to be able to manage its airport through a manifesto in the titled day " Airport of Reus, management from territorio" that it summoned the Delegation of the Government of the Majority of Catalonia in Tarragona. They protest that the City council can assume the competitions that now the managing has company AENA on the installation and thus to be able to make one more a management more effective. The AENA explanations These three airports are significant examples of the situation in which is the Spanish airport network. The new enterprise strategy of the airlines seems to have put other airports in the front sight, mainly, those that are smaller and present/display less volume of business. Facilities as those of Girona or Sabadell they have registered a reduction of activity in the last months, eclipsed by the airport of the Prat, which place to them in a delicate situation. Spanish airports and Navegacin Area (AENA), the managing company of the airfield network public, insists on which these losses suppose an extra cost neither for the State nor for the contributors since, finances by means of their own income that come mainly from the rates that acquires by the use of its facilities, according to it has explained the company. Although many airports present/display losses in their account of results, the airport company decides to maintain them operative to guarantee the public service and by reasons mainly of connectivity of the different regions from Spanish geography, according to has ratified the own company. Source of the news: Is profitable the present airport system in Spain?


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Nomadic Talent

Posted by laurapayne on Mar 29, 2015 in News

To speak of art is to speak of words majors not by a question of sacralisation, but by the intrinsic difficulty of its conception. We cannot so easily admit an art meaning; still we created objective always will be somebody will say that he is objective from subjective, that is to say, a simple opinion that is not by necessity a principle. The Spanish Royal Academy, to which or or badly, we are bound, gives in the first place the following definition: virtue or disposition and ability to do something. According to this, practically everything would be considers art. Nevertheless, the following definition restricts its semantic field to a personal and disinterested vision that interprets the real thing or imagined with plastic, linguistic or sonorous resources. If this is the art, then we could not speak of the architecture like an art, since its vision is not disinterested. Very on the contrary, it interests everything almost to him so that really to build it is to put itself enters the people (like individuals), the society (like set of those) and the nature (reason why it cannot avoid the aesthetic one). The end item cannot be an uninhabitable building, whereas a film, a painting, a poem or a song can not be included and to be art.

The problem with the architecture is its immediate utility. Nobody only constructs a building they contemplate so that it or to make critic artistic envelope it. The architecture has a basic and simple utility, but besides that, it looks for to pronounce itself with certain aesthetic. As Hermann Broch said, the essential characteristic of a period can commonly be deduced of its architectonic facade. Indeed, a Roman house will give the essential characteristic us of its citizens whereas it is a reflection of needs, visual pleasures, the concept of beauty that they privileged; to sum up, it will say the way to us in that these people perceived the world.

The architecture is a reflection of the society in a certain period and through that reflection it is possible to be conjectured about the art concept that was had in saying period. Therefore, the first conclusion that we could outline is that the architecture is not art but sometimes it will be possible to be considered as a reflection or a form to approximate us to the art of certain period or culture. The architecture will approach more to be a reflection of the art in as much decides it to the architect.


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National Hearing Pablo Ruz

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 18, 2013 in News

It accuses to them of collaboration with armed band, concealment and revelation of secrets. Chivatazo took place the 4 of May of 2006 in the bar Pheasant of Irn. The judge of the National Hearing Pablo Ruz has processed east Wednesday to the three imputed police controls in " Faisn&quot case; , among them the general exdirector of the Police Victor Garci’a Noble, by a crime of collaboration with terrorist organization or concealment and by another one of revelation of secrets. To thus the magistrate has decided it, that he investigates chivatazo to ETA in the 2006 by which Pheasant of Irn alerted itself to the band of a police operation against its apparatus of extortion in the bar (Gipuzkoa), in a car in which also it has processed to the inspector of the Brigade of Information of Alava, Jose Maria Crossbowmen, and j superior of Police of the Basque Country, Enrique Pamis. Then there was a process of truce abierto between ETA and the Government. In his resolution, of 75 pages, judge Ruz raises the two alternative qualifications of terrorist collaboration or concealment, although inclines more to typify the facts like crime of collaboration with armed band. For the judge, " at the present moment enough appear reasons to affirm that now process they could cometer" the mentioned crimes and conclude that the three police controls could filter to ETA imminent haltings that were going away to take place. Twelve Ruz indications will take investigatory declaration to Garci’a Noble, Pamis and next the 19 Ballesteros of July as of the 10,00 hours to communicate their processing to them.

According to it details in the car, the judge has successfully obtained up to twelve indications against processing s, notwithstanding the test that practices in the oral judgment, between which it mentions the confirmation of the presence next to the bar Pheasant of Crossbowmen in the previous minutes to take place the investigated telephone call and that is taken care of by the owner of the establishment Joseba Elosua inside the premises. Also appointment that the knowledge that they had of the filtration was through the beacon installed in the vehicle of Elosua. Also, the magistrate shows the cuts registered in video tapes that recorded the environs of the bar Pheasant the day that took place the blowing. Source of the news: Judge Pablo Ruz processes to three police controls by chivatazo to ETA of the bar Pheasant


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Supreme Court Women

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 4, 2012 in News

The demand had been presented/displayed in the name of 1.6 million women. Of to have prospered, the chain must have paid thousands of million. The decision of the High Court of the USA was made unanimously. The Supreme Court of the USA rejected east Monday a collective demand against the chain of stores Wal Mart, presented/displayed in the name of 1.6 million women who had alleged sexual discrimination in the treatment. The Supreme one considered that the demand, that had been able to give like result the payment of thousands of million dollars in compensations, cannot continue as complains collective, reason why the women will have to continue with their for a reason or purpose individual denunciation. The decision of the High Court, who will have repercussion in the labor policy of the great companies, was made unanimously. This way, the Supreme one has been aligned with the arguments of Wal Mart, the greater company by number of employees of the USA, that dndido are during the process that their policies prohibit the discrimination explicitly and promote the diversity in his it soles labor the case started in 2001, when six employees demanded as much to the company by discrimination in their remuneration as in their possibilities of ascent because of sort. The woman who promoted the first denunciation was Betty Dukes, receptionist in a store of Walmart in Pittsburg (Californian), after stating that the company had discriminated it so much in the pay as in the possibilities of promoting for being woman and Black.

Eleven days after Dukes presented/displayed its complaint added other five women to him, and soon the demand became a case of discrimination by sort in all the company. In June of 2001, federal judge of San Francisco Martin Jenkins approved to group the case as she complains collective, within some margins of a law that regulates these situations. The judge defined to the group plaintiff like " all the women employed in any store of Walmart in the United States from December of 1998" , indicating that those women " they have been or they can have been subject of the remuneration policies and promotions questioned in Walmart ". 500,000 workers the opinion, ratified the year last through the Court of Appeals of the Ninth Federal District, implied that the demand by discrimination by sort, to which 500,000 workers were united, could extend to all the employees or ex- employees of the company/signature, which would add 1.6 million. Walmart appealed to the Supreme Court alleging that there was no place for a collective demand for three reasons.

The first place, argues the court, the women " they had different uses, in different stores, states different and low the supervision from managers distintos". The second reason has to do with slow grounds that the plaintiffs protested, and who, according to the company, are not endorsed by the present legislation under any circumstance. The third argument of the lawyers of Walmart is that to give course to the complaint of a so big group it would violate the rights of the company under the Constitution of the United States, and the rights of the employees who are not involved directly in the case. Walmart, with sales by 400,000 million dollars and gains of more than 15,000 million dollars the last year, has the 3,400 premises in 41 regions of the United States, and counts with more of a million employees. Source of the news: The Supreme one of the USA rejects the collective demand against Wal Mart by sexual discrimination


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Operating System Android

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 29, 2012 in News

EP the company wants to armor itself before the litigations by violation of patents. This new purchase includes patents that go from servants and hardware, to computer science security or design of circuits. Within this strategy, Google acquired in August Motorola Mobility. Google has acquired more than 1,000 patents of the IBM manufacturer, like part of its movements to fortify its strategy. Of this form, Google reinforces its shield in front of the litigations that several companies have realised against Android by infringement of patents, many of them coming from Apple. The agreement took place the 17 of August, according to sample the legal document of the office of patents of the United States in which the movement has been registered now, but at the moment the price is not known by which Google has carried out the acquisition. This new purchase includes patents that go from servants and hardware, to computer science security, design of circuits, authentication of users, et cetera.

The company also acquired 1,000 patents of IBM the past month of July, strategy that it extended in the middle of August with the purchase of Motorola Mobility by 8,724 million Euros, a movement that would assign 17,000 licenses to him. In addition, it transferred several licenses to HTC, acquired in 2010 to companies like Palm or Motorola. This sale took place 1 of September the past, and the manufacturer of used them to moving bodies to again demand to Apple the past week. With this demand, HTC tried to prevent the import and product sale of Apple that infringed the patents in the United States, besides receiving a compensation by damages and damages by deliberate infraction. Google is not the unique company that has been armored of licenses.

In the middle of July, several companies, among them Apple, Microsoft and RIM, acquired but of 6,000 patents to Nortel Networks – that was declared in bankruptcy in January of the 2009 – by 4,500 million dollars (3,240 million Euros). In fact, Apple won this week the abierta legal battle with Samsung in Germany, obtaining that this could not sell his tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The Galaxy devices are considered like the rival majors for products of Apple, and apparently, tablet of touch screen of Samsung has a design too similar to iPad of Apple. The acquisition of patents has become very important assets for the companies that move in more and more competitive a technological market. In this way, Google has secured an ample arsenal of licenses, necessary to support to the manufacturers of its operating system Android, before the war of patents that is taking place in the sector. Source of the news: Google buys more than 1,000 patents of IBM to protect its operating system Android


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