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A supercomputer of Fujitsu ctu 8,160 trillions of operations per second. He is still developing and in him 975 million Euros have been reversed about. It will be destined to the calculation of predictions of the climatic change. A supercomputer made by the Japanese company Fujitsu has become the fastest computer of the world, according to classification TOP500, elaborated by German and American universities and picked up by the Nikkei newspaper. The list of faster computers of the planet, ctuada twice to the year, crowned the Japanese computer, baptized like " K" and still developing, like quickest. The supercomputer of Fujitsu, created in collaboration with the Japanese institute of Riken investigation, was able to ctuar 8,160 trillions of operations per second, more of the triple than the fastest considered one in the previous classification, the Chinese Tianhe-1A.

The project " K" it counts on an investment near the 112,000 million yens (975 million Euros) and it is expected is destined to the calculation of predictions of the climatic change, detailed on the other hand Kyodo agency. The Nobel prize de Qumica 2001 and president of the institute Riken, Ryiji Noyori, assured that it is in the fields of science and the technology in which Japan can " to show his fortaleza". With the recognition of this edition of the TOP500, Japan it was placed for the first time in the last seven years in highest of a classification that historically has dominated along with the USA, but that in last editions a greater competition of China has seen and India. Source of the news: The fastest computer of the world now is in Japan, according to list TOP500


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