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AENA decided to extend their facilities with a new building for the invoicing and has reformed the building of exits to adapt it to the boarding form. The past 13 of July, the municipality of Reus protested to be able to manage its airport through a manifesto in the titled day " Airport of Reus, management from territorio" that it summoned the Delegation of the Government of the Majority of Catalonia in Tarragona. They protest that the City council can assume the competitions that now the managing has company AENA on the installation and thus to be able to make one more a management more effective. The AENA explanations These three airports are significant examples of the situation in which is the Spanish airport network. The new enterprise strategy of the airlines seems to have put other airports in the front sight, mainly, those that are smaller and present/display less volume of business. Facilities as those of Girona or Sabadell they have registered a reduction of activity in the last months, eclipsed by the airport of the Prat, which place to them in a delicate situation. Spanish airports and Navegacin Area (AENA), the managing company of the airfield network public, insists on which these losses suppose an extra cost neither for the State nor for the contributors since, finances by means of their own income that come mainly from the rates that acquires by the use of its facilities, according to it has explained the company. Although many airports present/display losses in their account of results, the airport company decides to maintain them operative to guarantee the public service and by reasons mainly of connectivity of the different regions from Spanish geography, according to has ratified the own company. Source of the news: Is profitable the present airport system in Spain?


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