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It accuses to them of collaboration with armed band, concealment and revelation of secrets. Chivatazo took place the 4 of May of 2006 in the bar Pheasant of Irn. The judge of the National Hearing Pablo Ruz has processed east Wednesday to the three imputed police controls in " Faisn&quot case; , among them the general exdirector of the Police Victor Garci’a Noble, by a crime of collaboration with terrorist organization or concealment and by another one of revelation of secrets. To thus the magistrate has decided it, that he investigates chivatazo to ETA in the 2006 by which Pheasant of Irn alerted itself to the band of a police operation against its apparatus of extortion in the bar (Gipuzkoa), in a car in which also it has processed to the inspector of the Brigade of Information of Alava, Jose Maria Crossbowmen, and j superior of Police of the Basque Country, Enrique Pamis. Then there was a process of truce abierto between ETA and the Government. In his resolution, of 75 pages, judge Ruz raises the two alternative qualifications of terrorist collaboration or concealment, although inclines more to typify the facts like crime of collaboration with armed band. For the judge, " at the present moment enough appear reasons to affirm that now process they could cometer" the mentioned crimes and conclude that the three police controls could filter to ETA imminent haltings that were going away to take place. Twelve Ruz indications will take investigatory declaration to Garci’a Noble, Pamis and next the 19 Ballesteros of July as of the 10,00 hours to communicate their processing to them.

According to it details in the car, the judge has successfully obtained up to twelve indications against processing s, notwithstanding the test that practices in the oral judgment, between which it mentions the confirmation of the presence next to the bar Pheasant of Crossbowmen in the previous minutes to take place the investigated telephone call and that is taken care of by the owner of the establishment Joseba Elosua inside the premises. Also appointment that the knowledge that they had of the filtration was through the beacon installed in the vehicle of Elosua. Also, the magistrate shows the cuts registered in video tapes that recorded the environs of the bar Pheasant the day that took place the blowing. Source of the news: Judge Pablo Ruz processes to three police controls by chivatazo to ETA of the bar Pheasant


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