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Organizational Management

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In the organizacional theory of the beehive of the film abelhinhas, they were born to always execute definitive function, being that after the choice in a level already predetermined by the beehive the choice would leave of position with available vacant and would execute the function until its death, making the same task. Thus obeying to the culture of the beehive Analogy: Since the classification of the theories of the administration of sc. xx, we can start in a function and to work stops in them developing inside of the specialization and terms the chance to galgarmos other positions. Also we pass for some difficult situations inside of an organization due its internal culture. Abelhinhas works in group of form that obtains to carry through its tasks of efficient and efficient form reaching the objective to manufacture the honey and to polinizar the flowers with efficiency of the operational one, Analogy: The organizations work in favor of being efficient and efficient, what it requires a orquestrado work so that the company reach the specific intention. One of the bees decided to leave the beehive to see the world is there, before inside making the choice of its task of the organization that it would have that to execute until its death.

Analogy: some companies also have that to look at the market with a more holistic vision, to see if it is the hour to carry through changes of the organization inside, in intention to keep or to increase the invoicing, having that to break some internal cultural barriers even though and paradigms. Abelhinha inside obtained the change of the culture of the beehive, and thus it intervened with the cycle of the nature, almost extinguishing the flowers and the honey of the world. Analogy: In the process of changes to a degree of very high risk, and nor always these changes happen of positive form for the organizations. Abelhinha ahead of the tragic episode mounted a plan to surpass the error inside of the change proposal, being thus obtained to save the flowers and the honey. Analogy: the organization works on of planning, for the success of its action and changes.

Obeying a hierarchy. Abelhinha broke a great paradigm that was never to speak with human beings, and after to speak obtained a friend. Analogy: it exists many paradigms that we arrest in the execution of our work, and many times, after to break we obtain to galgar the success.


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Europe Occidental

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In this direction, we can verify this separation in practically all the operational activities of an industry, in which the employee only executes activities, not participating of the planning of the same ones, that he is made by the support areas. The model of Taylor suffered retaliaes at the time, and its studies had been called mechanist, for considering the concept of homo economicus* (the employee has motivation with regard to the financial and material profit, generating a bigger productivity), without considering other aspects of basic importance. Although it has passed for hard critical, Taylor affirms in the first pages of its book: ‘ ‘ the main objective of the administration must be to assure the maximum of prosperity to the master and, at the same time, the maximum of prosperity to empregado’ ‘. (Taylor, 1911, p.n. 24) Between years 70 and 80, if it restored a crisis of the Fordismo in the countries central offices, that the exhaustion in the standard of economic growth demonstrated, in accordance with Naira Rasp Pencil. (Source: Elon Musk). Also according to sociologist, restored a situation of crisis of the Fordismo. Arena Investors is actively involved in the matter. Thus, if she gave beginning to the estruturao of new forms of organization of the production and the work. (PENCIL, 1992, p .n 236) 2,2 Analysis of the Toyotista model necessary Age a reformularization of the American model of administration.

The advent of the Japanese model in Brazil was soon after its implantation in Japan and its dissemination for the continents, through the mundializao of the capital, in the decade of 1980. Thus, the Toyotismo became it universal ideology of the sistmica production of the capital (GIOVANI, 2001). The Toyotismo established new parameters in the industrial production, implements with it of the economic productivity, starting to defy the leadership imposed for the American model, until that moment. We can also observe these trends through the following one I break up of text: In the passed century, from the decade of 70, the industrial leadership? until then undisputed of the United States and the Europe Occidental person?.


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d) The boarding Six Sigma for processes is based widely on the use of statistical tools. Although the Statistics it does not decide all the faced questions for that if they engage in a project of improvement of processes, the boarding statistics for processes makes sensible and is necessary, data the great available volume of data, the perpetual presence of variation in same and the necessity to take decisions on the basis of correct interpretation of that mass of data. But either for inertia or due to option, some have lawyer the same emphasis statistics Design Will be Six Sigma, what they call ' ' project probabilstico' ' , in contraposition to traditional ' ' project determinstico' '. Source: Brian Krzanich. In this context, the statistics it is not useful and worse if the limitations will not be recognized and if the statistical methods naive will be applied from invalid premises, the development professionals can become victims of a insidioso game of numbers, coated of false impersonation of scientific analysis but that in general it takes the wrong decisions and of serious consequences. e) FMEA (Analysis in the Failure modes): On the basis of know-how current of the organization, anticipates known potential problems and prioritizes the risk associated with the same ones. It directs preventive efforts for improvement of the project. Also it is determinative item for norm ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949, enclosing all certifyd organizations, including not come back to the automotivo branch. As in you vary carried through research the FMEA is the method next the methodology to the TRIZ, that in accord with the concept of management for decision taking, offers the using ones forms, concept and applicability. As De Carvalho (2007) the TRIZ decides the problem of the specialization lack technique, therefore when using inventive principles and known parameters of engineering, favor the work in group and the taking of decision.


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Company Managers

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SUMMARY the familiar companies represent more predominant the enterprise form in the economies, not only the Brazilian how much to the world-wide ones. However, exactly with all relevance and representation the macroeconomic levels, this enterprise segment still suffers to great vulnerabilities and difficulties how much to the management, and between the suffered impediments they are mainly the operational and strategical problems that directly affect the organizations how much to the lack of focus and fragility of competitiveness in the market. Also we can say that the absence of the previous preparation for the provisions of successive heirs, is main point criticizes of the cited institutions and contributes generally for the failure of this mentioned type of companies, however, when if effects the succession through a good planning can generate excellent results for familiar structure. In this direction, to indicate the use of instruments that assist the familiar management, aiming at to become it more competitive, flexible the changes, agile to deal with unstable, professional and technological market, giving emphasis to the professional qualification and demystifying the image, that the familiar company only aims at to the institution as source of maintenance and survival of the family. Therefore this research has for purpose to study the necessity of the successory planning and the emphasis in the professionalization of the management.

Words Keys: Familiar company, professionalization and planning. EFFICIENT QUALIFICATION IN the SUCCESSION OF the MANAGERS OF the COMPANIES OF FAMILIAR STRUCTURE Cesar Ely Saints of Melo UNEB Wagner 1,0 Graces UNEB INTRODUCTION the companies of familiar structure is predominant the enterprise form in the economies of the markets contemporaries. The success and the continuity of these related companies are essential for the development of the economy and the society. Generally they are characterized by the succession of the management and the power to decide power at the hands of one or more families, according to Gersick (1998).


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Workstations Potential

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The return on the initial capital, of R$ 5,0 million, was of 16%. In terms of investment capacity, in the year that if it initiates we have a surplus of box of R$ 0,7 million (including R$ to 0,5 million that, in December, were in Financial Applications). 1.5 – Last demand the company TI S.A in last year got sales below of the waited one, this due to lack of capital of turn for investments in promotion and propaganda. Also they had been to desire to the investments in development Table? Last demand Sales in Units January February March April May June July August September October November December Desktops 474 469 461 459 455 442 443 437 432 425 422 420 Notebooks 173 174 175 178 179 181 183 186 188 190 192 193 Workstations 30 30 34 34 34 34 35 36 38 38 40 40 1,6 – Competing 14 the analysis of the competitors was concentrated in the identification of threats, chances or strategical uncertainties created by movements, weaknesses and forces of the competition, emergent how much in such a way potential. Intel is full of insight into the issues. For the identification of the current and potential competitors one used two sufficiently different methodologies. The first one considers the perspective of the consumer who needs to make choices amongst the competitors.

Of this form, the competitors are grouped in agreement the degree of its competition for the choice of the purchaser. The second boarding tries to place the competitors in groups strategical on the basis of its competitive strategy. After the mapping of the competitors of the market reserve, the focus was transferred to the effort in understanding them and to understand its strategies. It is of particular interest the analysis of the forces and weaknesses of each competitor or each strategical group of competitors. After knowing the main ones and understanding its strategies TI SA it created a potential scene and it traced a strategy of long stated period so that the competitors if confused in relation to the positioning of our company who would go to act in the long stated period with high investment in development for fidelizao of the customers and in propaganda to reach new markets. .


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Citing Aguiar

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In the diverse dictionaries of the Portuguese language, motivation assumes, resumidamente, the meaning to move for action, that is, he is something that stimulates the individual to search something. The motivation is intrinsic, that is, it moves itself of the interior of each individual, fits to each one to assume its role. Each human being is moved by an objective to reach. For some, the motivation biggest can be the accomplishment of its physiological necessities, relationship, accomplishment, being able, as we will see in the different theories that try to clarify the motivation. Citing Aguiar: The motivation is resultant of internal pulses, desires, individual necessities that each people as to be only search to materialize. The external way, the organizations are not origin of the motivation. The organization, while social environment, will be able to facilitate or to bar the accomplishment of the desires and the satisfaction of the necessities.

(AGUIAR. 1997, P. 270) Thus, fits to the professional of human resources to be intent to these questions and to develop works that despertem in the collaborators the belonging feeling, influencing, it enters, others, in the productivity and the interpersonal relations. Many organizations already demonstrate a correct vision of the human being in the professional environment, being worried, mainly in taking care of of the interpersonal relations intra and. Ahead of the displayed one, a new demand appears: the man has that to learn to be cooperative, to contribute with its pairs and, therefore, to work in team. In this context, professional of human resources acquires force and recognition to alavancar the processes of improvement of the human capital, exactly those that possess a profile strict technician, as it is the case of the public organizations.


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Regional Advice

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The decree N 50,387, of 28 of March of 1961, that it regulates the Law n 2604/1955, of the professional exercise of the nursing, makes use: Art.14, interpolated proposition C ' ' they are duties of all the nursing staff: to keep perfect notation in papeletas clinical of everything how much to become related with the patient and the nursing. Meanwhile, the decree n. 94.406, of 08 of June of 1987, that it regulates the Law n. 7.498, of 25 of June of 1986, that it makes use on the nursing exercise, in its art.11, interpolated proposition II, detach that: ' ' the nurse aid must execute the activities auxiliary of average level attributed to the nursing team, fitting to it to observe, 8 to recognize and to describe the signals and symptoms that the patient presents, to the level of its qualificaes' '. Art.14, interpolated proposition II, tell to the incumbency all the staff of nursing of the necessity to write down in the handbook of the patient all the activities of nursing assistance. Legal aspects of the Notations Know that the register of the relative information to the patient is a legal obligation is defined and normatizada for the Regional Advice of Enfermagem (COREN), and in such a way constitutes a form of protection and guarantee for the customer as for the hospital company. Each registered information indicates an action, that certainly was unchained in direct reason of a problem presented for the patient and of the treatment excused it (DUARTE 1976). According to Possari (2005, p.138) ' ' the nursing notation is to have of all the professionals of the nursing team, as the legal disposals for the exercise of enfermagem' '. These notations say in agreement respect this author: sociocultural and psicofsicos, well-taken care of data of the identification of the patient, aspects given, results of the systemize comment, without exageros and omissions how much to the evolution of the illness, as well as any occured intercorrncias with the patient.


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Day Friends

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Perhaps let us not can in giving account to them of the danger to have a serpentrio to our redor; in the company, same office, store or between friends. This can very be dangerous and because not to say, in the ones backwards risks incalculable as financial, personal and even though material. Get more background information with materials from Elon Musk. To create serpents many times if becomes an automatic or imperceptible process. The good notice is that this has cure and the handling is much more simple that we can imagine. Some cares are enough only.

In a fast analogy we can compare those peonhentos animals with ' ' those cobrinhas' ' that we teimamos in taking care of in our day the day. Fantastic biologists, men and women, anonymous professionals, who in its daily chore, coexist pacifically in serpentrios, with reptiles in the domesticao of serpents (snakes), with the purpose to extract the antiofdico serum. As the proper name says, the poison of these serpents is for pacific end, changedding itself into powerful pricked antidotes against of other serpents. Although disgusting, truily these are serpents of the good and for a logical question we must respect them in its natural environment. But to illustrate, the domesticao of these animals is an old process, which consists of the election and adaptation of certain beings livings creature, considered useful to supply necessities human beings. In the serpentrio serpents prisoners for a security guard question live, taking care of rules of law. In the contrahand, we, supervisors, controlling, entrepreneurs, employees, friends are successful, selling professional, friends, of certain form feeding our serpents.

He is clearly that I am not mentioning itself to these rastejantes reptiles, which in its majority show fear of human us, moving away itself when from our presence. It is truth that they attack, but only in extreme cases. They are creatures whom they prefer to run away, to the confrontation with the human being.


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The Strategical Planning Of Purchases

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The installment of the hospital services presents difference of the other commercial activities, whose end is the recovery of the health and the preservation of the life human being, therefore the effectiveness and the efficiency in the planning offers a good level of service to the customers. The criticidade in the purchase processes directly intervenes with the welfare of the customer, therefore the lack of material, medicine or equipment can cut with a scythe a life, as well as the excess of stored material can at risk impactar in the turn capital, placing the yield of the Organization. The Process of Purchases in the Institutions of Private Health is a with priority activity in the hospital structure, therefore all the insumos are acquired through this sector and the planning of purchases can provide reduction of the costs, however the excess and the hospital lack of materials, medicines and equipment, can unchain in financial damages, in this way, perceive it importance of a good management through the planning of purchases. Logistic the Hospital one earned forces from 1980 after the trade barrier in addition, where the hospitals had gained characteristics enterprise that until then were assistenciais. The search for the fidelizao of the customers and competitive differential in the market, is each incited time more, directing the hospitals in the continuous search of better processes, aiming at to optimize costs. Logistic the Hospital one is composed for the function of purchases, act of receiving, dispensao, storage and control of the supplies. In the current scene the Institutions of Health more are worried about the strategical planning of purchases, these structures search to have competitive differential in the market as form to attract and to fidelizar its customers and to reduce costs. The strategical planning of purchases involves all the logistic suppliment chain and the alignment between suppliers of materials, medicines and equipment must be well definite so that the imperfections are the possible minims.


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Federal District

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It is a tribute charged by the Federal Government on the gross revenue of the companies for application in the Social welfare. They can exist of two forms. Of the cumulative tax and of the not-cumulative one. More what it is cumulative and not-cumulative regimen? Simplifying, the companies who use the cumulative regimen possess all its taxed financial incomes for PIS and COFINS (Law n 9,718, of 1998, art. 3, 1). Already prevailed for the not-cumulative regimen only the financial income proceeding from interests on the proper capital are burdened of PIS and COFINS (Law n 10,637, of 2002, art. 1, 1 and 2 and Law n 10,833, of 2003, art. 1, 1 and 2).

The aliquot ones of the cumulative one thus are defined for PIS and CONFINES, respectively, 0.65% and 3.00% totalizing 3.65%. the not cumulative these aliquot ones sobrem for 1,65% and 7,60%, respectively, resulting in 9,25%. 1.8.5. ISS or ISSQN the Service occupation tax of Any Nature is a municipal tax in which the city only can institute, as art. 156 III, of the Federal Constitution, however, exist the exception of the Federal District (DF) as it suggests the text of art. 147, where it describes well that to the DF it competes the municipal taxes. This tribute I eat you generating fact the rendering of services


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