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It describes what it is a participativa management; which the factors that will go to influence the taking of decisions; as the pertaining to school management implies in the creation of a participativo environment. Through the development of the present study, it will be possible to observe as significant changes in the model of pertaining to school management in Brazil had occurred and as these reforms they had influenced the movement to democratize the pertaining to school management and to improve the educational quality. Introduction the educational context and the formation of managers have been object of constant questioning and studies in the educational field. In general way these studies approach questions theoretical pedagogical, of interaction between managers, professors, pupils and employees. It is treated to appraise as the participativa management corroborates for the good performance of the pertaining to school unit in the fulfilment of its indices and goals. The emphasis in the model of democratic pertaining to school management observed currently in Brazil, is coherent with the world-wide trends in education.

The pertaining to school effectiveness is guided by the concern how much, that is, with the significant learning of the pupils, way who know its world, itself same and has adjusted instruments to face the challenges of the life. Maximiano (1995) detaches the Model of Management as a tool that if bases on analyses and previous experiences to elaborate methods of as to manage, applying them in the organization by means of its necessity and adaptando them it its culture and processes.


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