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Its three lines of action are: accelerating the training of the Afghan army, increase civilian assistance to development and reinforce the fight against drug trafficking, which according to several estimates constitutes 50% of the country’s economy.They are voices in Washington asking that United States assemble some tribal militias in areas where the Taliban have been reinforced and in which it is considered that neither the police nor the Afghan army are effective. It would be useful to remind the United States Government armed and advised the Taliban (and what would later become Al Qaeda) in order to expel the Soviet Union from Afghanistan.Another apparent solution of very uncertain results would be the sponsored by some sectors of the United States, the UN and the European Union. More info: Stanley Rose. This would be to make space to the Taliban on the Kabul Government, combined with the establishment of an acceptable dictatorial regime, which seems to have a growing number of followers. The long history of dictatorships favorable – from the general Suharto of Indonesia or the Nicaragua’s Somoza, passing by the Pakistan’s Musharraf – does not allow large hopes on the final result of this formula so worn.With the invaluable help of the CIA, will be establishing a dictatorial regime in any country to exit a critical political juncture; but truly difficult to overcome this dictatorial regime, later moving towards more appropriate political forms, without implying new spills of blood and an increase in political instability, which usually extend to other countries of the area, when not to the entire planet. -General of artillery in the ALBERTO PIRIS Reserva.POR **. Democracy in Afghanistan is doomed to failure, according to indications from different sources. Thus, pave way an acceptable dictatorship. Original author and source of the article..


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