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Into this new science, conjectural and nonspeculative but mathematically rigorous, a philosophical conception is transformed than it is understood by reality, where the real thing, is indeed the supposed unreality that the subject suffers and it is pronounced, under multiple disguises in the speech. Working story that the subject does of its life, its dream, its lapse, its symptom, its sexuality, with the psychoanalytic method of interpretation-construction, modifies the reality of the subject consequently and, the external reality of the subject. It is important in all this, to consider that by definition, never can be made agree the story with the reality and that cannot be made agree what it is said and so feels or it thinks, nor it is possible to be spoken a the speed that is created to think. It has therefore, several realities. In order to subvert the tragic feeling, Unamuno advises to write to break the faith of and others, of third parties, the faith in the affirmation, the negation and the abstention.

In order to fight to that they are resigned, it is to a religion, the rationalism or the agnosticism; to cause that all live anxious and gasping. The tragic feeling, occurs by the inevitable presence of the death and an intimate tragedy, that Unamuno relates to the soul of Don Quixote of La Mancha, as the expression of a fight between which the world is, according to the reason of science us the sample or according to the faith of our religion it says it to us and what our desires want that is. It shows us to the Psychoanalysis that there is in us, desires that we ignored but that they are in our dreams and our wide-awake life and, at any moment she affects our decisions, joys and sufferings. These principles, at heart of the questions, are not logical neither aesthetic nor ethical but economic, in the felt double of the social word, that is to say and libidinalmente speaking, and with those norms, knowing it or no, the supposed reality is judged. To review these questions, begins then, operating envelope we same more anesthetic than the enjoyment of this work and the adventure to fulfill that one so old and universal rule as our culture: ” Concete mismo”. And all this, not to resign itself neither to the world, nor to its supposed truths, neither to science or the logic, nor to the art or aesthetic nor to the moral or the ethics. In divn to learn the value of the word, that it is that it gives to the life or us to us the acquittal.


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