Santa Rosa

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Mendoza La Paz and Santa Rosa locations belong to the tourist Strip east of the province, close to the province of San Luis. This area is ideal to discover other facets of tourism in Mendoza, away from the more traditional image of snow, summits and wines. Peace and Santa Rosa, although areas of cellars, are also distinguished by other agricultural productions. The production of fresh fruits is one of them. For this reason, the region is a paradise for lovers of jams, jellies and preserves.

Another of its attractions is the large amount of dried fruit, which can be obtained, recently harvested, by the side of the routes. The Department of Santa Rosa is crossed by the desert of La traverse, which occupies it in its entirety. However, bee farms are multiplying in it. From there comes the tasty and milagritos honey Mendoza, famous throughout the national territory. The eminently desert geography of the territory of Santa Rosa is altered by a happy exception that worth knowing: the reserve nacunan natural.

This reserve owes its name, which means White Eagle, the last chieftain of Malargue, ally of the libertador San Martin of Jose. The reserve, first protected natural area of the province of Mendoza, is basically a shrine of carob trees. Harvested indiscriminately during the last decades of the 19th century and the early 20th, this noble species that was on the verge of disappearing recovers today successfully in nacunan. The carob tree naturally provides shelter and food to the birds, which makes the reserve of nacunan the ideal place for those who like watching and bird watching. They proliferate there, among others, the yal, the chingolos, the Calenders and a diversity of species of woodpeckers. The varied fauna of the place is completed by the presence of gray foxes, Wildcats, grasslands cats and ferrets cats. Reaching the boundary with the province of San Luis, the town of La Paz does honor to its name. The Desaguadero River, which separates both provinces, It is excellent for the practice of rafting and other water sports. More rugged and less crowded than, for example, the popular Canyon of Atuel River; the Desaguadero River is an excellent choice when planning a day trip different. And is not so far from the comfort of the hotels in Mendoza capital Jorge Alberto Guinazu jars of glass for jams, preserves and jellies Blog canned Chutney and jellies Tagua Tagua Mendoza Economico They presented the Festival of tourism and wine in San Rafael theater lovers will enjoy a free theatrical feast tomorrow, Friday, at the Auditorium of Corralejo Culture Fuerteventuradiario jams and jellies Natali Perez’s

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