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While the world continues debate on the impact of financial crisis. In Israel, the event took place which, for all those associated with the branch of Israeli high-tech equivalent to the awards ceremony awards 'Oscar'. Awards awarded in five categories. Better control of high-tech, with sales of over $ 50 million was Gabi Zligson, president and CEO of measuring instruments 'Nova'. The judges noted that it was Gaby Zligson led the company to prosperity and success on the stock exchange NASDAQ.

The best managers in companies with sales less than $ 50 million has been named Lebkovich Zohar, CEO 'Abobee', engaged in the development of technologies for telephone companies. Best international hi-tech company, operating in Israel, has been recognized by the company 'Marvel Israel', whose Director General Aliaz Levian combined into a single structure, four Israeli companies. Today the company 'Marvel Israel' running 1200. In the category 'Breakthrough of the Year' award is awarded to companies 'Haglilit softover', whose director Inas Said and Jimi Levy organized a special project for the Arab sector Nazareth. The best investment for the year recognized venture capital fund JVP, which is headed by Harel Margalit. It was he who determined the success of the Swedish company 'Click' – today it's worth $ 2 billion, and the summer of 2010 it cost estimated at $ 770 million. The jury selects the winners included a former chief scientist of the country, Eli Ofer, CEO of the Ministry of Industry Sharon Kedmi, CEO 'Mlenoks' Eli Waldman, vice-president of the concern 'Elbio' Chaim Rosso, chairman of the parliamentary lobby 'in support of hi-tech' MK Robert Ilatov (NDI) and others.

The head of Israel's General Security Service (Shin Bet), Yuval Diskin, too served on the jury, said that in recent years in his office there was a real technological revolution. Recall that 4 years ago, the Shin Bet has formed a special hi-tech unit in which programmers System administrators, engineers, computer scientists and electronics engineers are developing high-tech means of detecting terrorists and preventing terrorist attacks. 'The founding fathers of the Jewish state only in my wildest their dreams could imagine that one day Israel will be the world center of science and high technology. Creation of one of the world's largest research and production complex in our country has become more one Israeli a miracle. It is in the high-Teke – a pledge of prosperity of our country ", – said Knesset member, chairman of the parliamentary lobby 'in support of hi-tech' Robert Ilatov.

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