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Internet Business

Posted by laurapayne on Mar 8, 2018 in News

Information will be through the roof! Well, that’s you and the owner of this and profitable Internet business! A lucrative whether it? Someone without a doubt – yes, but someone barely making ends ends. But what is it connected? Factors affecting the profitability of your project very much. And a lot of pitfalls that could sink your business on the Internet. How not to drown? Basically ruined the Internet – shops (and with them and hope for financial independence), for one reason – WRONG choose your product. And, moreover, that the goods selected. It invested your hard-earned money (or cash your krovososnogo Bank)! A product is not sold is in the warehouse and spends the expiration date.

What to do? Is there a right channel, capable to lead your business from the pitfalls? Look here at this shop:. This is one of my projects, which works … does not sink. Why is it so happening? The fact that this whole huge range of cosmetics are present in my warehouse and the warehouse of the manufacturer. I do not buy from the manufacturer of this product, but I have the ability to successfully (good) sell. And receive a profit equal to the profits of cosmetics shop owner, who is on your street in your town. Conclusion? Need a good partner who will take care of the production, storage and delivery goods. And your task – to successfully sell this product and receive their solid interest.

Online you will find a lot of partners who will offer you our affiliate program, but … ! Not everyone can be trusted! We need to work only with audited organizations. Its activities in online I started it with affiliate programs. I made the site, which was attended by dozens of producers of goods. Dozens of affiliate programs “worked” for me. Selling goods to tens of thousands of rubles, I did not get from their partners ANYTHING. I just “threw”. Months of hard work went flying “down the drain and into the pocket of quacks! This is much later that I learned statistics, which is only fair Only one in ten affiliate program on the network. But there was really an honest partner that is advantageous to have business and develop your business! This intersetevoy holding Gloryon. And it is this partner products are present and are sold in my Internet – shop. I certainly do not insist, but if you go on the way to reduce costs and make a decision on cooperation would highly recommend you choose this firm as a partner in your business. The fact how to do it with pleasure will tell you by letter or by ICQ (all the details at the end of the article). Well, here’s hoping we have considered all issues relating to opening your own Shop – – profitable project on the Internet without the impossibly high costs.

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Marketing Manager

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 29, 2016 in News

He worked as marketing manager in the major companies operating in Russia, and described in the book a lot of creative marketing solutions, invented by him in his time. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, the Guild marketing managers Russia recognized 'Marketing on 100% of' the best book of the year. The Book 'Marketing Warfare' This book applies the principles of military strategy in marketing, suggesting that business – is a constant, did not abate nor day war with competitors. The book is based on the known tenets of military strategy outlined Clausewitz in his treatise 'On War'. 'God is always on the side of big battalions', so 'the forehead' to go on a more powerful opponent tantamount to suicide. But just to give small companies are not worth it, because they suggest to use 'flank attack' or 'guerrilla' in the rear of the huge, but not flexible competitor.

Authors 'Marketing Warfare' Jolly tried to make a book. Therefore, strategic dogma 'Marketing Warfare' is illustrated by examples of historic military campaigns, as well as bloodless 'fights' companies on the markets taking place today. Marketing Specialist – is a cynical and cruel commander, which is where the trick, where the frontal impact, and where and blatant partisan inch by inch conquers a place in the market sun. The motto 'Marketing Warfare' – 'on war all means are good. " Though it does not pose the question, even in textbooks on the art of war. Today you can not find the marketer or owner of the company, who would not read this book.

Similarly, do not find a serious book on Marketing, in which the authors did not refer to 'Marketing Warfare' book 'Blue Ocean Strategy' This book is now recognized as the world's leading opponent of the theory of 'marketing wars. " She calls' a vacant niche and stop being afraid of competition '. Blue ocean strategy is to refuse to share with other creatures – and sometimes declining – the demand, looking at the same time on competitors, and instead devote themselves to creating new market, increasing demand and avoid competition. And the book is not simply encourages companies to adopt a new strategy. It contains the author's proprietary analytical tools. Applying them, you'll understand exactly how you can create a 'blue ocean' in your business. To study a few books on the same topic is sometimes very helpful to create a vision problem. Thus it is desirable to rely on several different, better even contradictory, sources. Book 'Marketing Warfare' and 'Blue Ocean Strategy' – this is the 'controversial sources' on the fight against business competitors. After reading these two books, you probably understand that better for you – to throw all the forces the 'suppression' opponents or try to get away from competition, creating a 'blue ocean'. With regard to the proposed article of books on business strategy, it is not always a marketing manager in the company have the authority. Ie often he did not participate in making policy decisions, speaking only performer strategy developed 'above'. Will he fight for 'strategic' powers (in fact, to prepare his transition to the next stage in the career) – depends on the person and the situation in the company. If the marketer is still trying to increase its relevance to management, then it is desirable to first read the 'Marketing 100%'.


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The Parent Paper

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 21, 2016 in News

The scope of read is very important for infants, also actors major and early promoters of reading books are parents. I ntroduction: the following article refers to the work of parents in the training in reading infant reader (his sons and daughters). As we noticed and observed in our reality that many children and adolescents are only interested in visit to video games (games network), watch television and download works already done by Internet to present to the professor. This makes children and adolescents lose interest in reading and even lose their creativity and imagination. This problem is very big in our in all developed countries. However the main objective of the East article is that parents take into account that they must help their sons (daughters) to take reading habits and encourage to read books. The reading should be chosen according to taste and maturity of the child (a) where the parents are the best models of reading for their children.Is a proven that parents request to the teachers, tips to stimulate pleasure in their children by reading in many educational units in this era of video games (games network), television and Internet programs very difficult school-age children and even teenagers themselves seeking information in a library or read a book of any genre. The habit of reading, is not easily acquired, but you need a series of factors that interact in the creation of a for the formation of the child reader.Which we ask ourselves what are the factors that interact in the creation of a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the formation of the child reader? Responding to that question here I have some factors that must be born of the family which I mention below: a) the presence of books in homes, as its everyday use also contributes to establish in the child has essential links with the habit of reading.

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Chair Perception

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 28, 2014 in News

Structure has to do with the organizational structure determines the relationships within the company, the liability of the company to employees and vice versa, employee benefits and rewards, the challenge proposed job, standards to which you want to reach (for training, etc.) what kind of conflicts are generated and how to manage and the identity of the company; how it is built and how it is perceived by the employees.According to the Real Academia Espanola, perception It is the inner sensation resulting from a material impression made on our senses, so that each of the above-mentioned aspects are internalized and perceived by employees differently than what the company expected. Notes us, that Alexis Goncalvez, Member honorary of the Latin American society for quality (SLC) and Vice President for Latin America of management of the quality of Citibank, is one of the main references in this regard, and asserts that the concept of perception is key to understand the importance of climate Organizacional.La the mass production revolution opened a cultural way, which allowed workers access their salary to that same product that they had finished and the system economic retroalimentaba thanks in part to this double participation of the worker in the market.Then the worker was one piece more in a line of production and consumption. Today is an individual producer of value added for the company and generates social capital in society. It is then the measurement of organizational climate, the tool indicated to analyze what is the perception of the employee in surrounding the company and its performance in the market. Measurement of the labour climate, (almost always through direct surveys) is the medium that allows you to work towards an optimal organizational climate. Since then, this criterion, we share more as teachers of the Chair of organizational behavior, that the gerenencia should pay close attention to its human resources, provide them with all the knowledge, necessary contributions that allow them to identify with their work, their functions, pay attention to their weaknesses, support them, define him well its functions, satisfying needs of achievement in order to give way to a favourable working climate.

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European Sayuze

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 28, 2013 in News

Should note that in the case of free offers that would be impossible. 10 times more popular businessmen repeatedly seeking interesting proposals and they have a choice between pay proposals from the specified address data and those to which the contact is difficult. It is understandable that most often they choose to offer, to which access is facilitated. – It makes no sense to complicate access to their own proposals to persons who seriously their concerned. Carried out our portal study suggests that the toll proposal is used by over 10 times as popular than proposals that without pointing Address and telephone data. As you can see big difference – and that's it for this difference should be expected exercise of translation – says Bartlomiej Nevinsky, chairman Do Internet users have the opportunity to pay for most new foreign study also serve evidence that may be coming to an end the existence of free information and services online. Subjected to the test about 5,000 Internet users in the European Sayuze and the U.S..

It was found that more than half of them have the opportunity to pay 2 dollars or its equivalent, that they have been able to Use the search engine Google. In turn, every fifth did not consider the problem of fees for using Yahoo, YouTube, or Wikipedia. Does it make sense offer free services, if the most Internet users say that they have the opportunity to pay for these services? In fact, only the largest and most popular Internet services have the opportunity to convince users to pay for free services. And the second most important thing: because of the crisis and economic slowdown in the economy, market outcomes reklyammy in traditional mediyah probably will be less than prededuschih respectively. Note this is also in Russia. Fortunately for reklyammu the Internet, these events will not affect too bad, because it is the cheapest. It is worth emphasizing that the economic slowdown in the economy is for this type of reklyammy chance. As the cheapest method, it could soon become in our country are very popular.

Does free information will be forgotten? Not so soon – soon no doubt they will be popular. It all depends from the user and his needs. If the user is demanding and expects the best decisions – he needed peredumat use of paid options. Often too small costs will be repaid many times.

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Israeli HiTech

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 13, 2013 in News

While the world continues debate on the impact of financial crisis. In Israel, the event took place which, for all those associated with the branch of Israeli high-tech equivalent to the awards ceremony awards 'Oscar'. Awards awarded in five categories. Better control of high-tech, with sales of over $ 50 million was Gabi Zligson, president and CEO of measuring instruments 'Nova'. The judges noted that it was Gaby Zligson led the company to prosperity and success on the stock exchange NASDAQ.

The best managers in companies with sales less than $ 50 million has been named Lebkovich Zohar, CEO 'Abobee', engaged in the development of technologies for telephone companies. Best international hi-tech company, operating in Israel, has been recognized by the company 'Marvel Israel', whose Director General Aliaz Levian combined into a single structure, four Israeli companies. Today the company 'Marvel Israel' running 1200. In the category 'Breakthrough of the Year' award is awarded to companies 'Haglilit softover', whose director Inas Said and Jimi Levy organized a special project for the Arab sector Nazareth. The best investment for the year recognized venture capital fund JVP, which is headed by Harel Margalit. It was he who determined the success of the Swedish company 'Click' – today it's worth $ 2 billion, and the summer of 2010 it cost estimated at $ 770 million. The jury selects the winners included a former chief scientist of the country, Eli Ofer, CEO of the Ministry of Industry Sharon Kedmi, CEO 'Mlenoks' Eli Waldman, vice-president of the concern 'Elbio' Chaim Rosso, chairman of the parliamentary lobby 'in support of hi-tech' MK Robert Ilatov (NDI) and others.

The head of Israel's General Security Service (Shin Bet), Yuval Diskin, too served on the jury, said that in recent years in his office there was a real technological revolution. Recall that 4 years ago, the Shin Bet has formed a special hi-tech unit in which programmers System administrators, engineers, computer scientists and electronics engineers are developing high-tech means of detecting terrorists and preventing terrorist attacks. 'The founding fathers of the Jewish state only in my wildest their dreams could imagine that one day Israel will be the world center of science and high technology. Creation of one of the world's largest research and production complex in our country has become more one Israeli a miracle. It is in the high-Teke – a pledge of prosperity of our country ", – said Knesset member, chairman of the parliamentary lobby 'in support of hi-tech' Robert Ilatov.

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General Assembly

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 22, 2013 in News

Changes have affected and pre-emptive rights of the parties for the purchase of shares. The law allows parties to provide equal opportunity for all of the price at which the share would be to buy and which may be defined in different ways: in the solid monetary amount of the net asset value, etc. In this case, any member of society will be able to purchase the share offered to third parties on this pre-determined price. Waiver of preemptive rights must be notaries. The signatures on the minutes of the General Assembly on the sale of the share capital will also be certified by a notary.

After processing the transaction notary within three days forward the registration authority statement from the party of society, alienating share or part to changes in the Uniform State Register together with a copy of the contract and simultaneously transmits to the society a copy of this statement and the contract of alienation share. Non-compliance notarial form of transaction shall entail its invalidity. Under the new rules on share ownership will pass at the time of notarization of the transaction, or at the time of state registration of changes, if notarization is not required. Stricter requirements for the procedure of transfer of rights to the share capital to third parties associated with the attempt of the state to put a barrier to raider grabs and create "Firm-by-night." However, the new requirements will complicate life, and those companies that have multiple founders, as Now in case of sale of shares they would have "the whole crowd with their spouses at the same time be a notary.


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