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Changes have affected and pre-emptive rights of the parties for the purchase of shares. The law allows parties to provide equal opportunity for all of the price at which the share would be to buy and which may be defined in different ways: in the solid monetary amount of the net asset value, etc. In this case, any member of society will be able to purchase the share offered to third parties on this pre-determined price. Waiver of preemptive rights must be notaries. The signatures on the minutes of the General Assembly on the sale of the share capital will also be certified by a notary.

After processing the transaction notary within three days forward the registration authority statement from the party of society, alienating share or part to changes in the Uniform State Register together with a copy of the contract and simultaneously transmits to the society a copy of this statement and the contract of alienation share. Non-compliance notarial form of transaction shall entail its invalidity. Under the new rules on share ownership will pass at the time of notarization of the transaction, or at the time of state registration of changes, if notarization is not required. Stricter requirements for the procedure of transfer of rights to the share capital to third parties associated with the attempt of the state to put a barrier to raider grabs and create "Firm-by-night." However, the new requirements will complicate life, and those companies that have multiple founders, as Now in case of sale of shares they would have "the whole crowd with their spouses at the same time be a notary.


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