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To Alfven, the huge initial explosion theory is only a good working hypothesis, but that leaves us with many questions. If the universe exists from eternity, could logically be civilizations many more advanced that the present, with a history of several years. The only thing true then would be, the age of our solar system, determined by the time that it takes for the conversion of uranium into lead. Would IE only question the existence of these supercivilizaciones the shortage of solar systems what happens to such reality?…You could still ask ourselves… Why a planet could be more advanced than Earth, if the galaxies with their stars were born together, in a single act, about twenty thousand million year ago something? be present that the primeval explosion of a very dense cosmic egg, would be what gave rise to the observable universe which would be the theory that more is It accepts. Also this fact leads us to question ourselves… If there are favourable regions in the universe for the development of life, i.e., superior to the Earth? in this regard, there are several theories: it is thought that the component of the core of galaxies stars, would offer general conditions more conducive than of their regions outside.

The Sun, with its raised knows are about 27 thousand years of light from the heart of the milky way, whose RADIUS is estimated at fifty thousand years light from the heart of the milky way, whose RADIUS is estimated at fifty thousand years light. Therefore, perhaps our cosmic conditions, would not have been the most optimal. If we were to even accept the common origin of the universe, the evolution of intelligence could be faster in certain sectors of the galaxies, provided that planetary systems are common concurrency phenomena. In galactic nuclei, where the stars are close enough one of others, obviously, travel interstellar would be especially favored. Some of the above is that a universe without beginning or end, one longevity not greater than the terrestrial planets will only be and however, the conditions of their evolution could do progress quickly. However, we will still make questions such as: do will continue to evolve indefinitely the universe toward an eternity original author and source of the article.?

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