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Many restaurants already have a user on twitter, do you have a restaurant and you don’t have an account on twitter?. Twitter platform is a place a means of communication to get close to your customers and future customers, there is no specific rule do so but if being creative in any sense to offer your services to the customer and can visit your premises, also applies that Twitter can you recommend a restaurant that have been satisfied and also views as negative is why namely to treat well the customer because a customer satisfied always discuss how badly had the service in-House that could be yours. do not you think?. Connection is direct on twitter as well as fast using the right applications, if you don’t know how to use twitter is very easy, that with practice will learn in any case if your as owner don’t have time to use twitter would be convenient to have a wizard so that you can be permanent and be able to offer different dishes on the menu in the day or promotions that would offer and thus may have clients new and fixed another advantage that you could get on twitter it is new information to apply in the restaurant, a bar or liquor store; the same people give suggestions to improve service and dishes that could offer. A way to call the antecion in my opinion is to send pictures on twitter, undoubtedly adore you people see their favorite dishes and obviously antojoran the palate so that they can go to that local is published both on twitter posting such information on twitter also helps dissemination of travel way and can generate customers abroad and when they decide to come to the country already have knowledge of the restaurant that they learned via twitter either recommend the place to other tourists.

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Black Rose

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It was a party devoted to presentation of the album Metallica Load. At the concert, there were about 1000 people. After the speech, the club he received an offer to sign a contract to issue the plate. In 1996, a disc Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos. Sonic potential of violins drifted subtle nuances of the human voice to the angry guitar Pusan.

Cello, which played these songs were tools for antique, almost a museum. This was mentioned in the booklet accompanying the issued disk. During concerts and rehearsals, the musicians use regular everyday cello. To burn a disc only expensive tools. Each cello has a name, fictional. There is a cello with the name Black Rose. This instrument was made in 1738. Since 1995, Apocalyptica starts to speak at large venues.

The second concert took place at the Leningrad Cowboys. There were about 16 000 spectators. The team quickly gained many fans. Attendance their concerts a year has already reached fifty thousand. Published two videos on Nothing else matter and Harmageddon. Apocalyptica compositions used in the soundtrack to Your friends and neighbours. The second album – Inquisition Symphony (Symphony of the Inquisition). Antero Manninen was a founding member of the group. Left team in 1999. The group quickly became one of the most profitable items of Finnish music exports. Cellists have already visited more than 60 countries and almost everywhere they were concerts were sold out. In 2000 a quartet's third album Cult. Cult album went platinum. The album is considered the turning point in the tendencies of the group.

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Before Career

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As a result, most of the musicians is in a desperate situation that dooms to failure any attempt to achieve sustained success. Four reasons why such a 'Plan B' is doomed to failure Before the talk in more detail, why such a 'Plan B' is not working as it should, I would like you to check yourself and the effectiveness of the strategy you chose to become a professional musician. It's best if you pass this test BEFORE continue reading this article, in which case you will be impartial in your responses. Do you think that your 'Plan B' will work and will lead you to a fruitful and stable career professional musician? Take this quiz to find out the answer before you continue reading the article. Reason number 1: The absence of effective 'transition strategy'. The idea of a smooth decrease in the volume of your permanent work on the development of your career is not in itself bad. But that it worked, this transition should be implemented properly. Most musicians do not plan anything that could help them gradually reduce the number of hours spent on core work and focus more on music. Therefore, they choose the work that is considered the most 'stable and reliable' and brings the most money when it comes to drawing up 'Plan B'. However, most people do not plan to "transition strategy" and not think about their actions at a time when the situation in their musical career will give them less power its permanent work.

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