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As a result, most of the musicians is in a desperate situation that dooms to failure any attempt to achieve sustained success. Four reasons why such a 'Plan B' is doomed to failure Before the talk in more detail, why such a 'Plan B' is not working as it should, I would like you to check yourself and the effectiveness of the strategy you chose to become a professional musician. It's best if you pass this test BEFORE continue reading this article, in which case you will be impartial in your responses. Do you think that your 'Plan B' will work and will lead you to a fruitful and stable career professional musician? Take this quiz to find out the answer before you continue reading the article. Reason number 1: The absence of effective 'transition strategy'. The idea of a smooth decrease in the volume of your permanent work on the development of your career is not in itself bad. But that it worked, this transition should be implemented properly. Most musicians do not plan anything that could help them gradually reduce the number of hours spent on core work and focus more on music. Therefore, they choose the work that is considered the most 'stable and reliable' and brings the most money when it comes to drawing up 'Plan B'. However, most people do not plan to "transition strategy" and not think about their actions at a time when the situation in their musical career will give them less power its permanent work.

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