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Many restaurants already have a user on twitter, do you have a restaurant and you don’t have an account on twitter?. Twitter platform is a place a means of communication to get close to your customers and future customers, there is no specific rule do so but if being creative in any sense to offer your services to the customer and can visit your premises, also applies that Twitter can you recommend a restaurant that have been satisfied and also views as negative is why namely to treat well the customer because a customer satisfied always discuss how badly had the service in-House that could be yours. do not you think?. Connection is direct on twitter as well as fast using the right applications, if you don’t know how to use twitter is very easy, that with practice will learn in any case if your as owner don’t have time to use twitter would be convenient to have a wizard so that you can be permanent and be able to offer different dishes on the menu in the day or promotions that would offer and thus may have clients new and fixed another advantage that you could get on twitter it is new information to apply in the restaurant, a bar or liquor store; the same people give suggestions to improve service and dishes that could offer. A way to call the antecion in my opinion is to send pictures on twitter, undoubtedly adore you people see their favorite dishes and obviously antojoran the palate so that they can go to that local is published both on twitter posting such information on twitter also helps dissemination of travel way and can generate customers abroad and when they decide to come to the country already have knowledge of the restaurant that they learned via twitter either recommend the place to other tourists.

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Democratic Management

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 11, 2013 in News

14 say: The education systems will define the norms of the democratic management of public education in the basic education, in accordance with the peculiarities and in agreement the following ones principles: I participation of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school; II participation of the pertaining to school and local community in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. Remembering that article 15, of the LDB, it establishes that education systems must assure to the gradual schools degrees of pedagogical, administrative autonomy and of financial management. Still treating to the Democratic Management, also he was white of attention in the Law number 10,127, of 9 of January of 2001, more known as National Plan of Educao (PNE). But, as we at the beginning point out of the text, it is not enough that the Union, States and Cities make its part, important in terms of the education, over all with respect to democratic management it is in the base, that is in educational communities. Without shades of doubts, we need to advance and to fight the resistance that exists how much to the socialization of the power and, to make with that let us leave the vision paternalista. He urges that the controllers of the public schools, together with the set of the professors in the exercise of the teaching and to the teaching associations of the education systems extend the conscience of the relevance of the beginning of the democratic management in the education. He is not enough to accomplish the mechanisms of the democratic management as instauration of you discuss education municipal theatres, city councils of education, advice of the FUNDEB and terms the elections for director of public school if we do not advance in the quality of education in Brazil. To alavancar democratic management and to advance in the education in our schools, as institution representative – we need a democratic reorganization in the school.


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Educational Transformation

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This educational transformation not action will have to be established for action of improvement not even reformist, but yes, in a logic it stops beyond the capital. An education stops beyond the capital is that one that is not the service of the State, nor of the proper capital, but that it takes care of to the interests of the people and that contributes for its release of the dominador system. At this moment, the pillar for an alternative education is the allotment of knowledge between the citizens of the transformation, being they it community, the educators and the educandos. Alternative education An alternative education is directly avessa to the ideas of the society conducted for the capital and its bourgeois conceptions, mainly, respective to the thought of that the bourgeois education is the service of the repressora classroom, guaranteeing the power in the maintenance of the world as it are now. Current education contributes to give force and to reproduce the dominant structure, when the distanciamento of the subjects dealt with the reality of the pupils is verified, with spalling of the knowledge the separation between the theory and the practical one. Thus, with the observance of the inherent contradictions to the capitalist system, it is standed out fight for the education that longs for the freedom and the implementation of a society that is stops beyond the ditames of the capital. This education must leave of the people, not being able to be elaborated and to be exerted, for the dominadores and nor for the State. The professor must have in mind the constant search of the transformation of the society, as only possibility of an education against the coherence of the dominador system, because ' ' to limit radical an educational change to the interesseiras corrective edges of the capital means to abandon of one alone time, conscientiously or not, the objective of a social transformation qualitativa' ' (MSZROS, 2008, P.


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University Castello Branco

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In day 30 of November of 2000, the MEC, through the DEPES – Department of Superior Education directs the Craft of n 13,803/00 authorizeing the Verifying Commission to make the work of Evaluation in-leases of the functioning conditions that had beginning in 24 of January of 2001 and conclusion in 27 of February of 2001, whose Report culminated in the Final Global Concept of the Course with the Classification ' ' B' ' that it was commemorated with euphoria for the group of educators who had initiated this taken over on a contract basis. From this so dreamed Authorization that would have to occur impreterivelmente until day 27 of March of 2001 it did not happen. Waited 120 days the Facib it initiated its activities and until today it waits that the MEC legalizes the lawsuit that must have occurred in the year of 2001. The 10 years that if had followed had been marked by intense materialized persecutions under the form of calumnious denunciations, matrix notadamente politician. Unacceptable situation in a Country that gave to the first steps route the Democracy. The truth is that the Facib throughout these years, offering only 1 Course, already It graduated about 9.473 pupils joint actions with the Urca – Regional University of Cariri and UCB – University Castello Branco, supported for Parecer 313/2002 that it was reexamined by Parecer 202/2003 homologated finally for the Tarso Minister Son-in-law of the MEC – Ministry of the Education, duly published I GIVE in it – Federal official gazette of day 13 of April of 2004 – Section 1 – Page 07 – Would carry 978. The fight did not finish and until today we implement actions individualizadas next to the MEC to regularize the situation of the Facib and many are the solution promises. What it lacks exactly are social actions and favorable politics, capable to the same fight with vigor the actions of agent against principal to the process of university inclusion of a region with great potential of development.


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