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Inventive Problem Solving

Posted by laurapayne on Oct 31, 2018 in News

The smaller the coaches, professionals, the less competition, less the rate of development, etc. Business needs a large number of specialists, and well, that the interest in training as a profession is growing every year exponentially. To date, the average age of a candidate for the position of business manager – 25 years, there applicants even younger and slightly older, but the market is practically no coaches, whose age is 40-45 years. This phenomenon also hinders the development of the market. Of course, this problem is the country’s total for all industries, because it is this age has been ‘cleaned up’ in the troubled 90-ies. Talking to a couple of years ago with colleagues from Germany, to hear them say this phrase: “We have long adopted a strategy for themselves at the country level to create new products faster than the Chinese will have time to copy them. ” That is politics, this is a struggle for competitiveness!

Germany is a leader in the field of strategy and creativity, taking first place in the world to create and innovate. Here we decided to adopt a constructive experience and offer the market its ready-made training programs. Confident that this will force us to create more new products. In the end, it just fits into our mission and strategy. Not need to prove how ready training programs better individual exercises and games, what features they give coaches – before the eyes of many live examples. Our company employs young experts who subsequently become professional business coaches. Some of them receive from companies in the real sector of business, offers to continue his professional path as a training manager. Holding training – the main goal and interesting job for a coach, and if our employees are an interesting proposal, then they move to the company and start practicing. In the future, continuing the dialogue, we hear from them that surely they are only those programs that have mastered in our company. Spend a good level of quality program they already can, but to create it as such competence is still not enough. In the market there is practice, the functions for creating and conducting training programs in companies are divided: some experts create intelligent products, while others conduct them successfully. Remember from history that the division of labor is one of the indicators of development?

I want to believe that our market has begun sunset barter and barter, and we are all waiting for a new lift and dawn. In conclusion, we recall the experience of Henry Saulovich Altshuller, the creator Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), which, once in Stalin’s camps in the barracks for the dying, has created “a university student.” Every day, on a regular schedule, he attended the lectures of any of its companions in misfortune. People come to life. They had a purpose: to transfer their knowledge to the young man. And people stopped dying in a hut! Create knowledge and happy to pass them to their colleagues, pupils, students – everyone who need them, and creative and professional longevity you will be assured.


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Posted by laurapayne on Aug 17, 2016 in News

Many restaurants already have a user on twitter, do you have a restaurant and you don’t have an account on twitter?. Twitter platform is a place a means of communication to get close to your customers and future customers, there is no specific rule do so but if being creative in any sense to offer your services to the customer and can visit your premises, also applies that Twitter can you recommend a restaurant that have been satisfied and also views as negative is why namely to treat well the customer because a customer satisfied always discuss how badly had the service in-House that could be yours. do not you think?. Connection is direct on twitter as well as fast using the right applications, if you don’t know how to use twitter is very easy, that with practice will learn in any case if your as owner don’t have time to use twitter would be convenient to have a wizard so that you can be permanent and be able to offer different dishes on the menu in the day or promotions that would offer and thus may have clients new and fixed another advantage that you could get on twitter it is new information to apply in the restaurant, a bar or liquor store; the same people give suggestions to improve service and dishes that could offer. A way to call the antecion in my opinion is to send pictures on twitter, undoubtedly adore you people see their favorite dishes and obviously antojoran the palate so that they can go to that local is published both on twitter posting such information on twitter also helps dissemination of travel way and can generate customers abroad and when they decide to come to the country already have knowledge of the restaurant that they learned via twitter either recommend the place to other tourists.

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Chief Management

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 20, 2013 in News

It is clear, between the most relevant factors to generate sales this have a good product, a good packaging and a good price. However this not going to guarantee sales. We observed for some time, many manufacturers who advocate mark made an incomplete management of the sale. Most of these companies are negotiating a price with large surfaces, deferred discounts template and agree to a series of offers, promotions, leading and other. However, they forget – or simply consider that it is not profitable – perform a proper management of the point of sale. It can be shown that it is relatively simple to achieve increments of between 10-15% (depending on the situation in which we find ourselves) sales with a correct management of the point of sale. Such management must consist of: 1.

get a proper exposure of the product that will generate more sales. We insist on the importance of the moment in which the consumer is in front of the linear, because it is at that moment where purchase decisions are mainly made (it is estimated that in) lathe to 70%). Another relevant aspect is the exposure, it is estimated that the increase in sales with two facings instead of one tends to be around 50% and 80% in the case of 3 facings. 2 Ensure no breakage of stocks. Stock breaks are a guarantee of lost sales.

3 Manage the proposals of orders in a proactive manner together with the Chief of section, will allow us to anticipate demand and make sure that is done in time ordering and supply. 4. The employee or pasillero is a key within our scheme of sales figure, since it is going to be the link between our brand and the consumer. We must make it our best seller. 5 Monitor the competition. Know what makes the competition and be able to timely react to their movements to manage sale of proactively providing the necessary tools for sale at each point of sale. Coupled with this is noteworthy the fact of direct selling strategies differentiated by point of sale applying pricing, promotional policies and animation based on the circumstances. This gives us greater efficiency in sales and efficiency in economic terms that ultimately translates into an improvement in the income statement.

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Next Food

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 18, 2013 in News

Simply observes the tank, and begins to think that there is food falling from the surface, but only at one end of the tank. Also imagine that the opposite end is dangerous and hostile. 3 points if the majority of the fish swim to the side you imagined where food or react kissing the surface 2 points if only a few few fish react 1 point if the fish are still swimming normally Test 2. Feeling the danger. The objective. Psychic powers can be part of an ancient survival instinct, and animals may feel that certain places are friendly or hostile.

For example, found that bees invariably elected churches to build their hives. It has been said that they feel the vibrations of these sacred places. The next experiment is designed to see if your pet can be influenced by hostile signals projected in your favorite food. The experiment dogs and cats: in a room separated from your pet, take two pieces of your favorite food, like a little piece of sausage or ham. Take one with each hand, and imagine that one knows awful. Visualize your pet getting sick by eating it. It is ugly, poisonous.

Imagine so many images terrible as as vividly as possible can. Do not do anything with the other piece of food. He returns to the room where your pet was, and place both pieces of food in front of it. 3 points if only eats neutral food 2 points if shows doubts, or first eats the neutral and then, desconfiadamente, eat the contaminated psychically 1 point if you eat both fish enthusiastically: divides a small amount of food for fish in half. Mentally contaminated one half, in the same way that was explained above. At the same time places the contaminated food to the left of the fish tank, and the neutral to the right.

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