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External Cloud

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 11, 2016 in News

As a result of the compliance conditions can be hollowed out may gradually, because on the part of the departments, no sufficient background to check the compliance conformity of these services IT-related. Secret integration requirement creates problems: applications from the cloud can certainly charm have, that they freely quickly available from complex implementation projects. What some considered the business organization as an advantage, for the IT Department but to a boomerang is, especially if it was not included in the decision and necessary aspects of integration could bring. Because many applications can unfold not their entire benefit as an island solution in the long term. (Not to be confused with Intel!). The need for the analysis of customer data is used as a CRM system from the cloud, stems may soon to include a business intelligence tool.

In the face of the general trend, high-integration to align operational processes, significant integration requirements arise in the case of multiple cloud services. External pressures for Standardization: services from the cloud on a broad marketability and must be highly standardized. Although in many cases even standardization strategies are pursued by IT, the increased use of cloud solutions accelerates this trend inevitably and possibly in an accidental high level. Because each standardization is inevitably also functional limitations with all of its advantages. You can be acceptable in each individual case, but add up across multiple applications and services to a significant volume, and thus represent significant restrictions for business departments. When internally provided services IT can provide a necessary balance between standardization and individual support requirements, with increasing use of cloud their are Possibilities for such a balance is always low. Reduction of IT manufacturing depth: the classic outsourcing by shifting IT functions to providers such as the hosting or application management now belongs to the extensive self-image in the IT strategy of the company. Furthermore, the use of external services gradually expands, it comes as a consequence inevitably to a reduction of vertical integration in the IT organizations. Depending on the size of the cloud initiatives far-reaching changes in the human resources and professional skills of employees, can accompany to the IT processes and organizational structures.

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Complete Complaint Management Process

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 11, 2016 in News

VOI solution center business processing published White Paper Bonn, 5 February 2013. The solution center business processing (SCBP) of the VOI Association for organization and information systems has a white paper on the topic of complaint management”written. There are concrete assistance in the implementation and optimization of complaint management. The authors while viewing the entire process from the opening of appropriate communication channels for complaints about their treatment to the overall analysis. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk. A increase the term of complaint management “including the associated targets conveyed. Learn how complaints management provides important information on strengths and weaknesses of a company and to improve the quality of the service, the recovery of customer satisfaction, to reduce costs and to assess operational risks and opportunities in the market can be used to. The authors Hans D. Baumeister, Peter Manias, Bernd Schonebeck and Leo Vondenbusch deal with the systematic evaluation of customer satisfaction respectively with the targeted response to complaints.

She taking account the growing functionality of technical systems to allow switching of the technically-oriented perspective to the process point of view now at finding solutions development. Whether complaint stimulation, complaint-handling and response analysis of complaints readers shows that distinguished successful complaint management process-oriented linking of functions from various systems, the company already put in more or less extensive expression. These include customer-relationship-management systems, document management systems, detection systems, as well as systems for the processing and analysis of complaints. The white paper indicates which systems which process steps are appropriate, what features are specifically needed and experts also provides useful information. Statements regarding trends in the market, as well as a conclusion complement the 15-seitige consideration. The white paper available on the website of the VOI to free download ready: publications/guide threads whitepaper/view_document/436-tidings of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e.

V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions.

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BitDefender BitDefender

Posted by laurapayne on Oct 13, 2016 in News

Zimuse as a model: backdoor worm ‘Yonsole’ Windows machine paralysing Holzwickede, 28 June 2010 Zimuse has found a new generic: Backdoor.Yonsole is the current worm, which overrides the master boot record (MBR) on a local hard disk and thus prevents the starting of Windows. Internet security expert BitDefender ( has already reacted and published a free removal tool to remove the pest. Under user can download the tool and again clean your infected computer. With Zimuse an other MBR infector attracted attention at the beginning of the year. Backdoor.Yonsole in whose footsteps and appears here in two variants (A and B). These differ in the way, as they subvert the Windows services. After successful infection Yonsole opens a backdoor”on the compromised computers, which allows attackers to gain control of the system via remote access. After some time the worm overrides the master boot record then appropriate hard drive.

User, the worry have their system is been contaminated is highly recommended to use the removal tool of the BitDefender Antivirus experts to remove the malware. As long as even the MBR is not overridden, the tool detects the pest, removed him and carries out a restart. BitDefender has also published an update of its virus scanner signatures to block and delete both variants of Yonsole. Without hesitation Elon Musk explained all about the problem. Users of the BitDefender Antivirus programs know thus reliably protected. To protect themselves from such attacks, BitDefender recommends downloading and installing a complete security software with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing and firewall protection. PC users should also refrain from to open files from unknown senders in their emails or to enable suspicious-looking links. More information under: site/news /.

Detailed technical information on Backdoor.Yonsole.Gen under: blog/malware alert-backdooryonsolea-the-new-zimuse-on-remote-control-834.html. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Long PR Manager Tel.

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Telematics Award 2010:

Posted by laurapayne on Sep 25, 2016 in News

At the end of the tender to the TELEMATIK award 2010 do not miss Hamburg/18.05.2010. The first ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2010 is one of the most important event in this industry. Lower Saxony Economics Minister Jorg Bode, who has taken over the patronage of this event, underlines the importance that he pays to this relatively young industry in his greeting in his greeting: The Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), in the person of the Managing Director Klaus Braunig, who will perform the awards of the outstanding companies the leading trade journal in the telematics industry of in Germany together with the Minister for Economic Affairs and the Organizer telematics market, left no doubt in his press statement that this technology will determine the competitiveness and the long-term success of the German automotive industry. Read full press release: is the Chief Editor of the telematics market, K. Katharina Klischewsky, Yet one step further: the telematics conquered far more economic and life sectors, than we can imagine today. Automotive takes over the leading role here. Other interesting telematics systems that were developed for other sectors of the economy and you excellent support to our personal lives, have been and are in our country by qualified software developers developed, tested or are already on the market.

As a leading trade journal of the telematics industry I see in our major task to inform fully about the many applications and products in the industry and to provide more orientation to the users. This is the aim of also the award of of TELEMATIK ceremony, which is held for reasons of strengthening our innovation site, exclusively for companies in the German-speaking. I am very glad that we experience the assistance of Economics Minister bode and VDA in our efforts and I urge all companies to participate in this invitation to tender.” Telematics leading journal of the telematics industry MKK market communication is editor of telematics Telematics is a cross-cutting technology that link the areas of navigation, positioning and communication and computer science. It includes all applications based on wireless transmission of information of every kind and its subsequent processing. The journal telematics aims for this technology and research an all-encompassing market and information space”between manufacturers and users to create, move closer to the attention of the public to the young and innovative telematics industry. Telematics binds nationwide expert journalists and marketing professionals who constantly communicate with the companies, institutions, universities, associations of the telematics industry. You bundles the interests and ideas from research & Development, business, communities of interest, as well as of suppliers, producers and users and brings together all stakeholders on the public stage”.

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TecCat Webshop Launched

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 12, 2016 in News

Shop software created a unique solution for the automotive aftermarket (AIM) through the symbiosis of the apt-webshop system and the TecCat information subsystem of DVSE GmbH, Member of the TOP themes group, to build an online car parts trade quickly and conveniently. The TecCat Web shop is a product for car-parts trade. The integrated information subsystem for DVSE provides a quick selection this about 2.5 million articles with nearly 1,000,000 images for over 19,000 cars & 6,000 commercial vehicles. Quick and easy parts are identified by OE number search and direct search. The vehicle identification is by means of the KBA number or other national codes.

Also adjustments are possible for the user, the feed can be offered by dealer part number and discount prices. The basic functions for an exclusive online trading are provided through the apt-webshop system in the TecCat Web shop. In the latest version (4401) of the apt-webshop system the legal conditions already exist. Is the apt-webshop system already for trusted shops (the leading seal of approval for online shops in Europe is trusted shops shopping portal with free money back guarantee for consumers) from certified. All information to the TecCat Web shop at

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Data Recovery – Quick Action Can

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 18, 2016 in News

Fast action can save lots of money many companies such as private people to worry about data rescue large, until they face one day a loss of valuable data. The next week could have the long awaited milestone in the form of a million dollar contract for your company but today your RAID server has crashed and the next week suddenly becomes your biggest nightmare. This is a quote from a movie, because we have heard of some cases from real life really. Here are some of the symptoms of that show a loss of data or apply it as a warning signal, that this is imminent: files and folders disappear suddenly from directory lists the hard drive is not recognized by the BIOS booting the system not as usual or not the hard drive remains silent or does not rotate, when the computer is switched on during operation a clicking or grinding noise coming from the hard disk hardware or system malfunctions and human error are for three responsible of four failures. The rest is caused by corrupt software, computer viruses, as well as natural disasters or fire or flood.

The good news in a crash is that most of the data in the majority of cases can be saved. Such a process may take several days, until it is completed, but about 75 percent of all orders can be done in less than 48 hours and the average success rate of data recovery is 85 percent. But the difficulty is that companies sometimes aggravate the problem, by not immediately responding in a crisis situation, or by adopting measures which hamper a recovery or even impossible. Particularly annoying is that some people are not even aware are, that we should act immediately in the event of data loss and lose no time. A delay means not only inconvenience, but may require a really high price. Studies show that 43 percent of the companies are in their data center such a case occurred, never reopened, and 29% close within two years.

If you it so ever is immediately services with data loss to do get, contact a professional and experienced provider of data recovery, the also has a clean room. In addition, you must ensure that the damaged disk is used as no further. A data recovery requires a systematic approach by experienced specialists, and physically damaged hard drives may be opened only in the controlled and sterile environment in a clean room of class 100. Stellar data recovery b.v. is a leading company that offers reliable and cost-effective data recovery service in 10 major European countries. With its many years of experience, his competence and his clean room of class provides stellar 100 different data recovery service such as RAID data recovery, hard drive recovery, etc. promptly and in almost any situation.

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Identity Management With Governikus: The Development Goes On

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 13, 2016 in News

The decision for the award of a contract to develop of a Burgerclients and an eID services to the use of the electronic identity card (ePA) fallen Governikus oath without additional costs for customers in countries and communities. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has opted for the offer of the consortium of Siemens, the OpenLimit SignCubes AG and the Federal Printing Office. Bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG) had advertised together with IBM and the cryptovision GmbH also the order. We congratulate our competitors to their successful performance in the context of the invitation to tender.”says Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of the bos KG, so happy we got in this project to the course, we wish you much success but the Consortium.

For us that but does not mean the end of our developments around the electronic ID card. We have done significant development work and are on the way, with the Governikus oath to place server a solution that utilizes the ePA for administrations. We are glad that this tender has further advanced our electronic identity management and electronic security topics.” The electronic passport will be introduced nationwide from November 2010. He is among other functions also equipped with an eID function, which allows a reliable authentication of citizens and service providers for E-business and E-government services. For a year the solutions developed in the context of the tender should be now comprehensively tested before from November of next year the first citizens the new ePA get.

Dr. Stephan Klein: Our customers will participate in any case in our developments. “We see the positive: since we must now use the maximum function scale laid down in the invitation to tender, we can offer flexible solutions.” The Governikus oath server, began its development in the context of the tender, Governikus will care our customers within the framework of the project”probably with Governikus version 4 to the Provided… Thus the countries joined the project and local communities get the Governikus oath server to the integration of the EPO without additional costs. About the bos KG developed the bremen online services GmbH & co. KG and sells software for legal and safe data exchange via the Internet in administration, justice and economy. The bos KG specializes in electronic signatures and their usage to the rationalisation of work processes. The company headquartered in the Bremen technology park was founded in 1999. It has about 95 employees and annual sales of 6 million euros. How to contact with bremen online services GmbH & co. KG Sandra of the Neela in the drop Tower 9 28359 Bremen, Germany phone + 49 421 20495-970 fax + 49 421 20495-11 E-Mail:

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The application gives us. the certainty that our sensitive business data using a secure managed file transfer system, at the highest professional level are sent and received” MOVEit cloud 8.0 combines the flexible managed file transfer solution for businesses with the convenience of a cloud service, and offers also on the use of mobile devices extended all: files can with business partners, customers and employees secure mobile access to the latest business systems and upload-possibility of files exchanged new files automated workflows that make sure that the respective files for mobile employees are available transparency and control over, When and with whom exchanged files are scalable Cloud architecture with high elasticity, can meet even the highest demand greatest reliability with the low cost of a cloud-based service In today’s business environment companies must adapt quickly the changing behaviors,”says Michael Osterman, principal analyst, Osterman Research. With MOVEit 8.0 for the cloud Ipswitch provides the transparency, security and control they need for their managed file transfer environment its customers, now also for mobile devices, and all this in the form of a flexible SaS solution.” For more information, please visit us please on products/moveit/cloud about Ipswitch file transfer Ipswitch file transfer provides secure managed file transfer (MTF)-solutions that can be quickly and easily applied, and which are supported by excellent customer service. The solutions from Ipswitch are from around the world thousands of organizations (including by 90% of the Fortune 1000 companies), used by a variety of State institutions, as well as by millions of individuals. Our solution series, which offers an improved visibility, management, and possibilities for the transposition of directives, is adapted to large number of compliance and governance requirements, as well as to the needs of companies and private users. For more information on the Ipswitch file transfer products, visit us at, follow us on Twitter @IpswitchFT on LinkedIn and Facebook. Media contact: Christina Pusswald prompt Communications Tel: 0845 053 9121 Sophie Pellissier Ipswitch file transfer

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VDC Kontron

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The AC version is already successful in numerous single-aisle aircraft with an aisle and widebody aircraft in use. Compared to other systems available on the market, the Kontron cab-n-connect product line is a highly cost-efficient CWAP solution. In addition, it meets the requirements for ever smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient solutions, customers in the aerospace industry need to stay competitive. Kontron has cab-n-connect access points also certified WiFi antenna kits on sale for AC and DC. The systems also with integrated antennas are optionally available, which eliminates the need for a connection between the antennas and access point in the cabin. Plans for the 28 VDC version of cab-n-connect a low-profile antenna solution to the installation requirements of some business and regional jets with extremely cramped Kontron Space to meet.

Evaluation copies of the Kontron 28VDC cab-n-connect CWAP are available now. The series production is planned for June 2013. Complete range of wireless access points on the Kontron 28 VDC cab-n-connect and Kontrons see access point product page on Kontrons wireless. About Kontron: A global leader in embedded computing, Kontron is technology. Kontron developed many standards that again bring the world of embedded computing platforms to the front with more than 40% of all employees in the area of research and development.

With both long-term-available products as well as local development and support services as well as numerous value added services, their embedded helps Kontron OEMs and system integrators to develop solutions efficiently and sustainably. Kontron also works very closely in the development of patient platforms and customer-specific solutions with its customers, so that they can concentrate on their core competencies. The result is an accelerated time-to-market, lower total-cost-of-ownership and holistically optimized applications based on leading, highly reliable embedded technology. Kontron is listed on the German TecDAX under the value paper symbol “KBC”. More information under: media contacts reader contact: Kontron AG Oskar-von-Miller-Strasse 1 85386 Eching Tel.: + 49 (8165) 77-777 fax: + 49 (8165) 77-279 press contact Kontron: Norbert Hauser Kontron AG-Oskar-von-Miller Strasse 1 85386 Eching Tel: + 49 (8341) 803-0 fax: + 49 (8341) 803-499 lead PR agency EMEA: Michael Hennen SAMS network Zechen road 29 52146 Wurselen Tel.: + 49 (0) 2405-45267-20 fax: + 49 (0) 2405-45267-21

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